Which color should you paint your home as per Vastu

Colour for your home as per vastu

Vastu Shastra is the ancient science gaining popularity nowadays. As per Vastu Shastra, the colors play an important role in influencing one’s mind. In addition, the Vastu Shastra recommends colors for the various rooms of your home to bring peace and happiness. Apart from adding beauty to our home, these colors bring a balance between our mind and life as well. It stimulates the energy in the space and affects the minds of the people living in the home. In this article, you’ll be reading further which color suits which room the best?

Living Room as per Vastu

The living room of a home gives an introduction to the resident’s personality. Hence, the color of one’s living room should be warm, welcoming and at the same time should be vibrant and bold. Also, it should be bubbling and full of vigor The colors green, blue, beige, yellow, and tan are the best as they fulfill all the requirements and evoke the feelings mentioned above. Hence, Vastu suggests these colors to be used in the living room. In addition, Vastu Shastra also recommends putting a combination of red color in one’s living room though it should not be too much. These colors will make the living room lively and will give a fresh look.

Color for Dining Room as per Vastu

The colors green, blue, and pink is considered ideal for the dining room. These elegant colors create a peaceful environment and bring wealth and prosperity as well. Also, these colors lead to good health and happiness and relax one’s mind and body.

Master Bedroom as per Vastu

The lighter shades of colors such as Pink, Blue, Green, Purple, and Grey are ideal for the Master Bedroom. These colors bring relaxation and tranquility. Apart from bringing this, these colors are the romantic shades of love and happiness and also includes healthy sleep.

Children Room as per Vastu

Happy colors will lead to a happy mood for your child. Hence, using vibrant colors like pink, orange, lavender, blue, and green is perfect for a child’s room. The care must also be taken to avoid red color as much as possible as it is an aggressive color and could lead to stressful situations.

Color for Guest Room as per Vastu

As per Indian tradition, The guests are considered equal to God. Hence, Vastu. Shastra also recommends giving the royal treatment to your guests and welcome then with pleasing colors in their room. The lighter shades of the colors orange, yellow, blue, green, and lavender seem welcoming and are thus ideal for the guest room.

Study Room as per Vastu

It is the place that will affect your child’s future. So, the colors which improve concentration are mostly preferred for the study room. The colors like lavender, blue, green, and light purple are the best for the study room. If the child’s room contains the study table, then paint the room with these colors. These classy and elegant colors are ideal and improve one’s concentration.

Color for Kitchen as per Vastu

According to Vastu, the colors white, orange, yellow, green, chocolate, and pink are considered best for the kitchen. Moreover, using colors like red is also highly recommendable in the kitchen, it can even be a little patch on a wall. However, the colors like black and Grey are a big NO to be used in the kitchen.

Color for Bathroom as per Vastu

It is the most private place in one’s home.  In fact, nowadays where most of the people spend their time to relax. Using the shades of black, white, grey, pink, and other pastel shades are ideal for the bathroom. These elegant colors relax one and look appealing too.

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