Jupiter transit in Pisces today: These 4 zodiac signs will enjoy the time

Jupiter transit in Pisces

The Deva Guru, Jupiter transit in Pisces will occur today at 16:57. Deva Guru Brihaspati is the angel of the Universe and for Gods, ensuring that you have hope and can make your dreams come true. Get your vision boards ready and make your dreams come true.

Jupiter transit in Pisces will specifically favor these Rashis.


Jupiter transit in Pisces will occur in the 11th house for you. And it can bring in new financial and grand gains during this transit. All the pending works stalled over the previous years will mark a final closure. Expect beauty and sweetness in your family lives.

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Jupiter will be transiting in the 10th house of your karma. Expect to blow some trumpets of success in your employment endeavors. Folks employed in food, medical, and law shall surely win accolades. 

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Jupiter transit in Pisces will occur in the 9th house of fortune for you. Can you ask for more luck? All the work will be completed diligently. Moreover, everything professionally will be revered by all. Financial gains and travels are on the cards for you. Those who aspire to close a property deal or acquire one can achieve it this year or before November 2023. Common Cancerians, Congratulations once again!

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Pisceans, your lord, Jupiter is on its way to your house. Don’t believe it? Check your optimism levels post 16:47 today evening. Your relationships shall improve tremendously, and most of you will start a family. Hold on! Hold on, only if you are single. Married couples can expect a blissful married life. Your charm will be golden, and radiance will speak for you. Your self-esteem and love will improve in gains. People will look up to you for advice and counseling. 

Blog by – Astrologer Maadhavee

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