Solar Eclipse 2022


Solar Eclipse 2022

Solar Eclipse 2022 Dates: Solar Eclipse 2022 Timings

Eclipse is one of the most sought and talked about natural phenomenons in astrology. And in this Solar eclipse 2022 write-up, AstroTalk will dwell on everything you need to know about all the solar eclipses happening in 2022 and how they are going to affect each and every one of us. To specify, we shall look into Solar Eclipse 2022 date and time and also find what one should and shouldn’t do on these days as per the best astrologers. We shall also look at the significance of the Solar eclipse in our life.

What is Eclipse in astrology?

Eclipses have been considered a bad omen for thousands of years now. As per the legends, it's the shadow planets, Rahu and Ketu, that seek revenge from Sun and the Moon, thus causing eclipses. They do so by blocking the luminous rays of the Sun and the Moon. As the rays are blocked, the same rays that light Earth are momentarily absent for us. This veiling of the Sun and Moon is a factual fact but it being a complete bad omen is not.

Seeing an eclipse is not a bad or inauspicious act. However, you must not directly look at the Sun or Moon at the time of the eclipse. Astrologers suggest that during Eclipse 2022, all you need to do is make sure you don’t start a new task of any kind. The reason being that any kind of auspicious activity must always commerce in the light. This could be sunlight or moonlight, it doesn't matter. But never amidst the dark. So in 2022, if you seek to behold Solar eclipse 2022, you may do it. However, simply don’t commence a new task on these dates.

Solar Eclipse 2022

A solar eclipse happens when the Moon blocks the rays of the Sun thus casting a shadow on the Earth. This phenomenon can only occur on a New Moon day (but not on every New Moon day). And same is for 2022 as the Solar eclipse 2022 dates match with the new phase of the Moon. The Surya Grahan 2022, apart from being an enchanting event, also acts as a time of positive changes. In astrology, the Sun represents human desires, subconscious, accomplishment and more. Meanwhile, the Moon, on the other hand, signifies human subconscious desires and emotional lives. A solar eclipse provokes positive external changes and inspires people to achieve their dreams.

So now that you know that the Solar eclipse brings a lot in the kitty for the mental you, you must mark the Solar eclipse dates in 2022. Doing so will ensure you don’t miss the best of the solar eclipse.

Solar Eclipse 2022 Date and time

In 2022, there will be as many as two solar eclipses. Both the solar eclipses in 2022 will be a partial solar eclipse. To know what a partial solar eclipse is, you may scroll down!!

First Solar eclipse in 2022 - April 30, 2022

Solar eclipse 2022 dates: April 30, 2022

Solar eclipse 2022 time: 12:15 AM to 10:23 AM

Visible From: You can see the eclipse from the continents of West and South America and Antarctica. With that, the eclipse could also be seen from the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.

Other Information

  • No Sutak will be there for the eclipse in India.
  • It would be a Partial Solar Eclipse.

Second Solar eclipse in 2022 - October 25, 2022

Solar eclipse 2022 date: October 25, 2022

Solar eclipse 2022 time: 02:28 PM to 06:32 PM

Visible from: The second solar eclipse of 2022 will be visible from the continents of South and West Asia, East and North Africa, and Europe. With that, the eclipse could be seen from the Atlantic Ocean too.

Other Information

  • Sutak will occur approximately 12 hours before the Grahan timings in India.
  • It would be a Partial Solar Eclipse.

Types of Solar Eclipse 2022

There could be none to four solar eclipses in a year. But what type of solar eclipse the year 2022 has for us? While all the solar eclipse in 2022 will be Partial solar eclipse, but in any other year, there could be other types of Solar eclipse like:

  • Total Solar Eclipse: When the Moon casts the umbral shadow on Earth and covers approximately one-third of the surface of the Earth in a couple of hours, call it a total solar eclipse. During this time, the Sun unveils its outer layer, the corona. And, the majority of total eclipses stay short and last for like 8 minutes.
  • Partial Solar Eclipse: When this kind of solar eclipse occurs, you shall encounter a partial shadow just on the penumbra. Most of the Sun’s part could be seen. However, depending on the scenarios and the location of the Moon, it could vary.
  • Annual Solar Eclipse: An annual one is a pretty scarce yet magical one. Different from a total solar eclipse, it is actually a subdivision of an incomplete eclipse. And, it occurs when the Moon just goes through the Sun centrally. You may also see it with the name “Ring of Fire.”
  • Hybrid Solar Eclipse: It is another rare sight that could be seen when the Moon reaches the edge of the umbral shadow and is about to hit the surface of the Earth. Though it doesn’t hit the Earth completely, it still moves directly in front of the Sun. It takes the form of a total solar eclipse. However, it becomes annular again by the end of the event.

Solar Eclipse 2022: Effects on each zodiac sign

While AstroTalk will extensively cover the effect of the Solar eclipse 2022 for each zodiac sign in a separate write-up, here is a small gist of how the Solar eclipse in 2022 will impact your zodiac sign. The predictions below are the collaborative effects of both the solar eclipse scheduled for 2022.

Solar Eclipse 2022 For Aries -

The solar eclipse 2022 may bring monetary problems for the Aries natives. It is recommended that you don’t commence any task related to money on these days. Also, be cautious of what you speak.

