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Venkata is with commandable experience of 15 years in the domain of Hindu astrology,Nadi astrology,Vedic Astrology and remdies.He has completed astrological courses from portunuru astrology college. He is born in born in vizianagaram ,andhrapradesh.He knows telugu,hindi english languages and started learning astrology in childhood age.he practices astrology with traditional values and fundamentals with a scientific and modern approach and has relieved many people from stressful situation by giving accurate predictions and easy to do remdies.Despite having immense knowledge about astrology.For consultations ,he covers a large number of areas including,but not limited to ,career,business,foreign travels,dissputes in marriage,disputes in business paertnetship,finance,love,education and relationship prospects,competative exams,wealth,vechiles,heaalth issues,eye,ear,entire body organs,evils,child birth,lif coaching,partnership matching andd much more.he has changes lot of clients life,who are all leading a happy and healthy life with all around prosperity. He is having a natural instinct to know the subject of astrology and explored the deep roots of our Vedic systems linked with Astrology or Jyotishyam given by our sages, she explored so many books during her learning phase and still she is learning through the different knowledgeable people.

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