Mercury Transit in Scorpio 2020 – How It Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign

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Mercury, the planet of wisdom, skills. In Vedic Astrology, Mercury is the planet of analytic expression, observation, communication, and duty. It is a neutral planet which means it bestows good results or tortures with bad results depending on the other planet it sits within the horoscope. Traditionally, it was the ruler of the 11th house. However, now Mercury governs the 3rd House. It is also the sign lord of Gemini and Virgo zodiac sign. When it transits from one zodiac sign to another, it brings great shift to interpretation, business, and way of analysis of a person. Mercury Transit in Scorpio 2020 is taking place on Saturday, 28th November. Read how it will alter your life.

Mercury Transit in Scorpio Effect on Aries

  • For Aries the Ram, Mercury will transit in your 8th house. It Is the house of death and longevity. This house is also referred to as Randhra Bhava. It rules over all the sudden events. All the sudden gains, sudden losses are a part of the 8th House of astrology.
  • The transit might not bring many merry to the fiery Rams. As Mercury governs over communication and is directly aspecting the house of speech, it indicates quarrel among family.
  • As a result, you would have to be careful and think well before you speak. Otherwise, the unnecessary tone of speech can leave boils your relationships either personal or professional.
  • On your personal front, the intimacy between you and your partner would help you understand deep perspectives. You will find your path back to them if there were any stress. Also, you will spend a good time with your friends. During the transit, you can grow even closer to your friends if you keep tight control of your aggression. Along with this, there can be an inheritance or investment waiting to surprise you with the gain.
  • In terms of your personal life, you might find a few difficulties in your path. There might be emotional turmoil. You may find it tough to convey your thought properly at your workplace. At some point, you may feel like you are losing your path. However, you will have to wait a little longer for the long and when it comes, you would feel a lot better about your struggle.

Mercury Transit in Scorpio Effect on Taurus

  • For Taurus, you will host Mercury transit in your 7th House. It is the house of relationships. This house is also called Yuvati Bhava. All the partnerships whether personal or professional fall under the rule of the realm of the 7th house.
  • As Mercury governs over business analytics, the transit will bring you many auspicious results in the business aspect. Your abilities will help you achieve a good professional status. Also, Mercury rules over your love, romance, and offsprings. Thus, this transit can be a very pleasant period for you to spend time with your family. There might be some relaxing journeys waiting for you.
  • In terms of skills, Mercury is the lord of wisdom. Thus, it will help you grow your skills at all levels.
  • In your personal life, it is officially a much better season. However, starting a new partnership will not be auspicious for you. Perhaps, you may want to take on things slowly in your life right now. Especially, if it is about dating and meeting. A really nice and meaningful connection will wait for you at the end of the transit.
  • Overall, it will be a great period for you just if you would keep aggression in control.

Mercury Transit in Scorpio Effect on Gemini

  • For the twin sign Gemini, Mercury will enter your 6th House. It is the house of health, wellness, sickness, and daily routine. This house governs the choices you make in your day to day life. Also, it rules over, enemies, debts, difficulties, and obstacles.
  • During the transit, your focus would center on your professional life and daily life. However, you will need to connect with people more often to get through the work stress. You will feel determined and the energy of the transit would guide you through the best path to get to your goal. You will receive many opportunities. All in all, if you work hard as you do, there is nothing that can stop you from getting where you wish to be.
  • In terms of health, you have to be a little extra careful about your health. During the period you may experience some discomfort due to your health. There are chances of injuries due to accidents. Thus, if you drive often, you should drive slow and carefully.
  • In your family, you will grow closer to your family. However, your mother’s health maybe not in a good condition. It may remain fragile during the entire transit period. Thus, it can cause your emotional and physical tension. The 6th Hous is also the house of conflict. Due to this stress, you may land into many conflicts.

Mercury Transit in Scorpio Effect on Cancer

  • For the natives of Cancer, Mercury will enter your 5th House. It is the house of love, playfulness, romance, sex, pleasure, and creativity. This house is also called Putra Bhava. It rules over intelligence, progeny, and ability to innovate.
  • For you, Mercury transit will bring mixed results. There can be high pressure in order to get to the goals. However, during this period, success is guaranteed to the people working hard.
  • You will be on an auspicious streak. Mercury in Scorpio will make you feel like you are finally coming to your senses. With your batteries all charged, you will feel ready for all kinds of action and adventure. You will turn things alluring for you and have a happy hour of your year. All the shenanigans and twists in your life will have you coming strong to them after this period.
  • Along with all the adventures, you might face a hell lot of dilemmas. People who have children would be worried about their child’s health. Cancerians working in the sector of art and culture would come across some good opportunities. Additionally, those willing to pursue their passion could hit the highway at this time.
  • In terms of finance, you must not invest in any illegal activity otherwise it may lead you to pay an even higher price than the speculated profit.

