Jupiter Transit 2022 Predictions


Jupiter Transit 2022 Dates, Time and Predictions

Jupiter planet in Vedic astrology is of great significance. This auspicious planet helps you become rich, wise, cultured, commanding, generous, and liberal. The planet gets exalted in Cancer and debilitated in Capricorn while it rules Sagittarius and Pisces zodiac sign. When you have Jupiter strong in your natal chart, you possess good health, power, authority, position, etc. However, if it is malefic, you would become prone to poverty and dishonest in your deeds and affection.

With auspicious Jupiter, you will become a good teacher or priest. You shall have an interest in social works and being a treasurer. Plus, with Jupiter acting positively, there are high chances that you head a spiritual organization as well.

Jupiter Transit 2022 Date and Time

As per planetary transit 2022 in Vedic astrology, Jupiter transit is taken as one of the most auspicious ones. To the natives, it shall bring happiness and joy in their lives. Among the transit of planets in 2022, Jupiter takes a year to move from one sign to another. Let's have a look at the dates and times of Jupiter Transit 2022:

Planet of Transit Transiting From Transiting To Date Time
Jupiter Aquarius Pisces April 13, 2022 4:58 PM

Let us now read in detail the effects of Jupiter transit in 2022 on all 12 zodiac signs.

Jupiter Transit 2022 for Aries

At the beginning of the year, planet Jupiter will be in the 11th house for the Aries natives. Though you may face some uncertainties in income or earnings during this period, there will be certain growth in your job and business. Hence you can be assured of good future returns in terms of career in 2022. The 2022 Jupiter transit for Aries further wants you to spend more time with family and siblings as they may feel distant from you. In the month of April, Jupiter will move to its own sign and transit from the 12th house for the Aries natives.

As this planetary transit happens for Aries, you may feel lethargic and unproductive. However, in a good way. You would want to take a trip, and our astrologers suggest that you must find yourself peace and some time away from the hustle and bustle of life. Also, the planet’s transit in 2022 will inspire you to seek spiritual guidance. So we suggest you keep yourself open to considering visiting a spiritual place in 2022. At the end of the year, there will be expenses in the health area. So, you must vary the same. Moreover, this year, the Aries natives will profit from the ancestral property. If you seek to move to another state or country for any reason, you must do it after April 2022 as you will get easy success.


  • Pray to Lord Shiva, Brihaspati, Vishnu, as well as a banana tree.
  • On Thursday, give bananas to unprivileged children.

Jupiter Transit 2022 for Taurus

The year 2022 is very special for the Taurus natives if they pay attention to some small things that need to be taken care of. For the Taurus sign, the first Jupiter transit 2022 will happen in the initial months when Jupiter would transit from your 10th house. This planetary transit will bring changes in the profession. You may also switch jobs in this period, and one who doesn't have a job will likely find one. Business owners can think of making new investments. Government employees will likely get transferred in the initial months of 2022.

Talking specifically about business, steel, occult science, and internet business will see growth. In the month of April, the planet Jupiter will move to your eleventh house. In this period, investments in speculative markets will bore fruit for the Taurus natives. Chances for earning from an alternate source are very much likely during this period. Any kind of land deal will also be fruitful during this period. Possibilities of meeting a companion or someone who would become a close friend are ripe in 2022 as per Jupiter's transit. It's on you how you approach the opportunity that matters. If you have issues in the family, these will improve in 2022. Students will be able to focus on studies and may find some help and support on financial matters during this period. Just be vary of overindulgence with the opposite sex.


  • To keep Jupiter happy, chant the Shri Rudram mantra and Guru Strotram.
  • On Thursdays, give yellow lentils to a temple.

Jupiter Transit 2022 for Gemini

For the Geminis in town, Jupiter will transit from the 9th house at the beginning of the year. This period will be highly favorable for anyone looking for a suitable partner. The Gemini planning to get married would find a partner with the help of parents and family. There will be a kind of inclination towards spirituality in the year 2022 for the Geminis as they will find reasons to believe in the existence of the divine. To get the best of this experience, you should take a pilgrimage tour with either your friends or family members. Later in the year, Jupiter will transit from its own zodiac in your tenth house of profession. It will begin for you a blooming period in terms of profession. Any business related to judiciary, medicine, and food will bloom in this period.

