Mercury Transit 2022 Predictions


Mercury Transit 2022 Dates, Time and Predictions

Mercury is a pretty fast-transiting planet in Vedic astrology. From strong brainpower to a younger and flawless appearance, planet Mercury also gives great communication skills. When watched by any benefic planet, it gives auspicious results. However, when in conjunction or aspected by any malefic planet, it might make you suffer from some adversities.

Its home is two zodiac signs, i.e., Gemini and Virgo. Both of the zodiac signs are pretty logical and analytical. However, it exalts in the Virgo zodiac sign while debilitates in the Pisces sign. Mercury transit influences each zodiac sign intensely. Thus, it is significant to note its impact each time it changes its position.

Mercury Transit 2022 Date and Time

The duration of Mercury is not fixed, and planet Mercury in 2022 will begin its transit in the Capricorn zodiac sign around mid-January and will end in the Sagittarius zodiac sign in December-mid. Let's have a look at the dates and times of Mercury Transit 2022:

Planet of Transit Transiting From Transiting To Date Time
Mercury Capricorn Aquarius March 6, 2022 11:31 AM
Aquarius Pisces March 24, 2022 11:04 AM
Pisces Aries April 8, 2022 12:05 PM
Aries Taurus April 25, 2022 12:24 AM
Taurus Gemini July 2, 2022 09:52 AM
Gemini Cancer July 17, 2022 12:15 AM
Cancer Leo August 1, 2022 03:51 AM
Leo Virgo August 21, 2022 02:14 AM
Virgo Libra October 26, 2022 01:55 PM
Libra Scorpio November 13, 2022 09:28 PM
Scorpio Sagittarius December 3, 2022 06:56 AM
Sagittarius Capricorn December 28, 2022 06:00 AM
Capricorn Sagittarius December 30, 2022 11:11 PM

Let us now read in detail the effects of Mercury transit in 2022 on all 12 zodiac signs.

Mercury Transit 2022 for Aries

The fire sign of Aries is controlled by the planet Mars which is a fiery celestial body. The Mercury planet is quite dynamic and vigorous in this sector of Mars. Thus, with Mercury transit 2022, Aries natives would have a jump beginning in their lives. If you want to start something new, you shall instantly jump into the fields and give the best shot you could. And, if you have been holding on to some of your matters for a long time, you will begin engaging and solving them without hesitation. Also, the transit of Mercury in 2022 would give speed to the lives of the Aries natives, particularly in their communication.

The people of the fire signs, such as Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, will have some assertiveness in their language. Those born under the water zodiac signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces would experience unpredictable mood swings and stuttering speech, as well as a confused attitude. The earth zodiac signs, i.e., Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, shall pull up their pants and abandon their laid-back approach aside. In particular, Aries people would be dreaming, and formulating ingenious schemes, as per the Mercury transit predictions 2022. Individuals in the design business, the artistic sector of the workforce, or the entertainment industry would see an improvement in their careers because of Mercury's transit 2022 for Aries sign.

Remedy: On Wednesdays, give green lentils to a temple.

Mercury Transit 2022 for Taurus

Taurus is a stable sign governed by planet Venus, the most delicate and kind planet. Mercury's transit 2022 through its favorable sign will be fortunate for the Taurus men and women. In the minds of the people, this passage offers clarity to their ideas and thinking. Therefore, your clairvoyance would improve, and you will be more equipped to make smarter choices, whether on a personal or professional level. You will set your ambitious goals for the future and shall work hard to accomplish them. Ahead, the Mercury transit predictions 2022 say that the natives with the Taurus zodiac sign will become more rational at this time and would think twice prior to actually making any declarative statements, which in turn will help you immensely in your professional life in the long run.

Your attitude will be more moderate and sincere as a result of Mercury Transit 2022. People will contact you for genuine advice because your maturity will be the focus of attention. For individuals in property investment, marketing, and legal firms, it will be a favorable time. Ahead for Taurus natives that run their independent businesses shall see growth via the proportion of customers in their venture as a result of improved client management tactics. All this would be helpful to you on financial grounds, and with the Budha Gochar 2022, you would save money in a pleasant manner, making you worry less about other areas of your life.

