6 Zodiac Signs That Make The Most Toxic Couples

Some couples are a match made in heaven. They fit each other like jigsaw puzzles and only become whole when they find each other. If you too are in search of your better half you can check out our blog here. It might just help you land “the one”. But our quest for love has led us down many roads, some rosy and some not so much. There are some zodiac signs that make the most toxic couples when they are together. They may be perfectly lovely people individually but together they are a recipe for disaster. These zodiac sign pairings make the worst couples because their relationships are brimming with negativity. No matter how much work they put into their relationship, they can never make each other happy. After all, love is not the only ingredient a relationship needs to thrive.

Being one of the most toxic zodiac sign couples doesn’t seem like much of a problem until you become one. You are constantly at each other’s throats and more often than not you can’t even remember why you got together in the first place. Such relationships are built of tears, heartbreak and grief. And even though you may love one another, you don’t like each other very much. Your involvement in such affairs could be emotionally damaging and might even make you swear off love. But we are going to make sure that never happens.

Here are the worst astrology pairing combinations you must avoid.  

1. Aries and Taurus

Aries and Taurus are two star signs who are both very argumentative and stubborn by nature. Both the signs are lofty and will never get off their high horses to have a proper discussion. If they get into a fight they will wait for the other to apologize first and when neither of them will, it will lead to a dirty fight that will wind up hurting both the parties involved. Since Aries and Taurus have zero communication skills they make one of the most toxic zodiac sign couples.

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2. Taurus and Sagittarius

These two star signs make a disastrous love match because they share nothing in common. Taurus is grounded and prefers to spend a quiet and peaceful life while Sags are all about adventure and parties. Sags may be attracted to the stability that Taurus promises to bring in their life but they will ultimately tire of leading such a humdrum life. Taureans like Sagittarians for their feisty nature, but they are quick to realize that making the fire sign settle is no easy feat. Opposites may attract but they usually make the most toxic zodiac sign couples.

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3. Gemini and Virgo

Gemini and Virgo get off to a great start but are amongst the incompatible zodiac signs. However, there is an instant undeniable attraction between the two signs that are hard to overlook. But the real issues begin when the so-called honeymoon phase is over. Gemini is a flakey, indecisive sign with an idealistic approach towards life. Virgo is more about practicality. They are perfectionists by nature and have spent all their lives working towards their goals undeterred by obstacles. Gemini’s cavalier attitude drives Virgo crazy. And Geminis can’t help but wish for someone more laid-back. These two zodiac signs just cannot seem to make it work no matter how hard they try.

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4. Cancer and Aquarius

Cancer is a very emotional star sign so they require a partner who can keep up with their mood swings and empathize with them when need be. While Aquarius on the other hand detests people who have so many feelings. They prefer people who are emotionally independent and can hold their own when the going gets rough. Cancer invariably gets clingy and needy in a relationship which is actually Aquarius’ worst nightmare. Their relationship ultimately has a bitter demise.

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5. Leo and Scorpio

Leo and Scorpio get together with much pomp and glory. They are the ones to post mushy posts on Facebook and Instagram which makes people wish they had what the two signs share. But if only people could see through the filters. These two powerful zodiacs believe that each of them is always in the right so they are never the ones to compromise. Both Leo and Scorpio are perpetually caught up in a power struggle and refuse to back down. They would rather watch their relationship bite the dust than apologize and change themselves. As far as bad love matches go, these two signs definitely take the cake.

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6. Pisces and Libra

Libra and Pisces are poles apart except when it comes to flaws. Pisces wants someone soft and gentle while Libra hopes for a partner who is strong and determined. Libra is openly sexual but Pisces tends to be shy and takes their own sweet time to let someone in their bed. The two star signs just don’t match but what makes them a truly toxic zodiac sign couple is that they inspire the worst in each other. Pisces and Libra together make some of the worst decisions. Instead of supporting each other through life, they will only aid each other to ruin their lives.

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