Find your lucky charm according to your zodiac

Find your lucky charm according to your zodiac

Hard work along with luck is the best combination. Now, working hard is in our hand but luck isn’t. However, every zodiac has a lucky charm that can turn the wheel of fortune in their favor. For Aries, key works while for cancer, the bamboo plant. Continue reading to know what is your lucky charm as per your zodiac.

Aries lucky charm- The key

There are many hardworking signs in the zodiac but Ariest works the hardest. They chase what they want unless it becomes theirs. That is why the key is their lucky charm. It represents their true selves. Most of the time people rely on keys and Aries is the leader of the zodiac, other zodiacs rely on them. They are the problem solver just like a key. Moreover, the key symbolizes luck in many cultures is a lucky charm.

Taurus lucky charm- Lucky Number Seven

Taurus is a practical sign. They are not among those who will cling to a lucky charm just because it is lucky. They need at least a little evidence or proof to believe that something is powerful. Hence, the number seven is the best bet for them. The number seven is considered lucky not just in a single culture but has significance in many cultures.

Moreover, the number seven has many properties mathematically as well, and therefore Greeks term it as a perfect number. It a universal number i.e. there are many things in our day to day life ruled by number seven. There are seven days in a week, seven colors in a rainbow, and seven tunes in music. Also, Taurus tends to love numbers as well as maths hence this is the best lucky charm for them.

Gemini lucky charm- The Fuzzy Dice

The fuzzy dice is not merely about looking cool. Many people believe it to be symbolic of good luck and hang it in their car. Also,  these oversized fuzzy dice are a perfect charm for Gemini as they are a symbol that has been on the trend several times in the past. The Geminis are the ones not going to adopt the new lucky token if nobody else you know is doing the same. Hence, dice is a safe choice for Geminis.

Cancer lucky charm- A Ladybug or Lucky bamboo

Cancer people are loving and nurturing and hence deserve lucky harm that is actually alive. They work very well with other living creatures and respect animals and ladybug is believed to be the luckiest among many cultures. However, you don’t need to trap a whole bunch of ladybugs, you just don’t need to brush them away when they sit on you. Also, you need to be a little careful when around these little creatures since killing them is said to bring misfortune. Being a cancer zodiac, their energy might get weighed down with all the emotional woes, so energy cleansing will surely do them good. And, Lucky Bamboo cleanses the energy and eliminates negative vibes. Also, it is believed to bring luck to relationships. Hence, these are their lucky charm.

Leo lucky charm- The Precious Gemstones

There is a particular gemstone for each month that brings luck. And, Leo is a sign which is suited to gemstones. They are shiny, bold, glamorous, and adored. Same way, Leo always wants to grab the attention, and hence wearing a single or two gemstones will surely make them feel better. Hence, it is a win-win situation for them. Moreover, few of the gemstones are believed to be luckier and amber is one of them. Another lucky stone is Sapphire and these both are a lucky charm for Leo.

Virgo lucky charm- The evil eye

Virgo seems safe and confident with the evil eye. Unlike other lucky charms, this doesn’t bring luck but protects them from the evil eye. Virgo is an intelligent zodiac and therefore many are jealous of them. Hence, this is a perfect charm for them. Evil eyes come presented in hand with an eye at center or blue and green beads with pupil dots. They are easily found and are the best suited for Virgo.

Libra lucky charm- The Triangles

Triangles are important and hold special significance in many cultures. Moreover, they were believed to represent life in earlier times and they are all about balance and stability. Also, the Libra zodiac is all about this. Hence, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that triangles and libra are perfectly made for each other. You can get triangle tattoo ink or wear triangular jewelry or anything similar.

Scorpio lucky charm- The Horseshoe

This zodiac needs a lucky charm that is not subtle. Moreover, they are not among those who will pin a lucky charm in their shirt or hide a gemstone in their bag. If they believe in something, then they want the world to see it.  Horseshoe is one of such a large, loud, and proud symbol of luck. The reason of luck behind horseshoe is explained in many legends. Some believe it wards off the evil spirits while others promise to bring luck. Hence, Horseshoe is a perfect lucky charm for Scorpio that brings luck without hiding anything. However, while hanging it on your door, make sure it faces up and looks like U.

Sagittarius lucky charm- The traditional rabbit foot

As a Sagittarius, you have a tendency to travel. So, carrying a rabbit foot with you will protect you from the dangers you might stumble during your trip. This rabbit foot has its origin from the hoodoo magic and is believed to protect one from evil magic when caught in the cemetery at night. However, it doesn’t mean you need to hunt for the rabbit foot in the cemetery. The faux, storebought options also carry the same significance. You can keep the rabbit’s foot in the keychain like many people as it is a lucky charm made for you.

Capricorn lucky charm- Four-leaf clover

The four-leaf clover is a true token of fortune for Capricorn. The four-leaf covers are thought to bring hope, love, health, fame, and wealth. Knowing their taste for the finer things, it is a brilliant idea of getting as much support in accumulating wealth as possible. There are many clovers that have four leaves but are not actually the four-leaf clovers. The white clover plants are the lucky versions and one of their leaflets is always smaller than others. Moreover, one in ten thousand plants carry them but if anyone can find it, then it’s you.

Aquarius lucky charm- Listens to cricket

The crickets have always been a source of good luck. Also, the chirping sound of the cricket offers companionship and are one of the world’s most loved bugs. Also, people believe when they stop chirping there is bad luck ahead. This is the reason why they are fortunate for Aquarius. You don’t want to spend life being so careful and would appreciate something to warn you everything is not fine.

Pisces lucky charm- The Dream catcher

Pisces are the dreamers. There is only one lucky charm that perfectly suits Pisces and that’s the dreamcatcher. As a Pisces, you are a dreamer and like to dream doesn’t matter you are awake or sleeping. Hence, a dreamcatcher helps you to keep your mind clear and drive away from negative thoughts.

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