5 Least Expressive Zodiac Signs Who Are Good At Hiding Their Emotions

Least Expressive Zodiac Signs

The horoscope of a person can reveal a lot about them and their ways of depicting their emotions and feelings in front of people. On the other hand, the same horoscope shall also reveal how they keep those same emotions and feelings to themselves and pent them up. Thus, depending on the zodiac Sun signs, Astrotalk has got the readers 5 least expressive zodiac signs who excel at not depicting their emotions or feel uncomfortable in revealing their feelings firsthand.

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For some people, it looks pretty effortless to talk things out. However, for some folks, it becomes a sturdy and uncomfortable task to reveal what is running in their minds and hearts. Many natives feel comfortable in expressing their feelings, while there are many out there who believe in hiding everything just for the sake of explanations and drama.

Below are the top 5 least expressive zodiac signs that hide their emotions the best and feel uncomfortable in expressing them:


Virgo men and women are like semi-pro when hiding emotions. Thus, they top when it comes to the least expressive zodiac signs. They are utter soft by heart, but it will take folks ages to get the actual topic out of them. Neither do they like to poke in someone else’s life, nor do they like people to mess with theirs. In short, they love their own little world.

Virgo zodiac sign

However, if someone is very close to a Virgo native, they shall know it clear how kind they are. They bag their emotions for the right people. Thus, to let things out of a Virgo and make them an expressible being, the person needs to be honest, true and caring towards them.

Most Virgos are good situation analysts. They speak only when it is necessary. The same goes for their emotions. A person will only see the Virgos utter a word about their feelings when they know the situation is completely out of their hands.

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For zodiac signs that express less, the next sign is Libra. They don’t like being fake. However, on the other hand, they are someone who would take decades to show who they truly are. Libra men and women don’t weigh themselves with feelings. They shall not carry a bucket full of things that bother them.

libra zodiac sign

But do they let things out simply? Well, no, they don’t. They usually try to balance the ups and downs and all sorts of consequences connected with the topic in them and let their actions do the talking. Verbally, they will never say a word, but their ways and attitude will tell you clearly that the other person’s mess is in front of them.

To them, feelings mean a lot. And, if someone is honest with them, they shall show what they are hiding. Usually, they will be unstoppable when illustrating the facts in figures in words. In other words, they would be utterly frank and free with the people they wish to.

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Next in the list of least expressive zodiac signs are Aquarius men and women. These natives are social and friendly, which might confuse people with the fact that they would be expressive about emotions and feelings. However, this is not the case.

Aquarius zodiac sign

Aquarius natives reveal themselves to a handful of folks who are immensely close to them. Breaking their walls to know what is running in their heart and heads is pretty hard. Also, they would barely say anything verbally. Their foremost way to say what they want is usually a long written format.

Not just this, these people become utterly good at hiding their emotions when they know the other is not with them wholeheartedly. Because commitments mean a lot to them, Aquarius natives take decades to fully express themselves emotionally to anyone.

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As much as Capricorn people are practical and aim-oriented, they believe in the factor that feelings are best hidden. Therefore, they stand in this queue of least expressive zodiac signs. For them, feelings and emotions must not impact any aspect of their lives, especially jobs. They would not let their feelings out and keep work as their priority.

Capricorn zodiac sign

In terms of love, Capricorns lie a bit weak. Thus, this is where they hinder their feelings and keep emotions to themselves. However, they will clearly remember who, when, and where looks like a slight danger to them. And at the right time and in front of the right people, they reveal their emotions.

Moreover, they choose their people to be themselves. As for others, they won’t take a second to keep people at bay and avoid them, seeing the slightest danger.

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We all are aware of the fact that Taurus is one of the most stubborn zodiac signs. And usually, their stubbornness gets in the way of their work and life. However, their emotions are something they mostly keep off the bay. That brings them to the top of the least expressive zodiac signs.

Taurus zodiac sign

Taurus men and women wear their feelings on their sleeves. However, they shall never own them. It may look like some self-control they possess, but actually, many mistakes it for their silliness and numb attitude.

Moreover, Taurus people wouldn’t ever say it on their own that something is bothering them. However, their expressions will always reveal that something is bothering them. Despite their bull nature, they would reveal what is in their hearts to their close people. They would yell, cry, or sometimes talk non-stop. But remember, they are not easy ones when it comes to emotions. Therefore, one has to try too hard to get something out of them.

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