Curtains: Know which color you should prefer

Curtains Know which color you should prefer

If you have shifted to a new home or recently renovated your old one, you might be knowing how excited one is. All the preparations done, the furniture seems to attract you and the newly painted walls have a fragrance to welcome you only one thing is left. Yes! The curtains and believe it or not curtains actually influence your mood and hence your day to day schedule. Mostly you spend your time in your home, you have to return here at the end of the day.

If the curtains seem to be welcoming, you will instantly feel fresh however the inappropriate colored curtains can even fill one with anger and make them depressed. Before going for your curtain shopping, make sure to find the best suitable colored curtains for each room as per the Vastu Shastra. Vastu is an ancient Indian Science holding a special place in astrology. Continue reading this article to find out which colored curtains should you hang in each room to bring good luck.


The bedroom is a very important space in the home where one relaxes and some me-time. So, we need a bedroom where one can feel comfortable, soothing and the curtains are instrumental in providing all this. Vastu suggests one should use light-colored curtains such as colors white, cream, or any such that are eye-soothing. The light color provides peace of mind and relaxation. Also, one should take care to avoid choosing curtains colored black or red for the bedroom.

As per the principles of Vastu, using black, red, or other dark-colored curtains in the bedroom is inauspicious.
The rosy red color or the shades of pink are good for bedrooms as they signify the deep love. In addition, for a newly married couple, pink-colored curtains are ideal. They bring love in life and resolves the conflicts between the couples. Deep or dark red color should be strictly avoided as it signifies anger.

-Living Room

The importance of the living room in a home is unique on its own. People usually spend more time in this room rather than in bedrooms. Be it watching television or any other such stuff, the living room is important. It is a place where you spend time with your family, friends, or acquaintances. While the dark-colored ones are not suitable for bedrooms, they can be used for living rooms. However, the most suitable colors for curtains for the living room are yellow, blue beige, tan, and green.

-Kitchen Curtains

The kitchen is the place of action. Here the action of transforming raw vegetables to energy givers takes place with the help of fire. Therefore the kitchen is preferred to be constructed in the southeast direction. However, the curtain of colors scarlet red, saffron red, brick orange, peach, brown, and woody green are preferable for the kitchen. They are considered auspicious.

-Dining Room

The dining room is the room where the entire family sits to have food together. Also, it is a place where you spend some quality time with your near and dear ones. According to Vastu Shastra, using green, pink, or blue-colored curtains for the dining room is preferable. Green is symbolic of hope. It gives harmony, healing power, and a good atmosphere. Also, the color blue is the color of spring. It shows new beginnings and hence Vastu prefers hanging this color curtains in the dining room.

-Curtains for Bathroom

As we all know, the bathroom is quite a visited place in the home. Vastu suggests using the curtains of the color black, grey, and pink in the washroom.

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