Remedy: On Wednesdays, present Dhurva to Lord Ganesha.

Mercury Transit 2022 for Gemini

Gemini is one of the most famed zodiac signs in astrology, and it is governed by the Mercury planet itself. Therefore, Mercury's transit in 2022 for Gemini natives offers a sense of vitality to their existence. You would become friends and enjoy wandering and striking up conversations with strangers. There are even chances that you might become a procrastinator and quirky as a result of this. 2022 Budha Gochar also adds a sense of thrill to people's lives. And, because of it, you will enjoy trying new stuff and find routine activities unappealing. You shall like getting freshness into your lifestyle by being into a variety of activities and maintaining yourself on a daily basis and being occupied with your interests and hobbies.

Flings and blushes would become more frequent, and you might even start dating somebody during this planetary transit in 2022. With your cheerful voice and vibrant persona, you'll be the life of the party. Also, with the Mercury transit in 2022, there shall be a strong affinity to the opposite gender. It would also give financial prosperity to the people of the area. Individuals in telecommunications, advertising, and the press will benefit from this period. The writers and authors would enjoy themselves as well. Your health will be great too, and no major health ailments will bother you. Thus, during the transit period of planet Mercury, you will enjoy healthy times and wellbeing.

Remedy: Have a green aventurine crystal plant at your desk or in your closet for good luck.


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Mercury Transit 2022 for Cancer

The water sign Cancer is controlled by the planet Moon. Mercury planet in this sympathetic zodiac sign exacerbates the inhabitants' sentiments and moods. Shy and introverted persons will become outgoing and shall express themselves clearly and frequently. If you are already an expressive personality, then you would become more chatty and illustrating. Depicting details in an appropriate manner shall come to you naturally. Throughout the Mercury transit 2022 in Cancer sign, you would be more sentimental than pragmatic. You'll enjoy investing time with your family and pals, so you'll organize many get-togethers as well as short travels. Some of you shall also enjoy a memorable time with your spouse and be out on a dinner date or long drive.

Ahead the Mercury transit predictions 2022 foretell that you will be too sympathetic and expect others to comprehend and adhere to you. Along with it, you would also become a bit of a people pleaser who expects others to grasp your wild mood fluctuations and demeanor. And, if things do not go your way, you might become a little rebellious in attitude and nature. If you are interested in performance, drama, or theatrics, this planetary transit in 2022 would be a good time. In fact, those of you who work in the trading market or as writers would have a fabulous time as well. During this time, the learners will be able to focus better.

Remedy: On Wednesdays, donate green garments to underprivileged young girls.

Mercury Transit 2022 for Leo

Planet Sun, the ruler of the celestial kingdom, governs the Leo zodiac. It is a flaming sign, and Mercury is notably powerful in this sign as it nears its exalted sign from here. Hence, 2022 Mercury transit would ignite a spark under your life and its events. Your motivation will get stronger, and your drive to accomplish will be unwavering. Ahead, your desires will rise to new heights, and you will go to any length to showcase your mettle. Though your way of speaking will be unpleasant, it will be straightforward and clear. Your behavior might hurt someone, but still, you will present your views and points to whomsoever it may concern.

This authoritative approach might not be warmly received by your loved ones and those around you, but it shall help you earn respect in their eyes. You would be more focused on your profession and be inspired to create goals or perform something significant. If you are someone who possesses their individual enterprise, you will have a lucky time during Mercury planetary transit 2022 in Vedic astrology. You will take command of everything in your hands and start some new projects. Those who work for the government would have an advantage during this time. Apart from that, because of your dominating voice, posts like journalists, hosts, and public speakers shall experience favorabilities. And, with the 2022 Mercury transit sign in Leo, zodiac signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Sagittarius will possess the benefit.

Remedy: On Wednesdays, present Lord Ganesha with two boondi ladoos.

Mercury Transit 2022 for Virgo

Ruled by the planet Mercury, Virgo is a highly analytical sign. Planet Mercury exalts in the Virgo sign and is known to be well placed and balanced here. Because of your habit of balancing things appropriately, during 2022 Budha Gochar, you would be able to make wiser decisions and stick to them in all possible ways. It shall also boost your intelligence and improve your analytical abilities. Not just this, your communication abilities will improve, and you shall have an exceptional ability to persuade others. Career-wise, Mercury transit 2022 predicts that those in the marketing and sales industry will benefit from this period. However, those of you who work in the fields of accountancy, company secretary-ship, or advocacy will also face a difficult time.

