Food Astrology: Food Items For Each Planet And Zodiac Sign

Food Astrology

Have and eat whatever is served to you and take the best shot you have! That is how food astrology works. Everything you eat is some or the other way connected with different planets. And according to astrology, each food item has a solid potential to change your luck and destiny. So, basically, what you eat and consume, bless you with healthy wellbeing and improve your chances of taking on life.

Let us see in detail how food items influence your life according to astrology.

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What is Food Astrology?

Food astrology is one of the branches of astrology that provides multiple information about people as per their zodiac sign. Moreover, the astrology of food covers the auspiciousness and inauspiciousness of planets in the horoscope as well.

Eating food depending on the zodiac signs not only aids in figuring out what may happen in your life but also makes you and your lifestyle healthy. Food astrology provides descriptive information regarding your food habits depending on your zodiac sign. So, the right food item will bless you with prosperity, healthy wellbeing, and long life.

So if anyone wants to make any of their planets favorable, you can cure the same via consuming a certain food item. Astrologers believe that eating thoughtfully and astrologically shall bless you with that planet’s favorable effects, and help you through life’s crisis.

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Planets: Zodiac signs and food items they govern

Planet Sun

  • Leo zodiac sign possesses the planet Sun. If you see the traits of a Leo native, they have an aggressive nature with royalty in behavior. They are utterly picky about their food and want it to be excellent, spicy, and hot.
  • Therefore, if you wish to strengthen your Sun, involving spices in your diet like ginger and red chilies will act helpful. Fruits and vegetables also matter to this zodiac sign. And, they like them fresh and properly cut.
  • Moreover, if you possess weak Sun, you can involve salt in your diet. It shall aid you with weak bones and issues related to the stomach and heart.
  • Sun planets adore the bitter sort of taste. So, consuming spicy food with multiple spices like pepper, mustard seeds, cinnamon, etc., will improve Sun energy in your chart and life.
  • Also, citrus fruits like peaches, grapes, plum, and oranges shall make your planet Sun strong. And, if you possess strong Sun, you shall love food with a pungent taste. In terms of grains, wheat relates to the Sun.
  • As per food astrology, if you crave pride, name, fame, and physical strength, you must involve wheat in your diet. Moreover, if you wish to make your personal connections strong, involving wheat, according to astrology, will help.

Planet Moon

  • Planet Moon rules the Cancer zodiac sign. Cancerians are very emotional and love royalty and attractive outlooks. As a watery sign, they barely love food of unusual ingredients. Food items like bread, ice cream, cookies, etc., are their favorite.
  • So, if you possess a weak Moon, have food like bread and rice. It shall help you remain calm. Moreover, if you lack determination and have emotional issues, you may consume the above items.
  • You can also increase your Moon’s energy in your life by consuming dairy products. Also, starchy foods like sweet potatoes and potatoes will help. Food items that depict motherly love, like soups, soothing foods, etc., will make your Moon strong and allow its energy in your life.

Note: If you have a combination of Rahu and Moon in your horoscope, avoid having rice.

Planet Jupiter

  • Jupiter rules the Sagittarius and Pisces zodiac sign. If you possess a strong Jupiter, you shall love oily, pungent, and sweet-tasting food. Be it ghee, seeds, or nuts, you shall love it all immensely.
  • Sagittarius holds a strong personality. They like being bold and ruling over everybody in the best way possible. On the other Pisces, they like being peppy and prefer variability to anything.
  • If you offer them food like porridge, gourd vegetable or juice, etc., they would definitely avoid eating such food. However, if you offer fried and crispy food items, they shall eat them lovably.
  • So, if you possess a weak Jupiter, incorporate garlic, tomato, and lemon into your diet. Also, you can have fruit juices that are aromatic and flavorful.
  • You can also have iron-rich food items. However, the most effective food item to strengthen energies of weak Jupiter is Besan and Chana Dal.
  • It would bless you with elders’ support and aid in possessing knowledge and wisdom.

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Planet Mars

  • Mars rules the Aries and Scorpio zodiac sign according to astrology. And, the food must be full of spices and quality of flavors.
  • But, above all this, they love eating chocolates and extremely deep-fried foods.
  • More specifically, they love food items that are red in color and hold a strong taste. Instant mouth-hitting food is what allures them.
  • To improve Mars energy in your horoscope, you must eat food red in color. Tomatoes and red chilies also aid in strengthening Mars.
  • So, if you incorporate any of the mentioned items, Mars will become strong and shower its blessings in the best way possible.

