Bhoomi Pujan Muhurat 2023


Shubh Muhurat for Bhoomi Pujan 2023

Most people still dream of purchasing a plot and building a house. Therefore, building a home on the acquired site is essential to one's well-being. In India, people tend to ask for heavenly guidance before beginning any new activity to yield abundant results. Hence, Vastu Shastra and the Bhoomi Pujan ritual are of enormous significance to many Indian households. According to Vastu Shastra, Bhoomi Pujan is a crucial ritual carried out before the building of the house to enlist the deities' blessings and welcome good fortune. This page has all the information you need about Bhumi Pujan Muhurat 2023 and Vastu Dates.

One should consider the month's Shubh Muhurta, Tithi, and Nakshatra while choosing the auspicious dates to begin Bhoomi Pujan and home construction. We have compiled a list of auspicious Muhurat to do Bhumi Pujan in the new year to make things as easy as possible for you.

What is land worship?

Let's go through the basics of Bhoomi Pujan first before moving on. Hindus perform a ceremony called Bhoomi pujan before constructing a new home in homage to the land, the gods, and the goddesses. At Bhumi Pujan, foundation worship, or the worship of the five components of nature, should also be performed. On the northeastern part of the construction site, Bhoomi, which means "mother earth," is frequently practised. The northeast corner is where excavation should start, according to Vastu experts.

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However, some tribes do not know their exact date and location of birth. When this occurs, the priest can use the Rashi name to determine the auspicious date to build the house. Shubh Muhurta can also be calculated using the date, a starry sky, etc.

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Importance of Bhoomi Pujan

According to the traditional practice in India, Bhoomi, or Mother Earth, is venerated along with other divinities before constructing any structure. This practice is known as Bhumi Pujan. The rites follow laying the foundation stone on the ground and summoning God's blessings.

  • Bhumi Pujan is performed to please Mother Earth, the Gods, and Goddesses and to appease the five elements of nature, earth, air, fire, sky, and water.
  • Furthermore, worshipping Bhoomi helps remove Vastu defects and any negative energy in the land.
  • This ritual protects the building or land and all its people from accidents or similar incidents.
  • Also, it helps to channel positive energy and purifies the place by inviting good luck to the family members of the new home.
  • Bhoomi Puja is also performed to seek forgiveness from living beings who live underground and inadvertently harm them during construction activities.

Auspicious time for Bhoomi Pujan in the year 2023

Shubh Muhurta for Bhoomi Pujan in January 2023

There is no auspicious Muhurat for January month 2023

Bhoomi Pujan Muhurat in February 2023

Date Muhurta
10 February 2023, Friday From 09:15 am to 12:15 pm

Bhoomi Pujan Muhurat in March 2023

Date Muhurta
9 March 2023, Thursday From 07:28 am to 12:24 pm
10 March 2023, Friday From 07:24 am to 10:25 pm

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Bhooumi Pujan Muhurat in April, May, June, July, and August 2023

As per Hindu Calendar, there is no auspicious Muhurat for Bhoomi pujan from April to August.

Bhoomi Pujan Muhurta in September 2023

Date Muhurta
2 September 2023, Saturday From 07:40 am to 12:16 pm
25 September 2023, Monday From 06:42 am to 08:26 pm
27 September 2023, Wednesday From 07:39 am to10:38 pm

Bhooumi Pujan Muhurta in October 2023

As per the Hindu calendar, there is no auspicious time for Bhoomi Pujan in October.

Bhoomi Pujan Muhurta in November 2023

Date Muhurta
23 November 2023, Thursday From 07:21 am to 09:12 pm
24 November 2023, Friday From 07:22 am to 09:08 pm

Bhumi Pujan Muhurta in December 2023

Date Muhurta
29 December 2023, Friday From 08:55 am to 12:05 pm

Bhoomi Pujan Muhurta 2023: Auspicious date for house construction and Bhoomi Pujan Muhurta

  • Dwitiya
  • Tritiya
  • Panchami
  • Saptami
  • Dashami
  • Ekadashi
  • Trayodashi
  • Purnima

You can follow the dates below for the suitable months to start the house construction. However, one should avoid starting house construction on Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday. Mondays and Thursdays are auspicious for new house construction in 2023. These are the auspicious times to begin the construction of a new house in the year 2023.

2nd 3rd 5th 7th 10th 12th 13th 15th 1st Krishna Paksha

Bhoomi pooja dates in 2023: Auspicious constellation/Nakshatra for Griha Arambha

According to Vastu experts, the following nakshatras are suitable for house construction in 2023.

  • Uttaraphalguni
  • Uttarashada
  • Uttarabhadrapada
  • Rohini
  • Mrigshira
  • Revati
  • Chitra
  • Anuradha
  • Shatabhisha
  • Swati
  • Dhanishta
  • Hasta
  • Pushya

Auspicious Lagna for Bhumi pujan Muhurat 2023:

The auspicious Lagna for Bhoomi poojan are mentioned below

  • Taurus
  • Gemini
  • Leo
  • Virgo
  • Scorpio
  • Sagittarius
  • Aquarius

When choosing the dates for the Bhoomi pujaooja and the auspicious day to lay the cornerstone in 2023, you may also take the fortunate Lagna into account. According to Hindu scriptures, Lord Vishnu continues to sleep during the period from Ashadha Shukla Ekadashi until Kartik Shukla Ekadashi. Therefore, conducting the Bhoomi pujan at this time may not win Lord Vishnu's favour. Therefore, do not begin building during the time between Ashadha Shukla and Kartik Shukla.

