Planetary Transit 2022


Transit of Planets 2022 Dates, Time and Predictions

Planetary transits hold a very vital place in Vedic astrology as they are one of the most important ways of predicting the development and changes in a person's life. Transits of planets involve the movement of the nine planets of the astrological world. These are the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. While you can see the seven of these planets physically, Rahu and Ketu are the shadow planets, known as the two delicate points of the orbit of the Moon, which cut through the elliptical path of the Earth.

The 7 planets travel through different signs the whole time. And, when a particular planet finishes its journey in one zodiac sign and moves to another, a planetary transit occurs, causing a vigorous change in our energies and life. Where these 7 planets move in a particular motion, the nodes or the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu also transit, but in opposite ways.

How Planetary Transits Work in Vedic Astrology?

Each planet takes its own time in a zodiac sign. Some stay for long, while some stay for a short span of time. The planets that move at a fast pace are the "Inner Planets" and involve the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Venus. And those planets which have a longer transit and let you experience their impacts for a prolonged duration are the "Outer Planets" and involve Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu.

The position of a specific planet in a sign during its natural transit time can have some basic implications. It may appear that they don’t hold too much importance in your Kundali, but that is not the case. Astrologers, while making predictions, don’t exclude any of the planetary transit as it may happen that some of these transits could hold more impact than other factors in your birth chart.

All the transits of the planets are not just important but could mold your life in the most unexpected manner. Hence, keeping an eye on all the planetary transits becomes a fundamental requirement. And to help you with it, here in this section, read in detail about the Transits of Planets in 2022.

Just slide down and read through the planetary transits in 2022 to know its impact and other details on your life.

Saturn Transit 2022

Saturn planet is the slowest of all and takes approximately 2 to 2.5 years to transit from one sign to another. Known for its cold and harsh treatment, Saturn usually works on how you have to do things in your life. Though it is a slow-going planet, its impact is intense and highly influential. Saturn transit in a zodiac sign might give you sorrow, accidents, and miseries. But, on the other hand, it would also reward you for all the good deeds you did in the past. From helping you make mature decisions to be responsible, Saturn on a whole, also helps you attain the strength of fair dealing. Despite the fact, it is a malefic planet, Saturn planet transit impacts are more positive than negative.

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Rahu Transit 2022

Planet Rahu is known as a node planet in astrology and is not a planet in actuality, like Mars and Jupiter. Regardless of not holding any physical appearance, it shows a powerful and intense impact on all the zodiac signs. It is known to bring false hopes, unsure visions, and beliefs. Rahu transit in a zodiac sign can put you in a frame of speculation rather than practical approaches. But, Rahu doesn’t have all the negative effects on a person’s life. Where it can put your activities like revolt and revolution, it also guides you the way to innovation. With the Rahu transit, you shall also get the power of being an outcast and know how to think out of the box.

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Jupiter Transit 2022

Depicting all optimism and brightness, Jupiter planet is known as the planet of sages as per Vedic astrology. All teachers and preachers worship the Brihaspati to seek its blessings to be on the right path and road to rightfulness. Jupiter transit in a zodiac sign would show more positive effects in areas, such as education, fortune, wealth, devotion, spirituality, children, and marriage. You shall attain the power of speech and appropriately present your thoughts. Barely showing any negative impacts, Jupiter transit occurs for around 1 year and makes you a truthful person who is honest about all of its approaches. You shall be hardworking and blessed with immense dedication and tactfulness.

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Ketu Transit 2022

Ketu planet is known for its position around the planet Moon. The Southern node or the Dragon’s tail is actually a descendant of the devil’s clan but can bring good times to the native. It is generally about the human being’s psyche and can cause mental disturbances and emotional ups and downs in your life. Moreover, with the transit of planet Ketu, you might become a self-centered person who will be bestowed with luxuries and riches of all sorts. You shall think out of the box and will be full of creativity. Staying in a zodiac sign for 1.5 years Ketu transit impacts would be impactful and intense in all means and manners.

