Shy Zodiac Signs versus Extrovert Zodiac Signs- Which One Are You

Top 5 Zodiac Signs that are naturally Extrovert

Every person is unique and has different characteristics. After all, everyone has their own personality. On the basis of Astrology, some are extrovert zodiac signs while others are shy and it all matters in the stars. So, check the list and find which one are you?

Virgo- Shy Zodiac

Virgo doesn’t like grabbing attention until it becomes necessary. This sign loves being behind the scenes and knows how everything has to be done but doesn’t want to come in front. What really matters for him is his dedication to his work. The Virgo people have a really tough time to open up to someone to whom they are unfamiliar.

Cancer- Shy Zodiac

This zodiac is shy because of its insecure nature. They make sure from their side they look perfect but it is not enough for them to overcome their shyness. Be it a new job, or a first date, cancer is always nervous that they are going to stand out among strangers. It is cancer insecurities that throw fuel in the fire. Even if someone tells them everything is okay, they won’t believe it until they see it with their own eyes.

Pisces- Shy Zodiac

Pisces often worries about everything and hence is too shy. Instead of enjoying his company, he gets entangled in the thoughts of his head until the others convince him he should not feel shy and awkward. This zodiac can trust everyone in his life however he has a hard time trusting himself. He is too shy in nature and hardly gets convinced that everything is okay.

Capricorn- Shy Zodiac

This zodiac is very ‘confide to himself’ type and that’s why he would get shy very easily. Capricon isn’t the type who likes to create a scene or drama and hence lets things go very easily. The truth behind is he doesn’t want to seek unwanted attention. Though it is not hard for him to speak in public he doesn’t like it. These are the people who are fully dedicated to their work but when it comes to their desires, they find it difficult to ask for it.

Scorpio- Shy Zodiac

It may be a bit surprising but Scorpio is also one of the shyest zodiac signs. They don’t find it difficult to open up with family and friends but when it comes to strangers, they switch to their shy mode. Hence, Scorpio is lively and enthusiastic only with the people he feels comfortable and is introvert for strangers.

Sagittarius- The Extrovert Zodiac

The comfort level of Sagittarius is similar to that of Scorpio. He is outgoing with the people he knows the best. Yes, sometimes they can get shy but less likely than other zodiacs. This zodiac is always fighting with his shy nature and wants to leave a good impact on others. Hence, he always tries to come out of his comfort zone and push the shyness aside.

Taurus- The Extrovert Zodiac

It is one of the most sensitive zodiac signs and loves staying in its comfort zone. Anywhere there is a little discomfort, Taurus moves out. Taurus becomes shy only when they are feeling uneasy or strange. Also, Taurus hates any change in the daily routine and it totally fine when everything is certain.

Libra- The Extrovert Zodiac

Ah! Here comes the social butterfly of the zodiac. Libra is mostly found out in the public busy in a chit chat with someone or the other. It is not that they never get shy, they are just so used to being social hence they are outgoing. Also, Libra never cares what the others think about them. They would rather prefer having fun and enjoy no matter what.

Gemini- The Extrovert Zodiac

This high-class zodiac is very social hence he is always looking for someone to have a good conversation. Geminis are not at all shy. Even they don’t know and hardly have heard this word before. They are adaptable and don’t feel awkward or uneasy. Moreover, they are a great public speaker hence public speaking or interviews don’t really matter to them.

Aquarius- The Extrovert Zodiac

This zodiac is quite warm and friendly and always wants someone to talk to. Also, he finds the conversations with new people very enlightening and eye-opening. Moreover, they like people who understand that there are people who are a little different. Hence, they don’t care what you think about them and believe in learning and enjoying every day.

Aries- The Extrovert zodiac

The leader of the zodiac is always looking for new people to meet and greet because he finds it exciting. They love being social hence there is no reason for them to feel shy. Moreover, Aries is naturally confident therefore shyness never crosses his mind.

Leo- The Extrovert zodiac

Leo loves limelight so how can you expect someone like this to be shy? They never feel shy because it contradicts with their personality. The moment they meet anyone, the very next they are friends with them. Also, Leo is dedicated to success and knows sometimes risk needs to be taken to reach the apex. Hence, there is no shyness or embarrassment in the life of Leo. They are the most extrovert zodiac sign.

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