Mercury Transit in Scorpio Effect on Leo

  • For Leo, Mercury Transit will take place in your 4th House. It is also called Bandhu Bhava. This house rules over roots, lands, native place, real estate, property, and your relationship with your mother.
  • Mercury in the 4th House also represents the accumulation of wealth, luxury, comfort. As indicated, the transit will bring you auspicious results.
  • As Mercury sets foot in the realm of Scorpio sign, you will find things slowing down a little for you. You will spend a lot of time at your home, feel emotional, and get in touch with your real, deep feelings. During this time, you will reconnect with your dreams and aspirations.
  • The transition will make you gain new learnings, experiences, and adventures. It will be time to upgrade yourself. At your workplace, your seniors will be happy with your work and appreciate you for it. You will feel assured and confidant.
  • At your personal front, you will have peace and joy within you.

Mercury Transit in Scorpio Effect on Virgo

  • For Virgos, Mercury will transit in your 3rd House. It is the house of mental inclination, skills, ability to grasp, innovate, and memorize. This house also rules over journeys, interests, habits, brothers, sisters, neighbors, mental intelligence, and communication.
  • Over anything, the transit will make you very bold to take tough decisions. You will not feel shy in making diverse efforts to achieve your goals. As Mercury is your sign lord, it will help you to find better ways to express your thoughts and ideas in front of people. On both personal and professional fronts, you will achieve great deals.
  • Whenever Mercury transits, it brings a little extra hard impact on you. As it is shifting in Scorpio, you are going to feel a change in energy. As a positive result of the transit, your life will get busier and better. You will be circulated with emails and visitors.
  • Natives who are in the marketing fields will receive some extra benefits from the transit.
  • The prosper results will help you but also raise a sense of dominance in you which you would have to control.

Mercury Transit in Scorpio Effect on Libra

  • For Libra, Mercury transit will occur in your 2nd House. It is the house of finance. This house is also called Dhana Bhava. It governs all financial possessions like cars, investment, and furniture. Also, it rules over your voice.
  • For the natives born under the sign of harmony, this transit of Mercury would offer propitious outcomes. In all your duties and endeavours, fortune will benefit you throughout this transit. As Mercury is doing a very powerful ‘Dhan yoga,’ and in this time period will lead in a strong inflow of revenue.
  • As Mercury rules your house of international connexions, it is also possible for some to expect rewards and income from overseas in this time. You will, nevertheless, meet such expenses during this transit, so it is a must to find a good balance between your expenses and investments during this Mercury transit. The people who indulge in business in this sign will come across several possibilities that will enable them push their family businesses to the next level.
  • As of now, you should also not think regarding unexpectedly pouring in some unnecessary expenditures, which is something that is more likely to occur during the next month. Reap the benefits of Mercury in the sharp, reliable overtones of Scorpio now to pick your finances apart, build a realistic budget that functions for you, and find out how to make or to save more money. You could also get a lot of work done on some long-term projects (especially at work), and a possible bonus or raise could soon come your way if you perform well.
  • Individually, you would be motivated to invest additional time with your family and friends, that will help create a stronger relationship within the family. You may also make arrangements with your family for a pilgrimage or other long range trip. However, in this time, the health of your partner can require care and attention. It might give you some stress that would require to deal patiently with.
  • The overall stress might drop your health too. Thus, to come out of this whole situation, you must be patient. Perhaps, taking help from your friends would be a good idea when it comes to comfort.
  • Harmony is very significant to you as the representation of the balance. Of course, keeping a sense of social harmony is your strongest suit, but Mercury in Scorpio needs you to focus on managing your chequebook. With this transit, funds are a central element, so you can wait to obtain money.