If you have been struggling in business or profession for a while, this period would make an impression in your work field. You will make new connections in your professional life, and this will bring some good favors to you, which will enhance your career. Also, if you are one of those planning to start something new, this period is highly favorable for you. Speculative investments will bore returns after October. In this period you also need to develop a habit of saving money. It is because the time ahead is a bit sluggish in terms of finances. Don’t shy away from taking financial advice from your spouse if necessary.


  • Having a bright yellow carnelian in your working hand's index finger would be useful.
  • Do regular Japa of Guru beej mantra: ॐ ग्रां ग्रीं ग्रौं स: गुरवे नम:।


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Jupiter Transit 2022 for Cancer

For all the Cancer buddies, Jupiter will transit from the 8th house at the beginning of 2022. The time would give you some uncertainties and issues in your professional world. From confronting some office politics to loads of conspiracies, you would go through a lot. Cancer men and women who have plans of investments in the stock and share market might suffer from losses during the Jupiter transit 2022. As far as health is concerned, health troubles regarding obesity and ups and downs in liver conditions might occur. You shall also go through eating issues. Thus, it is advisable that you maintain a healthy lifestyle and look after your eating habits.

Ahead Jupiter will transit in its own sign and in the ninth house. The time would get some relief and favorability. So, if you are into real estate or similar businesses, get ready to enjoy your time of the year. Some great deals will come to you, letting you enjoy profits and gains. And, if you have plans to buy a house or make changes to your new one, the time around the second half would be great for that too. However, on the other hand, there are some possibilities that you might experience issues with your father or someone of a similar position in your family. The same might influence your finances in general, making you face ups and downs in managing your riches or losing some of it. But, worry not, as the luck will be in your bag post-April 2022, which shall help you enjoy an income of money for the rest of the year.


  • On Thursdays, offer yellow clothing to Brahmins.
  • Make a charitable donation: On Thursday, provide turmeric or saffron, Chana dal, as well as yellow cloth to the needy.

Jupiter Transit 2022 for Leo

For Leo natives, Jupiter would transit in your 7th house when the year would begin. It would bring you great times in your personal life. For, Leo natives who are married would have blissfulness and understanding in their marriage. You and your spouse shall support each other to the core and sort out all ongoing issues and differences. However, you may experience some troubles from your in-laws' side. So, take a little care of it. As for unmarried natives and people already into relationships, you can step forward and plan to spend your life with your partner as the first quarter of 2022 is in your favor. But on the other hand, the time might not come out as great for the ones who wish to get into new partnerships regarding their businesses.

Post-April, a lot would change. You would encounter growth in your finances and riches. There are high prospects that you shall also possess some unknown way of having an inflow of money. Spiritually, you may become a bit anxious. Around the middle months, you could go out searching for a true teacher to help you with some matters of your life. Moreover, with the Jupiter planetary transit in 2022, people already in love relationships might face issues. It could be because of the involvement of a third person. So, be a little careful around this area of your life as the same reason might lead your relationship towards big fights and later end of the relationship. If you flip the coin to the other side, you shall see that the same period would be good for students. Thus, Leo students make the best use of it.


  • On Thursdays, specifically, give youngsters besan sweets.
  • Maintain a fasting regimen: To get the maximum out of your fast on Thursdays, avoid taking any salt.

Jupiter Transit 2022 for Virgo

For Virgos, Jupiter will transit in the 6th house of enemies, daily wages, and debts strongly indicating that professionals must not take decisions in a hurry as they might not get the results they desire. Also, making any long-term investments must be done after immense checks and investigations. As far as personal life is concerned, married people with Virgo sign shall seek full support from their spouse. However, there might be some opinionated issues that might occur with other family members. Health-wise, you need to remain extra careful as the planetary transit predictions 2022 says you might face troubles like cold, acid reflux, and other minor ailments. However, on the other hand, you shall experience a nice time convincing people at work and in your professional life in general.

