Mercury transit in Taurus today, check who will be affected the most

April 25 transit

Mercury, the planet responsible for intellect and communication will be transiting into the sign of Taurus on April 25, 2022. Here are Rashis’ that are going to benefit the most from Mercury transit in Taurus.


You will be able to manage your time and skills accurately and you would also have a pleasant period during this phase. People who are service-oriented or in services using their tone and voice will benefit majorly.  Very good time for building great bonds with family, especially your spouses.

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People would get newer opportunities in their careers.  Impending tasks over some time would be completed during this phase. Common Taureans, if someone has to bet on being head to head, it is YOU guys. The best period to spend with families.  Best time to cuddle up with your married spouses. 


Spend a great time with your families during this phase and be more communicative as your communication juices are flowing right now. Good time for business ventures and financial upheaval.  Employees could expect to be more promoted if they are in line for it. 

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Harmonious time to know your marriage partners and establish a greater bond. Work lives will be exciting as you would be a good organizer during this phase. Auspicious time for investments.  


Fortune-filled period for Virgos during this phase of Mercury. Organization, Planning, and effective Time Management will be the feathers in your caps. Job opportunities would be presented effectively by the divine for you as your career would be on a high. Choose wisely.

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Librans, if you have been waiting for some time to travel abroad or for any international job opportunities, this is your time.  Don’t be too impulsive as income levels could be a little high and low at times. Winning over in court issues is possible during this phase.


Career success is on the cards Sagis; however please ensure and not pump in too many funds into this zone. Relations with Higher-Ups will be on the rise and promotions if due is on the cards. Family gatherings for funding and bonding are soaring high. 

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Personal growth and family bonding will be good during these times and bonds with elders in the family will be good. Sort out any differences with elders if any causes, you will find a permanent solution through sweet words. Work-wise, it is good to pay additional attention.


Good time for investments in the long-term. Your ability to think deeply and follow the footsteps of Mercury will be very high with great self-confidence. Doing it already, Good Job. Travels will be great during this time.  Make sure to spend more time with your married spouses. They are busy in their office work, never mind, sit by their side during work and see the magic happen. Handling and solving issues will be at your fingertips.

Blog by – Astrologer Maadhavee

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