Mercury Transit in Scorpio Effect on Scorpio

  • For Scorpio, Mercury Transit will take place in your 1st house or House of Ascendant. It is also called Lagna Bhava. This house represents ego, sense of self, self-expression, outer body frame, temper, nature, health, and childhood. As the transit is taking place in your sign, it would bring the most impact on you.
  • This Mercury transit will help in gaining better social connections, which will assist you in the long-term. Your organizational and managerial abilities, combined with hard work, will encourage you to effectively achieve successful breakthroughs. However, during this transit, Scorpio natives can face some problems related to anxiety and fear, that may render things difficult for you.
  • Throughout this period, you will also become excessively detail oriented and critical, that can cause certain issues for you in both your personal and professional areas. However, some unexpected income and earnings are likely to be earned, that may be in the form of some inheritance, awards, etc.
  • Because now Mercury is in your sign, the strange sensations that you have been receiving from of the Libra season are dropping off. You have some mental clarity, you can talk up feeling understood, and you let go of the feeling of isolation or frustration that you had been dealing with. You will reinforce your love issues, your family life, as well as any career-related things that you have struggled to keep up with.

Mercury Transit in Scorpio Effect on Sagittarius

  • For Sagittarius, Mercury Transit will take place in your 12th house. This house signifies the ending of the physical journey and the beginning of the spiritual journey. It also rules over self-undoing, self-imprisonment. Additionally, it governs separation from people like parents, siblings, and partners.
  • Unfortunately, Mercury in Scorpio puts all of that on hold and encourages you to spend some time with oneself, isolated, almost as much as you happily stay busy, jump about, and live your great experience. At its worst, you may feel like nobody understands you, or that you really aren’t being noticed. Nevertheless, at its finest, this is a perfect chance to celebrate spending time off, get in tune with your emotional aspect, living things, and just relax.
  • The transit will bring mixed results to you. However, if you work in an MNC and wish to attain a settled career in a foreign country then the transit will bring you great results. People involved in import and export can expect the same result.

Mercury Transit in Scorpio Effect on Capricorn

  • For Capricorn, Mercury will transit will take place in your 11th House. It is also called Labha Bhava. This house rules the overall kind of profit, monetary gain, income, gain in name & fame. Additionally, it governs what aspect would bring you profit.
  • Over the next few weeks, you’re going to have a nice experience! Mercury in Scorpio in the 11th house of your chart will control social interactions and alliances. You will be making new contacts when you’re not having a blast with your team, adding lots of names to your friend list. This is actually an unequivocally good time for you, Capricorn, because you’ll have a reasonably drama-free life.
  • In the terms of professional aspects, you will be receiving bonuses and rewards in your job. Your strategic strength would be high, allowing you to easily handle any rivalry or opposition. Nevertheless, particularly during the initial phases of your transit, you need to be wary of your enemies.
  • For the Capricorn natives, the transit of Mercury in the house of accomplishment and revenue would offer favorable results. this house also the signify older siblings and friends, implying that throughout the transit, you will receive huge support from your older siblings and friends. You will meet them and spend a very pleasing time.

Mercury Transit in Scorpio Effect on Aquarius

  • For Aquarius, Mercury will transit in your 10th House. It is the career house of astrology or Karma Bhava. It rules over all your career aspects, the field you would work in, your success, failures, and kind of profession. It also deals with reputation, designation, professional standing, and area of occupation.
  • This time will enable you strategically to effectively execute your thoughts and opinions, that will hold you in high regard amongst your superiors and peers at your office. You can also see this transit dropping conventional approaches and introducing new and the box and innovative solutions to complex problems. This will assist you in gaining respect and gratitude from your seniors and greater leadership. All of you waiting to be promoted or praised will get a great hike.
  • For you, Aquarius, this is a vital moment. Mercury in Scorpio means a period of time when your life is taken over by work, and you’re kind of thrown into the spotlight. Use the assessing, perceptive power of Scorpio to completely focus on your task, and produce incredible results, since your performance is definitely recognized!

Mercury Transit in Scorpio Effect on Pisces

  • For Pisces, Mercury will transit in your 9th House. It is the Dharma House. This house governs all your religious instincts, culture, good karma, dharma, morality, higher learnings, one ‘s tendency towards good deeds, and welfare.
  • Over this time frame, students belonging to this sign could obtain excellent results in their education. Those people who wanted to pursue higher education at their favorite out-of-town or overseas universities may finally see their vision come true.
  • You’re going to find that you are starting to feel like your familiar, cheery, resilient self. For you, this is a perfect mood-boosting transition and it will leave you feeling more adventurous. Your head is still in the clouds, but now you feel like you have a better awareness and a better eye for information. Thus, you will be setting bold goals for yourself instead of moping. You’ll be constantly searching out fun unique ideas and developing a lot instead of drifting through life.
  • Professionally, through some new outlets, you will come across several possibilities that will help you earning money. You would also apt to create investments that in the long term would likely deliver good returns for you. You will be receiving good encouragement and guidance from your teachers and mentors that will help you get a good path, significantly in the relation to your career.

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