Your Zodiac Sign’s Luckiest Day In 2022 As Per Astrologer

Luckiest Day For Each Zodiac Sign In 2022

2022 is just around the corner, and you all might have bundles of hopes from the same. While some of you might be wanting to get lucky with finance, some, on the other hand, might just want to enjoy the upcoming year considering the hard work phase of your life is now behind you. Well, whatever you want from the year 2022, your horoscope 2022 can help you find if you will have it or not. However, one thing (oops!!) that we didn’t include in the yearly horoscope 2022 was the Lucky day for each zodiac sign in 2022. And in this blog, we shall make up for it.   

But how do astrologers come up to predict the lucky day for each zodiac sign, you might wonder? Honestly, the credits go to planets to Jupiter and Venus. The planets Jupiter and Venus in astrology are two lucky stars known as the benefic planets. Jupiter is the planet of good luck known to bring progress, abundance and prosperity in the native’s life, and Venus, on the other hand, is responsible for one’s day to day happiness, love, romance, money, beauty, etc.

A combination, aka, the conjunction of these two planets in the person’s Kundli is when a native hits a jackpot. When Jupiter and Venus are together in a favourable position in one’s chart, a harmonious and inspiring flow of energies inundates the native. And the day, when the native is getting the maximum of these energies, shall become his or her’s zodiac sign’s luckiest day of 2022.

That being said, here is what astrologers tell us would be the luckiest day in 2022 for each zodiac sign.


Aries this year will be a part of a lucky Jupiter transit that, as per our astrologers, occurs once every 12 years. The effect? Well, that would be a prolonged period of luck and abundance for the Aries native. Aries lucky time in 2022 will begin from May 10 and last till October 28. This is the period when Jupiter will positively tour your sign. The Luckiest day for Aries in 2022 would be 18 August 2022, when Jupiter and Venus will be positively influencing each other. This combination will positively impact the house of love and romance in your Kundli, so if you have plans to propose someone in 2022, then this is the day for you. 


When the planet Sun aligns with Rahu in your chart with Jupiter and Venus already placed positively, nothing but magic and transformation can happen. 13 May 2022 is the day when this alignment will come into effect, making it the luckiest day of Taurus in 2022. This day, as per our astrologers, will allow the Taurus natives clarity of mind. Any sort of confusion about love or career will come to rest. However, one needs to devote their mind to positive thinking and make sure your decisions are your own. This day in 2022 can give you the motivation to make the rest of 2022 a year you would be proud to look back at.

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The past years have not been the best for Geminis. However, the good news is that after all the testing, you are finally ready to upgrade yourself in 2022. Gemini’s ruling planet, Mercury, is all set to be positively influenced by Jupiter and Venus in the first half of the year. Such a combination is positive for love affairs, career and family bonding, especially on May 30, 2022, which happens to be Gemini’s lucky day in 2022. On this day, you shall enjoy the luck and motivation you need to jump-start your personal goals. Also, this is the one time when you will have the urge to have what you deserve. And we say you must go for it.

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On July 17, 2022, the planets Mercury and Sun will be placed in the Cancer sign. This would be an empowering period in the native’s life, just like we have discussed in Cancer horoscope 2022. Around the lucky day for Cancer in 2022, you will feel creative, and there are chances of career advancements awaiting you. Many Cancer natives might also get public recognition. Big or small, it will only motivate you to look out for more. On your lucky day, the benefic planet Venus will also enter your sign, and will stay there for a while. Hence, this period will be good for romance and shunning the shyness that you happen to feel when it comes to love. 

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In 2022, Leos will feel the effect of Jupiter lighting their house of romance and creativity. Thus any hindrance in love life due to the lost spark will plunge. Leos will feel most powerful on July 31, 2022, when Sun, your ruling sign, will share a fulfilling bond with Jupiter. Leo’s luckiest day in 2022 will be a gorgeous day to listen to your heart and embrace your inner callings about anything and everything. Astrologers say that this would be a great time for you to travel and relax. What we suggest is allowing yourself the luxury of feeling the warmth of the winter sun kissing you while you sit on the grass amidst the mountains.

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We have a Venus retrograde happening at the very beginning of the year through the love house of the Virgo sign. The time of the year will fuel up your hidden intimacy, and you might find yourself looking to call someone ‘mine’ on February 16, 2022, which is the luckiest day for Virgo in 2022. This powerful love energy in Valentines’s week will bring some old feelings but new people into your life. Later, planet Mars will also come together with Venus in the 5th house of romance. Here is the to forge new connections that will last longer than any of your past relationships. 

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Venus will stay with Libra natives during their birth month, hence, one can expect a lot of surprises. The Lucky day for the Libra zodiac sign in 2022 is October 22. On this day, new beginnings related to pleasure, creativity and love will be at your doorsteps. Making new connections will get easier, and approaching your crush, less scary. It is a great day to embrace your feelings and not shy away from giving yourself what you deserve. Astrologers suggest that on this day, Libra natives must choose to live in the present and not shy away from enjoying it, considering they are often more worried about their future. Is it?

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What happens when the Scorpio’s sex energy meet the romance energy of Venus? Well, you will have to wait till November 15, 2022 to find that out. But we are sure that it would be a fun ‘ride’ for one of the horniest zodiac signs out there. In addition, Jupiter will also be present in favour of Scorpio on its luckiest day in 2022. So during this week, you will find that matters of love and dating will flow much easier than usual. A favourable cosmic period is on your side and you might want to take some advantage of the same by having some flirty fun.

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November 23 is the luckiest day in 2022 for the extrovert Sagittarius. This is the luckiest time to don new roles in both personal and professional spheres of life. To help you with the same would be the presence of Jupiter in your sun sign, which will allow you come out of past regrets if any. You will be better aligned with your goals and be able to meet your targets in time. Despite the fact that you are not great with love affairs and don’t really try hard to put yourself into such roles, but during this period, you shouldn’t shy away from expressing your feelings towards someone. Sagittarius zodiac sign lucky day in 2022 will also be an opportunity to make new investments.

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An especially lucky moment will grace this Sun sign in the middle of January in 2022. With planets Sun and Venus in benefic position, you can expect wonderous things happening in your personal and professional life. The lucky day for the Capricorn is January 8, 2022, a time when new romantic opportunities with be at your doorstep. You will be able to come out of the regret of past relationships and move on towards a mentally fulfiling future. At this time, astrologers suggest that you prioritize your relationship, especially if you are married. This shall help you glow up your love life throughout 2022.

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Being over-cautious when it comes to love and relationship has made your life, kinda, boring. Maybe this year, you need to say yes to a fling and the best day to do that would be March 8, 2022. During this period, Venus aligns with bold planets like Mars to enhance the love and romance quotient in your life. Apart from love, your career will also improve for good, just like the Aquarius horoscope 2022 predicts. Take special care of your health in this period. Try going for morning walks, because who knows, you might find your fling there. 

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Pisces has some special chemistry with April in 2022. In the month of April, these natives will see a gorgeous alignment of planets favouring their wealth and career. April 2, 2022, is especially the lucky day for this zodiac sign as the day will fill you with maturity of thoughts and new ideas. Romance will knock into your life only if you make efforts from your side. 

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