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Days to avoid Bhumi pujan Muhurat

Inauspicious dates for installing the foundation of a new home are the following.


This month is from March to April. One must avoid this time, or else it brings deprivation for the house owner.


In June, the planets are not in a favourable position.


Abstain the month of July for foundation laying, or it will bring a loss in business.


The month of August, the time is not Subh as it will bring upon financial losses.


Avoid September to commence construction of your new home, as it can result in fights and tensions in the house.


Avert this month which falls in October, to lay the foundation of your new home, as per Vastu.


January 18 to February 16 may not bring any benefit if the foundation is installed during this period.

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Tithis circumvented for the bhumi puja

Abstain fourth, ninth, and fourteenth Tithis as they are not considered auspicious for house construction or bhumi puja.

Impact of Moon Nakshatras

If the lunar day falls between the 1st and 7th or the 19th and 28th, performing the Bhoomi puja should be avoided, as it is inauspicious. Also, any lunar day falling between the 8th and 18th is considered auspicious for Bhoomi Pujan.

Where should Bhoomi Puja be performed at the construction spot?

The northeastern corner of the construction site, which is revered there, is where Bhoomi pujan is done. Additionally, the northeastern side of the site is always excavated first since the alignment here will be lower than the rest of the site. According to Vastu, the digging will provide favourable results by making the southeast relatively high and the northeast low.

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Bhoomi Pujan Vidhi 2023: How should the Bhoomi Pujan ritual be performed?

All home buyers prefer to perform Bhoomi Puja with full rituals. However, with the complexity of bhumi puja rituals, some people look up to the help of experienced people, and some talk directly to the priest. We suggest you continue to do so. Here you can grab Some vital factors too. Before worshipping the land these things are in mind.

  • Identification of a specific place: After taking a bath, one should clean the particular area. Gangajal is preferred to cleanse and purify the place. Draw a 64-part drawing representing different deities in the northeast corner of the construction site.
  • The priest should perform Bhoomi Puja: An expert priest should perform the observance. In his presence, it is mandatory to eliminate Vastu defects and negative energies.
  • Vastu Direction: While worshipping the land, the concerned person should sit facing the east direction and the priest usually faces the north direction. However, the person conducting the puja faces east.
  • Worship of Lord Ganesha: Bhoomi Pujan begins with the veneration of Lord Ganesha, the remover of impediments. Lord Ganesha will be worshipped to seek his blessing, to avoid obstacles.
  • The idol of Gods: Oil or ghee lamp will light: The idol of Nag Devta and his Kalash will be dedicated following Lord Ganesha's prayers. Sheshnag governs the earth and is a servant of Lord Vishnu, which is why people revere the silver snake. Therefore, it is crucial to pray for protection for your house and ask for his blessings through Bhoomi Pujan. One must seek the snake god's blessing before beginning to build to get it.
  • Kalash Puja: The Kalash represents the universe. Mango or betel leaves must be placed atop a Kalash that has been filled with water, and a coconut must be placed within the Kalash upside down. To honour Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi, a coin and betel nut are stored in the Kalash. As a result, Kalash Puja is done to direct divine energy and draw wealth and happiness to a certain location.
  • Bhoomi Puja: The main rituals, including Ganesh Puja, are performed at an auspicious time, accompanied by Havan.
  • Excavation: A small part of the ground will dig, and the foundation stone or brick will be placed on the land.
  • Prasad/offerings: Flowers, incense sticks, Kaleva, raw rice, sandalwood, turmeric, vermilion (Roli), betel nut (Supari), fruits, and sweets, among other things, should be offered during Bhumi Puja and chanting of mantras by the priest.

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Things to be purchased for Bhoomi Puja Ceremony

The ingredients you need to include in Bhoomi Puja are rice, coconut, Durba, Betel leaves, areca nut, flower bunches, fruits, Mishri, prasad, camphor, incense sticks, cotton for arati, oil or ghee, lamp, water, turmeric powder, kumkum, paper towel, Pick axe, Navratna and Panchdhatu Etc.

Who should do Bhumi Puja?

The head of the family should do home construction or Bhoomi Puja Vidhi with his wife. The puja has to be done in the presence of a priest and his guidance to complete the puja successfully.


Which day is good for Bhoomi Puja?

Mondays and Thursdays are very auspicious for performing Bhoomi Puja. 

Who all worshipped during Bhoomi Puja?

During Bhumi Puja, the God of directions(Vastu Purusha), Mother Earth, the Snake God, and the five elements of nature will be worshipped.

Who is Vastu Purusha (God of directions)?

Vastu Purush is the God of land and direction and the art of building in harmony with nature is called Vastu. Therefore, Vastu Purusha pertains to energy, power, spirit, and the cosmic man.

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