Wall Clock: Significance and Vastu Tips

Wall Clock Significance and Vastu Tips

A few days ago, I met an old friend of mine. She has changed a lot, was quite satisfied with her life and I could sense the happiness from the broad smile on her face. Casually, I asked her the reason and she informed, “There were many Vastu Doshas in my home. Believe it or not, Vastu principles can really bring a lot of positivity in you.” I just smiled and we went ahead. So, now coming in the present, Vastu Shastra is a lot more powerful than we believe it to be. The ordinary things in our day to day life like flowers, clock, etc. holds a special significance in Vastu.

What the Feng Shui is to others, Vastu is to Indians. Yes, God is unique but Vastu is a practice that can take you to a positive environment. Sometimes, even we ourselves could feel something wrong and are not able to meditate. That is the indication that the negativity has knocked the doors of your house. Vastu Shastra includes many principles, but the one which we are going to discuss in this article is the placement of the wall clock.


The time actually plays a very important role in our life. Also, the learned men that say, ‘It is the time which can even make a beggar into a king and a king in the beggar.’ In addition, time shows us where we stand in our lives today. Hence, the placement of the wall clock also plays a crucial role and should be correctly placed as per the principles of Vastu. Once you change the direction of your clock and place it in the right direction, you will notice positive changes happening in your life. However, if you place the wall clocks in the wrong direction, it won’t take you long to experience the negative outcomes.

Placement of wall clock

  • As per the principles of Vastu, one should not place the wall clock in the south direction of their building. It is considered inauspicious.
  • Also, one should take care not to place or hang the wall clock on the door.
  • Moreover, hanging a clock in the North direction is auspicious. It is believed to be a harbinger of wealth and prosperity.
  • Vastu Shastra suggests hanging the wall clock in the north, east, or the west direction. It makes it easier to look at the wall clock while working. In addition, it also maintains a positive environment in the house.
  • If you are looking for tips to hang a clock in your bedroom, then the best place to hang the wall clock is the east direction. However, you could also hang it in the North corner if the east direction isn’t available.
  • If one has a habit of sleeping with their head facing the south then you should place your clock in the north direction.
  • The pendulum clocks are considered auspicious and it is believed to bring positive and sound vibrations.
  • If you want to place a pendulum clock, then consider hanging it in the east direction.
  • You can place the clock in the West direction. However, consider other options first and west as the last option.
Apart, from the placement of the wall clock, it is also important to take care of these things in mind.
  • One should also remember, that things like wall clocks or calenders should always be kept inside the building. No wall clocks should be hanged outside the building of your home.
  • Also, all the clocks should be in the working condition and no clock should be behind the real-time. In fact, it is good if they are two or three minutes ahead.
  • If you are having a glass clock, then make sure that the glass is intact and the pieces are not shattered.
  • The clocks must be cleaned regularly and no dirt or dust should collect on it.
  • In addition, if you are going to buy a clock then avoid buying one depicting negative energy or loneliness.

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