These zodiac signs are going to be LUCKY in 2022 as per astrology

Luckiest zodiac signs in 2022

The New Year 2022 will bring many changes. Like every year, 2022 to is also going to be a mixed year for most of us. Each zodiac sign will go through happy and sad spells. There will be challenges but happiness will not elude any of our horoscopes. That being said, there will be some who can be considered as Lucky zodiac signs in 2022 while others will be more unfortunate.

Are you finding yourself questioning how or why it is even important to know whether your luck will favour you or not? We will tell you why. Having a fair idea of how your luck will treat you this upcoming year 2022 could be a game-changer for you. After all, it is your luck that governs every aspect of your life be it personal, professional, financial, or health-related. And learning is lady luck will be on your side this New Year 2022 could be the thing you need to turn your life around. This lucky zodiac signs 2022 ranked horoscope prepared by our eminent astrologers will not only help you foresee your future and also steer you to the right path.

1. Libra

Libras, 2022 will be very kind to you and will help fulfill many of your dreams. The year will bring forth it will happiness in the form of some much-needed changes. Don’t worry if 2021 has been a bit of a setback for you because the upcoming year will only support you. Your openness, vulnerability, and progressiveness will usher in a new dawn. You will especially shine in the workplace all thanks to your innovative thinking and unique problem-solving skills. Expect somebody new and handsome to walk into your life this New Year reminding you just why you hold the top spot in lucky zodiac signs 2022 ranked

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2. Gemini

The year 2022 will be one of the luckiest years for you. This is the year you achieve all your dreams one after another. So, if you have a set of goals begin working on them from the very beginning of the year. Your goals may be diverse and varied in nature. Whether it is your dream to study abroad, propose to your partner, or earn a job promotion – this lucky year will help you get your way. 2021 has probably had you frustrated to no end but all the lessons you have learned along the way will surely come in handy for you.

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Luckiest zodiac sign in 2022

3. Leo

Many golden opportunities will present themselves before you this year and you are going to accept them all head-on. So prepare to have a very busy and action-oriented year. The lucky stars are shining for you so don’t hesitate to take the leap of faith whenever required. You will have the perfect landing every time this year, Leo. But beware, don’t compromise on your work just because you are one of the lucky zodiac signs this year 2022. Your achievements will be directly proportional to the amount of effort you put in all your endeavours.

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4. Aquarius

Lucky doesn’t always have to mean monetary gains or great love life. Aquarius, your personal and professional life will have its fair share of ups and downs but you will enjoy harmony and peace throughout the year 2022. Nothing will faze you or bring you down. You will be comfortable and at peace with wherever life is taking you and that is more than what most have. True happiness can only come from a calm mind and that is exactly where you will be this year.

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5. Capricorn

2022 will bring many pleasant surprises your way, Capricorn. If you have been particularly lucky this year of 2021, prepare to feel even luckier this New Year. As per your horoscope 2022, you will only be greeted with beauty, joy, and happiness during this year. There is a high possibility that you will find a new purpose in your life in 2022. Don’t be afraid to set out on a brand new adventure. It will ultimately shape your future for the better.

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6. Taurus

The year 2022 will be off to a great start for you. So, maybe you need to plan and orchestrate your activities accordingly. If you have any important decisions to make this coming year, we would suggest you take them at the beginning of the year. If you want to ask your partner for their hand in marriage or move into a brand new apartment, it is best to do during the first few months of the New Year 2022. This will ensure that all your endeavours are successful.

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7. Sagittarius

Sagittarius you have a mixed bag of years waiting for you. There will be good and bad but you will be lucky for the most part. Good things might fall apart but only so that better things can take their place. You might face some issues with stability this year but you were never the sort of zodiac that enjoyed routine for too long anyway. Sags you will also have a great financial year this New Year 2022. You will be more in control of your finances.

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8. Cancer

Cancer how 2022 will treat you depends solely on you. Things could go fantastically well or horribly wrong for you, there simply is no middle ground. So how do you ensure that lady luck stays by your side at all times? By hard work, of course. As per your 2022 horoscope, Cancer you have to focus on putting in your all every time you take up a new project. Whether it is your love life, career, education, or fitness regime, work hard and work smart. Only then will you taste success.

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9. Aries

The transit of Saturn to Capricorn means trouble for you, Aries. 2022 will test your patience and resolve multiple times. You will especially suffer in the professional field. Work may not be enjoyable or you might feel stuck at a dead-end job. But we would strongly advise you not to change careers this New Year 2022. You can persevere with effort and endurance even if luck is not by your side. 

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10. Pisces

Unfortunately, 2022 will not be the best year for you, Pisces. You will find yourself mentally disturbed and agitated for most of the year. You will be quick to anger and might also suffer from anxiety. Things will not exactly go your way and that will breed more misery in your life. This constant inundation of challenges and failures might make you apathetic but we would advise you not to succumb to it. There is a silver lining somewhere, you need only search for it.

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11. Scorpio

Scorpio it will be an emotionally wavy New Year 2022 for you. Don’t let anxiety and the blues get to you. But also don’t try to distract yourself by taking on more projects at work than you can handle. Take refuge in art and culture. Find a new hobby or discover a hidden passion. Go out with your friends to uplift your mood. It is very important you work on your mental health this year Scorpio.

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12. Virgo

We are sorry to push you into the last position in this list of lucky zodiac signs 2022. But it is what it is, Virgo. This New Year 2022 is just not your year. You will face more downs than ups this year and it will frustrate you to no end. Since things will have a tendency to not work out in your favour this year, we would suggest you not invest in something big. You should also avoid taking any life-changing decisions. Maintain cordial relationships with your near and dear ones and ask them for advice whenever you find yourself in a mess.

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