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Kundli Reading

Kundli making and Kundli reading in India is one of the ancient practices used for predicting one's future and discovery of life events. Also called a birth chart or horoscope, a Kundli entails the karmic map of the person’s past, present and future events, pictured after learning the movement of planets, constellations and much more. It is a belief that once a person has the chart of his life prepared, it can help him in making better choices in life. Apart from this, your Kundli can also give you a picture of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual state of mind and how it would pan out as you grow.

Moreover, the greatest advantage of Kundli is the fact that it can help you understand other people as well. Seek to better understand your children? Or your partner? Or your spouse? Well, using their Kundli, you can analyse and understand their traits and thereafter mould your actions accordingly to fight any incompetency arising between you and them.

The work of a Kundli is not just limited to detailing a person's characteristics or their future. Instead, there are many other reasons and situations when and where a Kundli can come in handy. Wish to know the luckiest time or luckiest day for you in the whole year? You can know that with the help of your kundli. In fact, a Kundli can also help you in finding the shubh muhurats for various reasons such as marriage, mundan, griha pravesh, etc. You may also decide your baby's name as per their Kundli and so much more. In a nutshell, a Kundli can help you in many ways, and that is why many people also consider learning how to read a Kundli, so they can always be slightly aware of what is to come for them ahead. Do you wish to learn how to read a kundli? Then stick around to this series.

Significance and importance of kundli reading

The significance of Kundli can be asserted from the fact that it is one of the first things that most Indian parents consider preparing for their child soon after his/her birth. A person’s birth chart is prepared after taking into account his date of birth, place of birth and time of birth. Based on this information, an astrologer is able to find the astrological position of different planets in the different houses in Kundli at the time of the child's birth. These positions not only define the person's character but also help in understanding the effect of various planets on different aspects of your life, such as love, marriage, education, career, etc. The position of numerous planets in the chart of the person at the time of his/her birth also helps in defining their hobbies, characteristics, likes, dislikes, etc.

What can a kundli and kundli reading help you with?

  • A person's Kundli doesn't just help him in understanding his traits or so. If you know how to read your Kundli, it can help you in finding out doshas and yogas forming in the chart that can affect you positively or negatively. For example, the presence or absence of Manglik dosha or Gajakesari yoga can be found from your kundli.
  • In Hinduism, the practice of matching the Kundli of the girl and boy before fixing their marriage is prevalent. So in that sense too, getting a traditional or online Kundli can come in handy. In fact, apart from Panchang a person Kundli is also taken into account to find the Marriage muhurat of the native.
  • The horoscope of a person maps the challenges and opportunities s/he may bump into in the future. In a nutshell, it helps you in being prepared for the highs and lows of the future.
  • The birth chart keeps you well aware thus helping in better decision-making not just for yourself but also for your loved ones.
  • Most importantly, knowing how to read your birth chart can also help in pointing out the preferable career choices for you. It decodes the kind of career that will suit your efforts and intellect.
  • A person’s kundli entails in it the reasons for a certain problem in your life. For example, if you are not able to find a job or your marriage is getting delayed, the reason and solutions for such complications can be found with the help of your Kundli.

With that being said, we shall now start the course where we would learn how to read a kundli in the most efficient manner.

Getting to know planets, signs and houses in astrology

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FAQ - How to read Kundli

Can Kundli predict the future correctly?

Yes, Kundli reading can help forecast the future accurately. With the help of birth details, astrologers can tell the details that natives wish to know. Astrologers need to know the accurate birth time, place of birth, and date of birth to reveal and analyse what the future holds for the person.

What is a Lagna chart?

Also known by the name Rashi Chart, a Lagna chart is one of the most important charts in Vedic astrology. It reveals the ascendant of the native and reveals details about the position of each planet in the chart. Along with it, it also helps people understand the Vimshottari Dasha and planetary transit that shall impact the future of the native and predict the future accurately.

What is the Navamsa chart?

It is a division in Vedic astrology which divides the zodiac signs or Rashi into nine sub-divisions in a particular order. Sometimes, the analysis of the Navamsa chart is as important as the analysis of the ascendant chart.

What can you expect during an astrology reading session?

When you reveal your Kundli to an astrologer, they shall describe to you the details that are present in your Kundli. They would tell you about your inner resources and what you shall need to work on. Along with this, this Kundli analysis shall also help you reveal the purpose of your soul and much more.

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