Top 5 Hindu Gods and Their Favorite Foods

Hindu Gods and Their Favorite Foods

In Hindu dharma, we worship 33 crores gods and goddesses. However, among them, some are highly revered and have devotees all over the world despite their religion. Since ancient times, there has been a custom in Hinduism to make offerings at a temple or in front of a statue of a goddess or deity. Nowadays, though it is wrong, people would bring anything and give it to God. During the prayer, in Hinduism, the offering has great importance. According to scriptures, different gods and goddesses are fond of different offerings. When you pray, following rules and offering the right food can attract very auspicious results. Dive in to read Top 5 Hindu Gods and Their Favorite Foods.

Lord Ganesha and His Favorite Offering

To succeed in anything, we take his name and seek his blessings. Lord Ganesha is very fond of sweets. Especially, offering him Motichoor Laddoo and Modak is very auspicious. It can bring you great results. He is the lord of Art and Science.

Goddess Saraswati and Her Favorite Food

Goddess Saraswati is the bestower of wisdom, knowledge, and skills. As like her white and simple appearance, it is simple to please her. Offer Khichadi to Goddess Saraswati and then distribute it among people and needy. It pleases her and brings her blessings. She also likes milk, panchamrit, curd, butter, white sesame laddoo, and lava. If you go to the temple and offer these to Goddess Saraswati then you will be blessed with abilities.

Lord Vishnu and His Favorite Food

In Hindu religious offerings, Halwa has a great popularity. It is also because Lord Vishnu is very fond of Halwa as an offering. Lord Vishnu loves kheer or Rawa halwa. Kheer is cooked in many ways. o prepare Kheer for Lord Vishnu, add raisins, finely chopped almonds, coconut shredding, cashews, pistachios, charouli, crushed Makhane, scented cardamom, some saffron, and basil. Boil it well and then distribute it after offering to the god.

Lord Shiva and His Favorite Offerings

Lord Shiva is both creator and destroyer of the world. He could get as angry easily. Similarly, he could be pleased easily. He is fond of the most natural offerings of the world. He is fond of cannabis, Panchamtrit, Paan leaves, Dhatura, and Bel Leaves. Along with this, he loves Rudrabhishek.

Book Rudrabhishek Puja here to please Lord Shiva.

Bathing with water, curd, honey, sugar, ghee, Bhole ‘s water stream, hemp, sand, sandalwood, flowers, roli. Rewari, Chironji, and Mishri are also offered by Shiva. In addition to this, he is fond of jaggery and chironji. In Shravan month, all desires come true just by keeping fast, offering milk.

Lord Hanuman and His Favorite Food

Halwa, panch mawa, jaggery ladoo or roth, paan leaves, and saffron rice are loved by Hanuman. Apart from this, many people also offer Besan Laddoo to Hanumanji. By offering naiveya to Lord Hanuman on 5 Tuesday, people could get free from all their problems. Red lentils are the favorite food of Lord Hanuman. Soak them in water and before offering, combine them with jaggery. It pleases him.

These were Top 5 Hindu Gods and Their Favorite Foods.

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