Lucky Colour For Vehicle As Per Your Zodiac Sign

Lucky Colour For Vehicle

While searching for an appropriate vehicle, we all look for multiple parameters. And according to astrology, just like Shubh Muhurat, there also occurs lucky colour for vehicle. Be it your bike, car, or scooter, depending on your zodiac sign, our astrologers have got you the most suitable colour which you can use to purchase your favorite vehicle.

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Vehicles in astrology

Depending on the horoscope of a person, astrologers can predict a lot. In the queue of the same, come the favorable time (Shubh Muhurat), auspicious colour for vehicle purchase, lucky number plate of it, and so on.

The matters of vehicles in astrology usually depend on Saturn and Venus. If you wish to acquire a vehicle, planet Venus plays a vital role. It is because Shukra or Venus represents material comforts, wealth, and luxuries in the horoscope. Along with it, Saturn also holds immense importance. If you wish to own a vehicle, remember that the Shani position must be favorable in your chart. 

Not just these, even Rahu and Mars are considered when vehicles in astrology are seen. According to astrology, Rahu and Mars together in the native’s chart indicate accidents. Moreover, the fourth house in the horoscope also matters during vehicle buying.

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Let us see in detail what would be your lucky colour for vehicle on the basis of your Moon sign:


People with Aries Moon sign are natural leaders. Moreover, they exude passion, courage, and confidence in all their works. It makes blue their lucky vehicle colour. 

Moreover, shades of red, saffron and yellow will also be auspicious if you possess the Aries zodiac sign. Along with it, you can also keep a Hanuman idol or image in your vehicle. 


Taurus men and women possess reliability to the core. Moreover, Taurus Moon sign natives also hold immense patience with a practical yet grounded attitude. For such people, white is the lucky vehicle colour. 

Moreover, you may also buy automobiles with green shade. But, remember not to purchase any car, bike, scooter, or any kind of vehicle with black shade as it will be an unlucky colour for Taurus natives. You can also keep the Shiva image to bring more auspiciousness to your vehicle.


Gemini Moon sign people possess a changeable and flipping mind. However, they are pretty friendly and happen in nature. Thus, the lucky colour for vehicle for the Gemini zodiac sign would be green and cream. 

Also, you can purchase your vehicle in grey and red shades. With it, you must think twice before you sell off your old vehicle. In fact, we advise you to consult an astrologer prior to doing that. To welcome more auspiciousness, keep a Ganesha idol or image in your vehicle.

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Cancer people are persuasive, tenacious, and imaginative. Moreover, these people make decisions. Therefore, the lucky colour for vehicle for the Cancer sign would be red and white. 

Usually, Cancer people may face many accidents. Therefore, you can also purchase vehicles yellow in colour. Along with it, keep lord Hanuman’s image or idol in your vehicle to keep it free from inauspiciousness. 


As per Vedic astrology, Leo Moon sign people are pretty dominant. Also, being a Leo, you would possess self-confidence, however, with a knack for drama and tantrums. Therefore, the lucky colour vehicle for Leo men and women would be sleety and grey shade. 

Also, you can pick red, saffron, yellow, and white as your automobile colour. To attract more luck, keep the Gayatri psalm in your vehicle. 


If you have a Virgo Moon sign, you would be hard-working with a practical approach. Also, you possess a strong character with an effortless mindset and humble nature. Therefore, the auspicious vehicle colour for Virgos would be blue and white. 

Also, you can opt for shades of green and grey. But, remember to avoid the red colour. Also, keeping Krishna’s image or idol in the vehicle will be great for you. 

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Libra men and women are peace-loving people. They like symmetry, balance, and harmony. In terms of vehicles, they love to possess something sensuous and stylish. Therefore, the lucky colour for vehicle for the Libra sign will be blue and black. 

Libra natives usually possess auspiciousness with the aging of the automobile. Thus, you can also choose white and green as your vehicle colour. Along with it, keeping Swastika in the automobile will be helpful and beneficial. 


Scorpio Moon sign people are assertive and resourceful. Also, they are utterly passionate and possess a devil-may-care spirit. Therefore, the auspicious shade for Scorpio natives will be white. 

Moreover, you can also go for yellow, saffron, and red. But, keep in mind to avoid green and black. Plus, you can place a Shiva idol or image in your vehicle for better luck.


People with the Sagittarius sign are wanderers. You possess a generous nature and love vehicles that power up your soul. Also, you prefer designs that suit your upgrade lifestyle. Therefore, red and silver will suit your personality and shall prove as suitable colours for your vehicle. 

Moreover, red, yellow, bronze, and saffron will be auspicious depending on your zodiac sign. But, remember, you don’t purchase an automobile in blue or black shade. Keep lord Hanuman’s image or idol for more auspiciousness. 

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Capricorn natives master self-control. You like discipline and believe in responsibility and assurance. So, whichever car, bike, or any other vehicle you choose, make sure it doesn’t lead you to crazy driving and is safe to ride or drive. 

In the same row, the luckiest colour for your zodiac sign in terms of a vehicle will be white. You can also pick sleety and grey shade cars or bikes. With it, the green and yellow colour would be lucky for you. However, you must avoid blue and red colours during purchase. Keep lord Krishna’s image to avoid bad luck and welcome auspices. 


Aquarius men and women usually like to be original and independent. You adore a progressive approach and believe in buying vehicles that make you experience adventure. Thus, the lucky colours for vehicle for the Aquarius sign will be grey, white, and blue. 

Also, you can purchase cars, bikes, or any vehicle in green and yellow colour. Keep lord Hanuman image for more favorability.


If your Moon sign is Pisces, you possess an artistic and intuitive personality. You appreciate the beauty and like vehicles that provide comfort. Depending on your personality, the lucky vehicle colour for the Pisces sign would be white, golden, and yellow. 

With it, you can buy vehicles in saffron, red, and bronze colour. Also, keep lord Hanuman’s image, and your luck in automobiles will shine.

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