Planet Mercury

  • Mercury rules the Virgo and the Gemini zodiac sign. And, these zodiac sign natives love sharp tastes. As per food astrology, the Virgo and Gemini people will enjoy cooling and refreshing items with a pungent taste.
  • So, if you wish to strengthen your planet Mercury, involve vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, leafy vegetables, salads, and celery. Also, fruits like banana, pomegranate, apple, and cranberries will improve the Mercury condition in your life.
  • Gemini people personally love eating fast foods and quick bites. Snacks and foods like pizza, burgers, etc., are what they love. On the other hand, Virgo natives love eating healthy stuff. However, in all, both adore refreshing and strong tastes.

Planet Venus

  • Venus rules the Libra and Taurus zodiac sign. Therefore, Venus-ruled signs love eating sweet food items. In fact, they like an amalgamation of sweet and sharp flavors. As per the food astrology, they enjoy extreme tastes.
  • If you possess strong Venus, you shall like honey, sweet potato, etc. However, if you possess a weak Venus, you must involve sweet fruits like figs, dates, mango, etc.
  • Eating food prepared with ghee will increase the energy of Venus in your chart. Moreover, to strengthen your planet, you can also have curd.
  • Weak Venus might lead to issues related to sexuality and the opposite gender. According to food astrology, incorporating items like these will help in these troubles.
  • Interestingly, Taurus and Libra people usually don’t spend time eating dinner and lunch. They like to eat fast foods and meals that finish fast. Also, these natives get prone to addictions. So, eating food like strawberries, almonds, and yogurt will help.

Planet Saturn

  • Saturn rules the Aquarius and the Capricorn zodiac sign. Both these zodiac signs are love enjoying bitter-tasting food. They like eating less and light and often eat meals that aid in detoxification.
  • Among fruits, Saturn ruling zodiac signs like apples and pomegranates.
  • In particular, as per food astrology, Capricorn people love meals that helps in good health and wellbeing. In fact, they would even settle for basic Thali too, if given them.
  • As for Aquarius people, vegetables are best friends. They enjoy eating high-fiber meals and salad with leafy vegetables. Also, if you give them light snacks, they will be more than happy about it.
  • So, if you possess a weak Saturn in your chart, you should eat yellow dal and cold and bitter-tasting food items. According to food astrology, eating these for weak Saturn shall solve issues pertaining to feet and legs in your daily life.

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Food Astrology: Important houses that impact your diet

According to food astrology, there are four houses that might influence your choice of food items. And these houses are the 1st house, 2nd house, 9th house, and 12th house.

The first house, as per astrology, rules your brain, personality, and heart. The second house, according to food astrology, is the main house, which controls your food intake and impacts your diet the most. If you see the ninth house, it doesn’t possess a direct connection with the food arena. But, the food quality might show its impact here. Finally comes the twelfth house. It illustrates everything you shall give up in your life.

Below there is a list of planetary position that holds a major impact on your chart as per food astrology:

  • Rahu in 1st house: With Rahu placement in the first house of Kundli, you shall love trying new and different foods. Experimenting with meals is what you will enjoy.
  • Ketu in 1st house: With Ketu in the first house, you might give up on adoring food. You may also give up on extravagant food items.
  • Saturn in the first house: Saturn in the first house will make you adore Satvik food and easy and simple meals.
  • Jupiter in the first house: Jupiter in the first house will tilt you more towards guilt-free meals and refreshing meals.
  • Rahu in 2nd house: Rahu in the second house would make you enjoy the variation in food items. Your tilt will be more towards food that appeals to your eyes as well as your taste buds.
  • Venus in 2nd house: You shall enjoy non-veg food items more than vegetarian with Venus in the second house, as per food astrology.
  • Saturn in 2nd house: Pure vegetarian food is what you shall love if you have Saturn in the second house of your Kundli.
  • Jupiter in the 2nd house: With the placement of Jupiter in the second house, you shall possess a good appetite. Also, you would have a close tilt towards a vegetarian diet.

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Food Related Remedies According to Astrology

Well, there are uncountable food-related remedies in your kitchen. All you need is to search and incorporate it in your life according to the planet which is weak in your chart:

  • To make your Sun strong, you must consume your meals under sunlight. Also, you can donate wheat if you possess a weak Sun in the 2nd, 7th, and 8th house.
  • For Moon strength, you should have cold food post-sunset. Also, you must avoid eating stale food, even milk.
  • To strengthen your Jupiter planet the best ingredient is Turmeric. Involve a little in the meals you eat, and Jupiter will become strong in your chart.
  • For Mars, you can eat jaggery after meals you eat. Moreover, to make Mars strong in your Kundli, you may donate Masoor Dal on Tuesdays.
  • If you wish to make your Mercury strong, the best remedy is to incorporate leafy vegetables in your diet, according to food astrology.
  • For acquiring the strength of planet Venus, eat anything sweet daily.
  • For Saturn, you may donate Urad Dal on Saturdays.
  • As for Rahu and Ketu, you must eat two Tulsi leaves after showering each day. It will make these planets’ malefic effects wear off from your chart.

Note: Follow these remedies under the guidance of astrologer

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