Later in the year, Jupiter will transit in the seventh house of partnership and marriage. Therefore, people looking for a compatible partner would look deeply into marriage-related topics. You would take interest and have high chances of getting married too. You shall have a cordial connection with your spouse and may start some new venture with them around the second half of 2022. With the blessings of your parents, you might also get some property benefits from your mother during Jupiter transit 2022. From this house, Jupiter planet would aspect the 11th house, helping you grab gains and wealth in the best possible manner. It, in turn, will keep your health in good condition. Plus, you would also have charm on your face and a charismatic attitude in your personality.


  • On your brow, put a saffron tilak.
  • To appease Lord Brihaspati, do Pooja and Rudrabhishekam.

Jupiter Transit 2022 for Libra

For Libra natives, Jupiter planet is the lord of the 3rd and sixth house and shall be transiting in the 5t house of love, romance and education. This Vedic astrology planetary transit 2022 would need you to do a lot of hard work and focus well on your projects and plans. Whatever tasks you take during this time, remember to give your all-in in it if you wish intensely for success. On the other hand, remember to avoid any type of speculation activities during Jupiter transit 2022. In terms of relationships and love, things might not go well. You might have to put a lot of effort and talk things out to make your relationship work pleasantly and harmoniously. And, from a health point of view, you must be attentive towards your health. Make sure you prepare and follow a certain routine and look after your sleeping patterns in specific.

On April 13, 2022, Jupiter will transit in the sixth house and Pisces sign. It shall result in favorability from the professional side. People involved in medical or legal works, the time would be great from them in specific. People who wish to sanction a great number of loans would seek success too. Not just this, even your personal life will run in peace around the third quarter of 2022. However, you should look after your health in the middle of all this. Plus, remember to avoid the topics at home that may lead to opinionated discussions, as it may lead to fights later.


  • On Friday, pray and fast to Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Apply a Kesar or Haldi tilak on the brow.
  • Pray to the Peepal tree.
  • Avoid wearing any footwear when taking meals.


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Jupiter Transit 2022 for Scorpio

For people with Scorpio sign, Jupiter will transit in the 4th house of comfort, luxury, and mother at the start of the year. It says that the Scorpio mates would find great opportunities to travel abroad for higher studies. However, professional people might go through some hassles in their work-life, leading to health deterioration and adverse impact on their sleeping patterns. Even financially, be careful around the first quarter of 2022. Invest or go for any sort of planning after consulting and seeking advice from someone knowledgeable. People into partnerships shall seek beneficial results too. You and your business partner would enjoy gains and profits. In terms of love, the first quarter will be for single Scorpio natives. If you wish, you can plan your marriage during this phase.

Later, planet Jupiter will transit in the fifth house of speculation, love, and romance. Students struggling to focus on studies will feel the right determination and passion towards achieving their goals. If you have plans to pursue a career in fields like media, the middle months would be great for you, as per the Jupiter planetary transit predictions 2022. The time will be ideal for couples as well. If you have plans to start your family, Jupiter transit time will be auspicious for your plans. As far as health is concerned, you need to take care of yourself a little. Though there won’t be any casualties, minor ups and downs because of climatic changes might occur. So, take care.


  • Each day, add a dash of turmeric to your shower water.
  • Wear a valuable yellow sapphire or yellow topaz pendant ring in your finger or a pendant around your neck.

Jupiter Transit 2022 for Sagittarius

For Sagittarius natives, planet Jupiter will transit in the 3rd house of travel, siblings, and communication. Students might have to work a little harder than usual. But, worry not, as the stars say that it will be helpful in the long run and give you your desired results. Finances would be in your favor too. But, with that, you need to keep in mind that you don’t take any decision in an extreme hurry or anxiously. As far as love is concerned, singles would find their special someone. They shall take their relationship to the next level, i.e., marriage. Health-wise, you need to take care of yourself and learn to control your cravings and habits. Kids especially must remember not to over-stress themselves with a load of work as it might lead to neck problems and insomnia-like troubles.

Later Jupiter will transit in the fourth house on April 13, 2022. People in dilemmas of buying a new property can get one post-May. Along with it, Sagittarius natives must also take care of their mothers, as they might catch some minor health problems around the third quarter of 2022. Avoid any risks in your professional life, says the Jupiter transit predictions 2022. If you have plans of changing jobs, refrain from doing it during this transit. Plus, make a pact of managing your finances and budget at all costs. Wasteful expenses would surely come, but Sagittarius buddies, you should not put your money into activities that lead to loss of your savings or accumulated money.