It will be an auspicious transit of planets in 2022 in terms of financial chances as well. You would be able to reclaim your lost funds and will have the opportunity to make money from multiple sources. If you're thinking about making any short-duration investments, the transit of Mercury in 2022 will be the best time to do it. You would be able to maintain a sense of equilibrium in both your personal and professional lives. From enjoying a great time with your family and close ones, you would also grow in your position at work. With the Budha Gochar in 2022, natives of the Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces zodiac will seek the favorabilities.

Remedy: Wear a high-quality emerald on your right hand's tiny finger as a Mercury transit 2022 remedy.


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Mercury Transit 2022 for Libra

Libra is a balanced sign, and Venus, an elegant celestial body governs it in Vedic astrology. Mercury's transit 2022 in its favorable sign will be intensely advantageous for the Libra natives. It would bring your daily life to a higher level of competence and creativity. Personality-wise, your voice would be subtle. Your soft accent will enchant those around you. You shall be in touch with your innovative side and devise some unique plans in your professional life. You also might follow your hobbies or interests and possibly try to make money from them. Your desire to learn more about music and literature will grow, and you shall strive to expand your expertise in these areas. During this time, you may spend more time on your conveniences and interests.

During the Mercury transit in 2022, you shall be friendly and want to communicate more. You will excel at repairing and building relationships, whether personal or professional. This trait would also help you gain some recognition in and among people around you. 2022 Mercury Transit 2022 would be advantageous to individuals in the artistic sector because it will provide you with unique ideas that will help you complete your work and bring some newness to the pattern you have been following for a long time. With Mercury transit 2022 in Libra sign, Taurus, Virgo, and Gemini zodiac signs would enjoy the benefits.

Remedy: Recite "Om Bum Budhaya Namah" at least108 times a day.

Mercury Transit 2022 for Scorpio

Scorpio is the zodiac sign of deep secrecy, and planet Mars rules this water sign, as per the Vedi astrology. Mercury's transit 2022 through this zodiac sign would render the enthusiasm of the natives, and you shall have a strong desire for sex and love for your partner. Whether they make a move or not, you will approach them with the motive of developing a romantic relationship with them. According to the Mercury planetary transit predictions 2022, it would be a good transit for learners or students since their desire to study new things and dive into the specifics of their courses would be heightened. You would devote significant amounts of your time feeding your thirst for additional information and comprehension.

Furthermore, 2022 Budha Gochar will increase your awareness and observance of what is going on around you. This alertness will defend you against your opponents and those folks plotting against you, whether on a personal or social level. If you are someone who operates an organization, then be ready as this transit would let you have a nice time, and you will easily maintain the secrecy you wish to from your opponents. It will assist you in improving your transactions and let you involve in some savings and investments. The natives of the zodiac signs Cancer, Leo, and Pisces would benefit from the Mercury planetary transit 2022 in Vedic astrology.

Remedy: In the dawn, recite "Om Bum Budhaya Namah" 108 times.

Mercury Transit 2022 for Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the zodiac sign of expectations and ambitions. Jupiter is the ruler of this fiery sign, and thus, Mercury transit 2022 in Sagittarius zodiac sign shall bring you up a number of contradictory ideas. During this time, the brilliance of planet Mercury will be complemented by the prudence of planet Jupiter. As a result, you shall strive to examine things analytically on the one side and analyze them with an established and mature perspective on the other. This way of thinking, in which you embrace breakthroughs or customs, might cause you a great deal of confusion in both your professional and personal life. So, keep a watch on that. Avoid overthinking too much and try to go with the flow, and you will soon see that in either case, you would be an optimistic situation who will strive to achieve the goals decided.

At work, you will have authority and impose conditions and some set of rules on your juniors and, in some cases, fellow workers too. Budha Gochar in 2022 would also be beneficial to people who work in high-ranking positions or administration. Not just this, even the students will benefit from this transit period of planets in 2022 because their questions and misunderstandings would lead to them investing more hours on their academics and resolving all of their uncertainties. Zodiac signs Aries, Leo, and Aquarius, will benefit from this planetary transit in 2022.

