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Kundli milan or kundali matching is an important consideration to make when you decide to get married. Kundli matching, also called Gun matching or Horoscope matching is the first step towards marriage when the parents decide to match the kundlis of the girl and the boy to ensure the couple is compatible. The gun milan exercise has been a part of India's culture for 1000s of years now and continues to be so.

So, if you too are the lucky one who is planning to get married, and hence looking for a horoscope matching with someone you have started liking, then Astrotalk can help you. The Kundali milan online software on Astrotalk has been prepared by the top astrologers of Astrotalk. The software caters to the free Kundli milan needs of the individuals and gives you insights; such as the number of guns matching for the girl and the boy, what they are compatible in, what their future would be like if they get married, and so much more. The online gun milan software can save you time and the hassle of going out to look for an astrologer to get the gun milan exercise done. Also, in case you have any doubts about the free kundali milan offered by Astrotalk, you can always connect with the astrologers on board and get those doubts sorted for yourself.

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Kundli Matching : Kundli Gun Milan

A friend or a foe?

Every human being who walks this earth brings with themselves their own set of energies. And each of these energy fields is governed by certain planets and zodiac signs. As a whole different person, the energy field that you entertain ought to be completely different from others. Or to simplify, your energies might not be compatible with others, and this what makes you and any other person you meet, different.

Thus, here is when Kundli matching, also called kundli milan or horoscope matching or kundali gun milan, comes to your rescue. Kundli matching, as an ancient science, allows us to witness if the energies we entail match or complement with the energies of our partner or the one we plan to tie the knot with. To explain, Kundli Milan (match making) gives us an insight into how compatible the two people are with/for each other, as compatibility is one of the most important traits that keeps two people together in the long run.

Horoscope matching, also known as Kundli matching in Vedic astrology, considers both; the position of the planets at the time of your birth and their current positions to find how compatible two people are for each other. Kundli matching is necessary to find if the position of the planets is likely or unlikely. For example, if Rahu is poised negatively (Rahu Mahadasha) in one’s Rashi, it is not the best time for them to get married. Similarly, the Kundli matching process can help find if the girl or the boy is Mangalik or not? And in case one of them is, your kundli helps in highlighting how one’s Managalik dosha will affect the other person.

Kundli Milan - A Friend Or A Foe?

However, the world, in recent times, has grown up to develop a very wrong perception about Kundli matching (match making). Couples, especially the ones who dream of a love marriage, find Kundli matching as a hurdle in their relationship. Many of them are scared of the questions that would arise if their kundlis don't match and thus find ways to skip the gun milan ritual. However, this perception of the couples about kundli matching is nothing but merely wrong facts aka half baked knowledge that have been forced into their minds.

Honestly speaking, astrology never works as a bone of contention for your relationship. Instead, if you ever talk to an astrologer and ask them about your relationship, they will only introduce you to ways using which you can better your relationship. Our astrologers over the years have bumped into multiple instances where the couple really wanted to get married but their kundli was not matching. In such situations, our astrologers, being understanding enough, relied on sharing the best advice around how such couples shall support each other after marriage to harness a sound relationship even if their kundlis don’t match. Astrologers also shared with them the remedies that they can practice to make up for the lack of compatibility. And today these couples tell us how it has all worked fine for them.

What happens during Kundli milan?

The whole process of horoscope matching is called AshtaKoot Milan in Vedic astrology. Here, Ashta means 8 and Kootas are categories. These eight categories of parameters depict different aspects of life. These 8 parameters are considered for measuring one’s compatibility with the other person. Each of these parameters carry some points, which in total make 36 gunas. The more the gunas match, the more compatible you are with the other person in your life.

The eight parameters or categories among which the points have been divided are:-

  • Varna - it is the classification of people in four categories namely Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra.

  • Vashya - the Vashya denotes the power or dominance in Vedic astrology. Vahsya classifies a person into five types – Human, Wild Animals, Small animals, Waterborne animals and Insect.

  • Tara - it is used to denote the birth star compatibility of the person.

