Which color wallet should you keep to become rich?

Which color wallet should you keep to become rich

On seeing the current situation of the world, it would not be wrong to say, ” He who is wealthy and rich is worshipped like a risking a Sun.”  However, may one say or quote anything but for survival, wealth is important. So, in such a world who does not aspire to be prosperous and wealthy. Of course, everyone wants to be. Your work and karmas surely matter and so the Feng Shui principles do. So, in this article, you will be reading ‘which color wallet you should keep, to invite good luck and fortune.’

The connection between your wallet and Feng Shui

Where do you keep the money as soon as you receive it? In the locker, In banks? Nopes! you keep it in your wallet or purse. The wallet safeguards your money and also contains your virtual Money cards. As the home is to you, the wallet is to the money. While buying wallets, some lay emphasis on its design while the others on it’s the price or maybe brand. But, according to Feng Shui, one should lay emphasis first on the color of the wallet because it has the potential in influencing your overall wealth.

The color of one’s wallet directly impacts his or her financial status and determines whether you will be wealthy and prosperous or will go through a financial crunch.

Good colors for the wallet as per Feng Shui

– Gold

As per Feng Shui, it a powerful and attractive color. Its energy not only attracts good luck but also influences and increases your spending process along with the increase in income. For the people who love gambling and put money at risk quite often, should not keep this blingy colored wallet. Keeping a golden-colored wallet may sometimes look odd. However, It is not necessary that the entire wallet should be golden, anything like a decorative golden logo or batch would work fine.

– Yellow

The brother of the gold color, the color yellow is believed to be a symbol of a bright future. Not only it brings brightness in one’s life but also brings Good luck and fortune. Like golden, the color yellow will also work fine if anything in the majority is yellow-colored.

– Pink

Believed to be the favorite color of females, the color pink increases one’s fortune. As per Feng Shui, women should keep the wallets in the shades of pink as it almost doubles their luck. This pretty color is associated with both, wealth and growth.

– Black

The most favorite color of both men and women, the color black is the most powerful and color of all. It absorbs solar energy indicating stocking more money and spending less. According to Feng Shui, if anyone is suffering from the financial crisis or have experienced a financial crunch, they must switch their wallet’s color to black. This will show immediate results. However, the black color is associated with the collection or stocking of wealth and not inflating it.

Stay away from these colored wallets

– Red

Red is the color of fire. It is the symbol of the vital energy of fire. As the fire burns everything and leads to destruction, so is with this color. It is believed to ruin everything including your inborn luck. Hence, it is not at all recommendable to keep money or your wallet in the kitchen or in other places surrounded by fire or the color red.

– Blue

Like the color red, the Feng Shui also recommends not to keep the blue colored wallet. One should not use even a purse or wallet having a blue dot or anything in blue unless you want the energy to vanish.

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