Remedy: On Wednesdays, chant the Durga Chalisa.


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Mercury Transit 2022 for Capricorn

Capricorn is a highly industrious zodiac sign and is governed by the slowest of all planets, Saturn. The people with Capricorn sign are quite modest and follow the law of karma, which states that you reap what you sow. Thus transit of Mercury planet in Capricorn shall cause the natives to become quite impetuous. You would, nevertheless, be rapid in your analysis abilities and judge the situations only after knowing all the facts, figures, and people in them. During the Budha Gochar 2022, your mind shall function swiftly, which would make you jump to conclusions in finger clicks. On the professional level, natives with the Capricorn zodiac sign will focus on establishing fair and honest transactions, and their customers will enjoy this approach of working in all means and manners. Plus, you will be attentive and take the steps necessary to achieve your goals in an organized way.

Ahead, Mercury transit predictions 2022 say that you might experience personal issues as a result of your ethical beliefs. However, you would remain steadfast and true to your convictions in the New Year 2022. During this transit of planets in 2022, you will become more realistic and sensible. Those in the fields of law, accounting, and management will have a good time. Those who are taking competitive exams will improve their comprehension skills as well. Health-wise, stressful times might come. But, it would be because of the workload. So, there shall be nothing to worry about. Virgo, Cancer, and Taurus will benefit from the Mercury planetary transit 2022.

Remedy: Donate leafy greens veggies to Brahmin or at the temple as a cure.

Mercury Transit 2022 for Aquarius

Aquarius is the last-second sign in astrology, and the planet Saturn rules this pragmatic, airy sign. In the lifestyle of the natives with the Aquarius sign, Mercury would act as a symbol of individuality, bringing authority and leadership in your life. And, with Mercury transit 2022, you shall be energetic, and your concepts shall work out for you like machinery, making you move quickly after conducting a spur-of-the-moment analysis. You would be extremely eager during the Budha Gochar 2022 and would want to do it all in a matter of minutes. You shall have no command over your sentiments or your remarks, and you may end up harming your loved ones as a result.

Ahead, Mercury transit predictions 2022 say that you shall take on greater responsibility and advocate for the welfare of others around you. It will get the impression that you are interacting with individuals fairly and satisfactorily, regardless of their background. And, because of the same, your behavior might become arrogant as a result of your mindset, and you might speak too much about yourself. Your powerful persuasion skills, on the other hand, will allow you to impact those around you. This transit period of planets 2022 will be beneficial to media professionals, entertainers, and marketers. 2022 Mercury transit in the Aquarius sign would also be fortunate for those born under the zodiac signs of Capricorn, Libra, and Scorpio.

Remedy: Fasting on Wednesdays is a good remedy to curb Budh Gochar 2022 ill impacts.

Mercury Transit 2022 for Pisces

Pisces is the symbol of duality, and Jupiter is the planet that rules this water sign. Mercury transit 2022 in the Pisces sign will infuse your thinking with new aspects and innovation. You shall come up with some new ideas and start-ups and have a lot of optimism towards approaching them. There are pretty high chances that you may become a wonderful advisor too. Ahead of 2022 Budha Gochar, you will be more sensitive and emotional and become highly vulnerable to being injured by words or actions of people. However, you shall still depend on and believe the individuals in your immediate environment. Singles can start dating during the phase of 2022 Mercury transit, and individuals who are already dating can take their romance to the subsequent level.

Moreover, as per the predictions of Mercury transit 2022, your prognosis will be excellent, and your intuition capabilities will assist your loved one. You might have an empathetic bent, which won't benefit you in the workplace, making you approach everything rationally. You must avoid adopting any major decisions during the Mercury planetary transit in 2022 because your endurance will become low. Also, you might encounter difficulties and need to justify yourself or convey your thoughts, pushing your closed ones away from you. Mercury gets debilitated in the Pisces sign and loses all of its vigors. Thus, this planetary transit in 2022 is not particularly favorable. Aries and Scorpio people will fare better under the Mercury transit 2022.

Remedy: Daily, chant the Mercury Beej Mantra.

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