  • Recite the Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra.
  • Wear a high-quality pukhraj on your right hand's index finger.

Jupiter Transit 2022 for Capricorn

For Capricorn buddies, Jupiter is the lord of the third and twelfth house and will transit in your 2nd house at the start of 2022. For professional natives, there is a lot of good news in the bag. Some of you might get a promotion from their respective positions, while others would get a hike in their salaries. Success will be in your way, and you will get recognition from everybody at work. As far as wealth matters are concerned, you might go through many ups and downs. Therefore, you shouldn’t plan any sort of investment. Even your personal life might confront some swaying consequences. As per the Jupiter transit predictions 2022, you might find it hard to handle situations around your siblings and friends.

As the year moves ahead, Jupiter will transit in the third house and in the Pisces sign. It indicates that times would change, and your relations with siblings would improve. Differences would sort, and you shall get their support and help. Plus, your personality will improve, and your courage level shall enhance. You would go on short and long journeys, and the same shall become profitable to you in the latter half of 2022. You will also be able to interact well with new people, and in terms of profession, this will help you grab new projects and rightful opportunities. If you are into professions like teaching or counseling, with the Guru Gochar 2022, successful earning will come in your bag accompanied by appreciation.


  • Water a Peepal tree on a regular basis without disturbing it.
  • The ill effect of Jupiter transit 2022 could also be calmed by carrying a yellow napkin with you at all times.

Jupiter Transit 2022 for Aquarius

For Aquarians, Jupiter will transit in the 1st house at the start of 2022. Therefore, your year will begin with some swaying results. In terms of health, you might go through some minor ailments. Thus, from the very beginning of 2022, you must remember not to go loose on your diet. Students preparing for government exams would seek positive results during this period. Even the newbies who are finding new jobs will get the organization of their choice. For love and relationships, the time will be favorable for all Aquarius couples. Singles will get the partner of their choice while people already in a relationship would approach their parents to convince them to get married. Married couples who wish to start their family can do so during the Guru Gochar 2022.

Later planet Jupiter will transit in the 2nd house on April 13, 2022. It will be helpful in your financial matters. Your wealth would increase, which in turn would lead to immense family happiness. Peacefulness would be in your life for the rest of the year, according to the planetary transit predictions 2022. Jupiter from here would aspect the eighth house, which helps you accumulate wealth. There are high possibilities that you get sudden gains from a new or unknown source. Pertaining to health, you might confront some ups and downs. Thus, you must remember to take care of your health and keep a watch on your eating habits.


  • On Thursday, pray and fast to Lord Narayan.
  • Making a donation of turmeric to a sacred organization for eight days straight can also benefit.

Jupiter Transit 2022 for Pisces

For people with Pisces sign, Jupiter is the lord of the first and the tenth house. It would transit in the 12th house of foreign gains, salvation, and expenses at the beginning of the year. It predicts that people into business will profit and your economic conditions will improve. However, there are possibilities that you might lose control over your wealth and get into unnecessary expenses. Thus, try not to spend much and manage your budget in the best possible way. With it, your personal life will be affected by the transit too. You may go through arguments with your partner. The reason for it could be money, career matters, or commitment issues. Thus, avoid arguments as much as you can and try to maintain a harmonious relationship with your partner.

After it, Guru Gochar 2022 will be in the 1st house, and Pisces (own) sign, on April 13, 2022. It means that you would become highly intellectual but would be secretive about your plans. It might disturb you a bit in some manner. Therefore, it is advisable that you switch to mediation and yoga-like activities. Also, make sure you don’t stress yourself too much about life and its issues. Professionally, the transit phase would be good for people searching for new jobs. You will enjoy the fruit of success and shall get your wishful job. From this position, the Jupiter aspect would be on the ninth house. It will be favorable for your life and its approaches. You shall feel optimistic and keep an optimistic approach towards your life. Chances of feeling an inclination towards spirituality could be there too.


  • On Thursdays, particularly, wear yellow.
  • To decrease the negative consequences of a sluggish Jupiter in your horoscope, stop eating meat as well as drinking alcohol.

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