Feng shui tips to maintain Good health

Feng shui tips to maintain Good health

It is rightly said, “The true wealth of a man is his health.” Yes, it actually is. If wealth is lost, it can be earned again but if health is lost, then you have nothing to keep. After all, behind our, all day to day activities is the good health of an individual which not only provides immunity but also strength and happiness. The importance of Feng Shui has therefore not remained untouched from the Feng Shui as well. Feng Shui originated in China, is a traditional science that uses energy and various forces to harmonize the surrounding environment.

It is also known as Chinese Geomancy. According to Feng Shui, some tips can help and contribute to increasing a person’s overall health. In this article, you will be reading the Feng Shui tips which can add to one’s health.

Focus on what you breathe

As per Feng shui, indoor air pollution is even worse than outdoor air pollution. Hence, one should take care of what they are breathing and ensure that there is a quality air present in their home. The Feng Shui states that the easiest way to improve the air quality of your home is by placing purifying plants like Peace Lily,  Boston Fern, or Dracena Jenny. Moreover, it can also be noticed that most of the people prefer using essential oils to purify the air.

Focus on the lighting for good health

After purifying the air, the next important step is to focus on the lighting. The color and quality of natural light are very important for good health. Apart from being crucial for good health, these natural lights can nurture one’s different energies. Hence, one should ensure that there’s enough space in one’s home for nature’s slight to enter. To involve the lighting of vibrant colors, you can also decorate your home with pieces of art that may strengthen the energy inside. One could also opt for colorful light fittings.

The health area

Though a person’s overall health is determined by the vibes of the complete home. One should maintain a positive aura in the home for a healthy working environment. However, as per Feng Shui, there are two areas of the home which are crucial and responsible for the health of the natives. These areas are the center of the house and the health area. You can place any from the various Feng Shui elements like the Laughing Buddha, lucky bamboo plant, feng shui horse, feng shui frog, and some others too. As per your needs, choose any and place it at these two spots to improve the health conditions of your home.

The energy level of a bathroom

Never delay in repairing the leaking taps of your home. One should get the leaking taps change or repair as soon as possible. It is necessary as not only, will it save water but will also prevent the development of the negative vibes in your home. In addition, creating a spa-like bathroom, with scented candles, aroma dispenser, etc also improves the energy level of the bathroom of your home.

Shift the focus to your bed bedroom

Feng Shui considers, letting a lot of natural light enter your room during the daytime is the best way to improve energy levels of your home. Also, one should keel everything clean and not place anything under the bed. Know your lucky direction and sleep facing that direction to receive the utmost benefits for good health.

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