Rose flower: Astrological benefits and different color meanings

Rose flower Astrological benefits and different color meanings

When you start thinking about flowers, what’s the first flower that comes in your mind? Rose! Right? After all, it is such beautiful and magnificent that this flower is loved by all. But do you know your favorite flower is astrologically significant as well? Continue reading to know its astrological significance and the meaning of different colored roses.

To fulfill desires

Offering eleven roses to Lord Hanuman on the first Tuesday of Shukla Paksha makes Lord hanuman happy. You have to do it for consecutive eleven Tuesdays and all your desires will get accomplished soon. Take bath, wear orange color attires, and visit Hanuman temple with eleven roses. You need to light a ghee lamp and offer Sindoor and worship the Lord that God fulfills all your wishes. Later, you have to chant the mantra “Om Aem Hanumatay Ramdutay Namah”

Accomplishing some old work

This remedy is useful for those who want to fulfill any unaccomplished work or work stuck for a long time. You need to take three roses or three fiddle or jasmine flowers. Flow them in the river while taking a bath. You need to do this remedy continuously for five full moon days and you will gain the good benefits of it.

Brings positivity

Planting thorny plants is considered inauspicious. However, the rose plant is an exception. By planting rose on the east side of the home, positive vibes increase and the negativity decreases.

Which color rose symbolizes what?

Red Rose

Considered a symbol of love, gifting someone red rose is a way of saying “I love you”. The red color rose conveys deep affection and a desire or a longing for the significant other. Moreover, different shades of red indicate different emotions. Like burgundy shade represents the feeling is yet to be expressed while a brighter red means romance.

Pink Rose

The pink rose symbolizes grace, joy, or gratitude. It is given to someone as a token of admiration and appreciation. Like in the case of the red, different shades of pink roses also have different meanings. A dark pink rose is another way of saying thank you while a pale pink rose indicates gentleness or sympathy. However, a medium pink rose is versatile and can be used for all kinds of occasions.

White roses

White roses represent purity and innocence. Therefore, white roses are given at weddings or other ceremonies like graduation. Moreover, it can also be given as a sign of remembrance and to say “I am thinking about you”. Hence, it is an appropriate one to gift to someone who is grieving the loss of a loved one.

Purple Rose

These rare roses indicate adoration or fascination. The purple-colored roses are associated with royalty and are given to queens or kings. Moreover, deep-colored purple flowers are great if sent for a happy occasion or celebration as they make the receiver feel special. In contrast, lavender roses mean “love at first sight”. This sentiment is coupled with a sense of enchantment like it’s the dark purple counterpart. And, this message becomes much more direct with lavender roses.

Yellow Rose

The best friendship flowers are yellow roses. They are a symbol of friendship and are given to the ones that have no romantic meaning behind. Sending a yellow rose for friends is a way to show that they matter to you and you were thinking about them. Also, it speaks about optimism. However, never ever commit the mistake of gifting someone yellow roses to someone for whom you are having romantic feelings. It simply means an invitation to get friend-zoned.

Orange Rose

Orange roses are symbolic of passion and enthusiasm and hence a creative substitute for holidays or valentine’s day. A bouquet of orange roses along with a few red and yellow indicates a budding romance or love at its early stages.

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