  • Yoni - is the sexual compatibility the two people would share with each other.

  • Rasyadhipati - This defines who is the Lord of the zodiac.

  • Gana - The three Ganas in Astrology are; Dev, Manav and Rakshasa.

  • Rashi - This category denotes love that the two people would share. The category takes into account the exact position of the Moon in the bride’s and groom’s horoscope.

  • Nandi - Nadi Koot is related to the health of the bride and the groom. The three Nadis in astrology are Vata (air), Pitta (bile) and Kappa (phlegm).

Altogether, it is believed that at least 18 gunas must match for the marriage to be a fruitful one. The more the Guns match, the merrier it is for the couple. However, at times when Kundli does not match, an astrologer shall study the position of the planets and the reasons behind the lack of compatibility, and based on the same, can help you with remedies to solve the problem related to the lack of Gun Milan.

Besides anything else, Kundli matching also helps in finding if the matchmaking will lead to Nandi dosha in the life of the couple. For the unaware, Nadi Dosha deals with the difficulty in childbirth, which is one of the main reasons for dissatisfaction in the family. If Madhya Nandi dosha is prevalent, the couple may not be able to conceive. The reason: Naadi indicates Prakriti (basic element) of a person. These Prakritis are Vaata, Pitta and Kapha. If both the partners are born with the same Prakriti, the points obtained under Naadi would be zero and thus hampers child birth.

Hence it is always better to opt for gun milan or kundli milan so you know well in advance the problems that could come in your relationship and also the solutions to the same.

How to avail kundli matching service online?

To avail kundli matching service online, you can simply log in to the AstroTalk  app and find the horoscope matching online option on the same. Once you click on it, all you need to enter are details about both the girl and the boy, and once you have entered all the details correctly, we would match the kundlis for you. Moreover, you can chat with astrologers online or talk to astrologers for kundali matching.

The matched kundali will have details about how many gunas match and also the goods and harm that can come if the couple in question seek to wed. If you see any issues in the kundli, for example, if your kundli doesn’t match well, you can connect with the astrologers and ask them for solutions on how you can make your relationship work even when the kundali does not match.

Moreover, you can also directly contact the astrologers for kundli milan and they will guide you on the same.

Horoscope Matching - FAQs

All you need to know about Guna Milan (Kundli Milan)

How many Gunas must at least match for a successful marriage?

At least 18 gunas must match for the couple if they wish to witness a long and hurdle-free marriage. However, for couples for whom 18 gunas do not match can too get married, but it is advised that they firstly, must understand that they will have to work very hard in their relationship and secondly, they must talk to astrologer to find how they can make up for the gunas that don’t match.

What are the most important parameters in kundli matchmaking?

As per our astrologers, Mangal dosha matching and Nandi matching are some of the most important parameters when it comes to kundli matching.

Can I marry if kundli does not match?

Yes, you can marry if your kundli does not match. However, you must first talk to an astrologer to be well aware of the consequences that come along when you marry despite the horoscope not matching for you. This way, you two will be well aware of things you need to work on to make your relationship work.

Is online horoscope matching accurate?

Yes, online horoscope matching is accurate. Like a pandit, we too also use Panchang or Patra to provide you accurate gun milan reports. Moreover, the information we share with you is thoroughly checked by our expert kundli matchmaking astrologers who forward only the right information to our customers.

What is kundli milan by name?

Though not opted often, kundli milan by name has been here for a while. If you have a handwritten kundli with you, it is most likely that it would contain a name. The same name is used to match kundli and the process is called kundli milan by name. Though not used much yet this process has always been here for your convenience.

How can I avail AstroTalk’s kundali matching service?

You can get AstroTalk’s Kundli matching service using our app or through our website. To use the service, all you need to do is simply download the AstroTalk app and at the top, you will find the ‘Horoscope Matching’ option. Click on the same, enter the details required, and we would match the kundlis for you.

How much does the kundli matching service cost?

Kundli Matching service on AstroTalk is free of cost.

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