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Mercury Transit 2022

Mercury is an energetic and young planet that governs the communication arena of your life. Also known for providing knowledge and intelligence in a person’s life, Mercury helps you look younger and have flawless skin. It usually gives beneficial results. However, you may still possess a mischievous and flirty nature around the opposite sex. You would be a little naughty and pretty much a chatterbox around the people you are comfortable with. Mercury transit in a sign furthermore helps you become an independent and logic-driven being. You shall also have a great condensing power, which would make you know how to take a stand and have a strong opinion. Mercury transit occurs pretty often and in days.

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Venus Transit 2022

Venus is a feminine planet of Vedic astrology. Depicting the beauty, planet Venus is considered vital for marriages, children, and relationships. In a male chart, it even represents the spouse. Venus transit in a sign holds the power to influence wealth, worldly pleasures, and luxuries. If you are a business person, Venus planet holds immense importance in your life. The entire creativity factor along with the passion to do it will happen by the grace of Venus. Though Venus is taken as the Danavas’ master, yet holds all the soft corners of your life like romance and love. Venus transit occurs very often, i.e., every 23 days.

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Mars Transit 2022

Where Venus is known as the most feminine planet, planet Mars is known for its masculinity. Considered as the God of farming, it illustrates vigor and energy. Known to enhance the ambitions and desires in a person, Mars also provides you with a quick mentality and leadership qualities. You become a person with sturdy determination and an ambition to be good in each area of your life. From making you a successful person in the material field, Mars transit also influences your health. You also get adventurous and independent and love to take risks in your life. Staying in a zodiac sign for 1.5 months, Mars transit usually impacts the zodiac sign depending upon what house it is in.

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Sun Transit 2022

Sun illustrates the innermost self of a person. Be it your soul or your deepest desires and considerations, planet Sun beholds the ability to influence it all. The wish to lead a life of pride occurs because of this planet. Your good health and wellbeing, along with the vitality factor come with planet Sun. Sun transit usually shows beneficial results rather than negatives. You would be away from multiple health ailments like mental stress, cardiac problems, etc. With it, you might not get into issues pertaining to business and financial loss. Legal matters and similar issues shall be away too by the grace of planet Sun. In a zodiac sign, the Sun transit occurs for 1 month and substantially influences your life chart in all means and manners.

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Moon Transit 2022

Planet Moon stands for psychology and imagination. When you feel emotional or empathetic, it is all because this planet is acting in your birth chart. With it, Moon usually shows its impacts on healing, family, shelter, and nourishment. On the other hand, you might also feel paranoia or restlessness if you have an afflicted or negative planet Moon in your natal chart. However, as for the positive effects, you shall be soft in nature and have a tender way of treating people. Not just this, you will also be full of compassion and refrain your mind from any confusion or flickering state of mind. Sanity would be on your tips, and creativity is where you would excel. In a zodiac sign, Moon transit occurs every 2.5 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. How are Transits different from Aspects?

Transits are all about motion. When one planet passes through the signs of the zodiac or house, a transit occurs. Aspects, on the other hand, are all about angles. They usually depict the situations when two planets form a connection with one another.

Q2. Is it important to notice planetary transits in astrology?

The most important thing to understand about transits of planets is that their worth is always determined by the arrangement of your birth chart or Kundali. Because the individual planets - the Moon, Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Venus – move so fast from one zodiac sign and house to another, they are typically neglected.

Q3. What is the duration of planetary aspects?

The longer the duration of the planet would be, the more effective and impactful it will act in your Kundali or birth chart. Planetary phases, whether direct or retrograde, can last anywhere from a few days (for Moon) to 2 to 2.5 years (for Saturn).

Q4. In Vedic astrology, which planetary transits are significant?

Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu, and Ketu transits, whose span stretches for months or even years, are by far the most important for planning forward. These prolonged transits provide us with more time to incorporate the transit's principles and engage with the energies and impacts.

Q5. Which of the planets is favorable for love?

When Jupiter planet transits the first and seventh houses, it frequently provides personal progress as well as enthusiasm and growth to one's approach to all relationships. You're more inclined to accept supportive individuals into your lives who assist you flourish throughout these times, which often includes a love relationship.

Q6. What transits are associated with wealth?

Transits from Jupiter and Venus, as well as planetary transits across your second and eighth houses, are generally looked at when concerning wealth. Venus planet in the eighth house signifies a favorable period for selling. Therefore, the timing for beginning this plan is ideal.

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