Solar Eclipse 2022 For Taurus -

The solar eclipse 2022 can inundate you with a lack of self-confidence. Thus you must ensure that you don’t take unnecessary stress during the eclipse period in 2022.

Solar Eclipse 2022 For Gemini -

The Gemini natives must avoid visiting crowded places during the solar eclipses in 2022. You must also make yourself aware of any kind of conspiracy that is likely to happen.

Solar Eclipse 2022 For Cancer -

The solar eclipses’ 2022 are favourable for the cancer natives to quite some extent. Any marriage related problem will get resolved. Also, there will be progress in life in terms of wealth post the eclipse period.

Solar Eclipse 2022 For Leo -

If you are a Leo in business, you are likely to succeed because of the effect of the solar eclipse on Leo zodiac signs. However, make sure you don’t make any kind of new investment on the solar eclipse days.

Solar Eclipse 2022 For Virgo -

For the Virgos, the Solar eclipse 2022 will be both testing and advantageous. If you seek any result, you will get it by putting in some extra effort. This is, however, not the best time to change the job.

Solar Eclipse 2022 For Libra -

The solar eclipse 2022 for Libras will turn out to be a bit negative. You must be vary of your health and any kind of legal pending cases. Other than that, avoid silly arguments.

Solar Eclipse 2022 For Scorpio -

You may have to face problems in your job or business due to the solar eclipse 2022. AstroTalk recommends that Scorpios should use eclipse for self-introspection and stop being egoistic and rude.

Solar Eclipse 2022 For Sagittarius -

Overall, the health of the Sagittarius natives will remain fine in both Surya Grahans in 2022. Also, you will be able to win over your enemies during the eclipse.

Solar Eclipse 2022 For Capricorn -

The Capricorn natives must look towards the health of their children. Make sure you avoid any kind of betting or gambling activities during this period.

Solar Eclipse 2022 For Aquarius -

During the solar eclipses 2022, Aquarius may experience negativity in terms of loss in investments, family disputes, and failure in the current project. It is advised to be patient to avoid any mishappenings.

Solar Eclipse 2022 For Pisces -

If you are a Pisces, the solar eclipse happening in the year 2022 will bring good fortune. You will experience gains from past investments. Also, you will be able to overpower your enemies and get respect in their social circle.

Solar Eclipse 2022: Sutak Kaal Period

Scriptures from ancient times suggest many scriptures and mentions regarding the Sutak period and eclipses. Some have either been discarded or modified with time. However, the majority are still followed and advised by astrologers. Below is a shortlist of the precautions you must take during the Sutak Kaal of the Solar Eclipse in 2022:

  • Remember to put Basil or Tulsi leaves in the food you prepare before the eclipse period.
  • Also, don’t forget to refrain from touching the holy basil plant during that time.
  • Some facts also suggest that personal grooming should be avoided as well until the solar eclipse exists.

Solar Eclipse 2022: Guidelines Regarding Health

According to Vedic astrology, the Sun is the father and core representative of life and energy to everybody on this planet. And, there are many myths and facts relating to the Surya Grahan. While many are true and scientifically proven, some are just total examples of beliefs.

As far as health is concerned, Surya Grahan in 2022 shall affect your health in a number of ways. Below you can see some of them and be precautious about the same in advance:

  • Religious studies have shown that a solar eclipse may make you encounter a feeling of sickness and tiredness. Thus, you must not make any decisions in haste or during this time.
  • The next tip is for pregnant ladies. So, if you are one, don’t expose yourself to the rays of the solar eclipse. As some studies prove that if you come in contact with eclipse rays, you might have babies born with deformities.
  • Make sure you don’t see the Surya Grahan 2022 with naked eyes. Scientifically proven, the studies say that the most sensible manner to see the eclipse is to watch it with safety gears or a telescope. The merrier the sight looks, the dangerous it could be to see it via naked eyes. So, avoid doing so as it might make you blind permanently.
  • It is an assumption that there could also be digestive issues with you if you get exposed to the solar eclipse. And, believing in this for years, some people fast or take light meals on the eclipse day.

Solar eclipse 2022: What should pregnant women not do?

It is a common belief among people that Surya Grahan is inauspicious for pregnant women. And factually, the beliefs are not wrong. As per astrologers, pregnant women must take special care of themselves during the Surya Grahan 2022. This is due to the light nurturing inside the woman’s womb must be saved from the harmful effects of darkness that comes with the Solar eclipses. It is a change in the normal nature of how things work on this planet and thus not to be mended with. Here are the precautions that women must take as solar eclipse 2022 dates inch closer.

  • If you are a woman, make sure you don’t move out in the open during the solar eclipse.
  • Also, don’t try to have a glimpse of the solar eclipse with naked eyes.
  • Don’t take a bath after the solar eclipse has happened. Make sure you take a bath well before the Grahan.
  • Avoid using sharp metal objects like a knife during the eclipse.
  • Any metal objects near you are harmful to you during the solar eclipse 2022. Make sure you distance yourself from them.
  • Refrain from taking a nap at the time of the solar eclipse

For more details on the impacts of the Solar Eclipse in 2022, speak to our astrologers online.

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