Solar Eclipse 2022 On April 30, Impacts On Each Zodiac Sign

सूर्य गोचर 2022 Is it astrologically unlucky to be born during Solar Eclipse?

The first Surya Grahan of 2022 is all scheduled to occur on April 30, 2022. It won’t be visible in India. However, this Surya Grahan of 2022 will be visible in areas of the Pacific Ocean, South-West America, and South America. Also, folks can see the Solar Eclipse in Antarctica and the Atlantic Ocean. According to the IST, Solar Eclipse 2022 shall occur on Saturday. The timing of it will be from 12:15 PM to 04:07 PM. 

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Astronomically, during a Solar Eclipse, the Moon completely shadows the Sun. Because of the same, Sunrays don’t fall on Earth. If seen from the astrological point of view, a Solar Eclipse is considered immensely inauspicious. Therefore, its impact on the zodiac signs might make the native go through ups and downs. On the other hand, there could be possibilities that it can act favorably for some zodiac signs.

Let us see in detail the impacts of the 2022 first Solar Eclipse on all the zodiac signs.

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Solar Eclipse 2022: Impacts on the zodiac signs

Sun in astrology symbolizes external experiences. And, during an eclipse, the Moon obscures the Sun. So, for many natives, this cosmic event acts as a boon. However, for many, it might look like a negative event.

Let us see how the first Surya Grahan 2022 will affect each zodiac sign:


For Aries men and women, the Solar Eclipse of April 2022 wouldn’t show much favorability. Native can expect troubles in finances and wealth. There could be issues regarding money management. Therefore, the big suggestion for the Aries people during the first Solar Eclipse 2022 is to avoid all matters of wealth and money. On that particular day, the natives must not involve themselves in any sort of money exchange or investments. 


The first Surya Grahan 2022 for Taurus natives won’t be much favorable. This cosmic event shall decrease the confidence of Taurus men and women. It might make the natives doubt their personality. Also, the event can lead to anger issues. Thus, it is advisable not to stress too much on Eclipse day and avoid involvement in conflicting and quarrelsome issues.


For Gemini men and women, the Solar Eclipse 2022, might not give much unfavorability. However, the event might not help you seek benefits too. Gemini people must avoid being in crowded places. Also, they need to stay alert to everything and anything that is around them. 


For Cancer natives, this Solar Eclipse in April 2022 shall act favorably. If any Cancer men and women possess issues in the family, they shall enjoy relief from the same. They would also enjoy a serene family environment. Moreover, wealth problems would be gone, and money inflow would become better. 


For people with the Leo sign, the first Solar Eclipse of 2022 would be favorable. Leo men and women running businesses will seek its benefit. However, it is highly advisable that natives must avoid all sorts of financial investments and other plans for money management. 


For Virgos, this event would bring mixed results. In terms of work, success shall come. But, Virgo men and women will have to work extremely hard for the same. On the other hand, natives planning job change must avoid around the Solar Eclipse in April 2022. 

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For Libra natives, the first Surya Grahan of 2022 might act a bit negatively. To mention particularly, the Libra men and women would go through health ailments. Furthermore, disputes might look like an issue too. Therefore, it is advisable that Libra people must avoid over-stressing and tensions about things in life.


For Scorpio men and women, this Solar Eclipse of 2022 might act like a tough time for professional life. They might face issues pertaining to their jobs. Natives may also face trouble in finding new ones. Scorpio natives may also suffer from financial messes, specifically in terms of business. 


For Sagittarius men and women, the Solar Eclipse 2022 will be favorable. Particularly in terms of health, you shall stay fit. However, folks would have to avoid overconfidence and hasty decisions around the event. Moreover, a check on the attitude and nature would be helpful too.


Capricorn natives would enjoy favorable times with this 2022 Surya Grahan. However, children with this sign shall have to take care of their health. Moreover, gambling and betting are something Capricorn natives must avoid during the event. 


Aquarius people have to take care of their finances during the Solar Eclipse of 2022. There could be a loss of investments and other financial problems. Also, there might be scenarios wherein Capricorn men and women might confront family fights and a disturbed environment. Quarrelsome conversations with spouses may occur too. Thus, a check on words is highly recommendable for the Capricorn natives.


For Pisces men and women, the first Solar Eclipse in 2022 shall be immensely great. Financially, Pisces natives will enjoy benefits. Also, all sorts of business investments will be fruitful. Moreover, social prestige will improve during this first Surya Grahan of the year 2022. 

Solar Eclipse 2022: Know the Dos and Don’ts

Whether the Solar Eclipse is favorable for you or unfavorable, you must follow these dos and don’ts in this Surya Garahan 2022:

  • Take shower before and after the Surya Grahan
  • It would be a Full Solar Eclipse. Thus, natives must light a lamp in your temple for the entire period of this cosmic event.
  • Natives must also worship the idols and recite Mantras and Bhajans in the Eclipse period.
  • Many sages believe that observing fast helps in preventing Solar Eclipse impacts. Also, people can go for donations and charity during the Solar Eclipse 2022.
  • Natives must refrain from making donations until evening. 
  • As soon as Solar Eclipse gets over, sprinkling Gangajal in the house shall be helpful.
  • People can also feed cows to prevent themselves from the negative effects of Surya Grahan of April 2022. 
  • Furthermore, the natives must also avoid keeping doors and windows open during eclipse time.

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