How To practise Self Care As Per Your Zodiac Sign

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Monday ticks the clock as we write this for you and we are thinking to give one of our 2021 new year resolutions – finally – a try this month. And if you haven’t guessed what it is by now, then it’s simply a collection of bubble baths, some face masks, comfy clothes, long drives and change in what we do and what we don’t. That’s what self-care is all about.  

With pandemic upon us, again, an obvious revisit of anxiety, dread and work from home pressure is inevitable. And luckily, the stars know that too. So, like the good friend that they are, the stars have bestowed us a glimpse of self-care routines for each zodiac sign that we already know you can’t wait to execute. So, scoop in.


Aries, you can’t be number one for a long time if you continue tapping all your focus in typing those mails, draining yourself emotionally or letting your fears make you work harder for just (endless) 5 more minutes. If you tend to continue this way, the productivity that you are so proud of today would hit a dead-end eventually. So what’s better is to plan. The day. The week. The month. And not in your mind but on paper. This way, you can chalk out everything you need to do while also making time for everything you should do for yourself. 


Competing to excel is a fine habit, Taurus. But there is a thin line between competing and being obsessed with competition. And we believe we don’t need to tell you how often the latter is a possibility with you. The only competition worth in life is with yourself, Taurus. Also, you need to know that the competition you are so obsessed about is going to be a journey. And a journey is never about going on and on and on. You would need to sit by, attend a party, read a book while overlooking the mountains, click some selfies and get into bed with your THE one. Self-care, it’s that simple. 


The fear of failure will juggle in your mind now and forever. The point to note here is how many things – to this day – has it stopped you from doing? The numbers are grim, right? Thankfully, you can change that. Do you wish to be with them a little longer? Just be. Do you wish to take a day off? Take it. The simplest thing to understand is that if you can make yourself happy, you will eventually have the positivity to do great things in life. This self-care idea will also expand your imagination by giving you the chance to find what story you are a part of and how you can change the storyline to find yourself a plot twist. 


Cancer, you are the sensitive kind, a chatty soul, with whom people love to share things. And the mix up of all the positives and negatives of those pep talks you hear could overwhelm you sometimes. So how to find solace amidst the chaos? The best idea is to get in the bathtub, with lukewarm water, play some soothing natural sound and take a nap until your body releases the stiffness. Once you get out of the bathtub, spend some time gardening and pampering yourself with a cheat day. This will help your body relax and absorb the positive energy that you need. You will be reborn. 


As the most creative zodiacs of them all, you must have your ideas on self-care. It simply could be painting, indulging in pottery, cooking for yourself, doing your nails, sketching and whatnot? But this week, let’s try something different. Try being out there with or for someone. Yes Leo, we are talking about romance. The time is never wrong to find love despite the fact you think so. It, interestingly, would be another of your creations that you would be proud of. It’s just another artistic talent you have that you can try this time around as your does of self-care.


Let’s imagine this together Virgo. It’s that one trip to the mountains you have always wanted to take. You can feel the blissful atmosphere around you. You pull down the glass to find these huge tall trees standing on both sides of the road. And as you take your face out of the window to feel the earthy smell, you are smeared with the warmth of the sunlight that is nothing but soul-steering. That’s what you want right? Imaginations are a guide, Virgo. Everything you can imagine is real. So let the reality be you not thinking of the deadlines for once and trying to just go where you want to find yourself at.  


Despite your serene exterior, sometimes you struggle to stay in balance. You struggle at finding your centre. It’s nothing, Libra but your subconscious monkey-mind trying to do too much at the given time. Frankly, it’s impossible for you to control that feeling. So, on the contrary, get into the pyjamas, open the windows to let the sunlight come in, sit on the bed and make a gratitude journal to note all the awesome things you have in your life. This way, you will have a note of blessings you can be happier about. This feeling will help you heighten your essence.


We know how fond you are of marriage festivities until it’s not yours, Scorpio. So if there’s an upcoming wedding just around the corner, it’s your time to shine and find self-care in the same. Go shopping with the bride or the groom, lay your hands on the decor, plan a bachelorette for your friend or maybe a sustainable wedding altogether. Sure you are to drain your body and feel exhausted a bit, however, the satisfaction you would gain would be psychologically refreshing. You are a sign that is happiest with closed ones and this is one way to enrich that happiness. 


You are an extrovert and often find moments of joy when around your friends. However, you carry a lot of stress in your hips (Sagittarius rules the thighs and hips). So, it’s time for you to taste introvert-ness and that too by getting between the sheets with your THE one. Stretch in different ‘positions’ to unlock the chakras in the body to overwhelm yourself with positive energy, more sensuality and positivity. Sex does a lot of stuff for you: bonds you with others, excites you, give you butterflies in the stomach, relaxes you. So just let it. 


Being a tab bit materialistic is your thing Capricorn. And hey, there is nothing wrong with it because it’s all the hard work that helps you have it. Let being materialistic become a habit (with caution) for a while Cap. Buy something you have been looking forward to for a while. And show it off on Instagram. Yes, that would be temporary happiness but will eventually take off your mind from the fact that you don’t have so and so thing. And once you have it and realise the temporariness of it, you will be able to make wiser decisions in the future. 


Ditch the excuses, Aquarius. You know you want to part ways from screens, phones, the stock market and anything that distracts you from focusing on your breaths. Being one of the more mindful zodiac signs, you have a habit of focusing. However, your focus doesn’t always has to be on Google sheets and Google meet. Get afar in the ocean and take a dip into the same to focus on what lies beneath. Collect souvenirs and at the end of the day, return back to the island to watch the sunset. It’s all possible and worth a try. And in the end, is for yourself. 


More than anything else, Pisceans love to be with the ones they love. Thus the best idea of self-care for a Piscean would be to return back to their mother’s lap. A trip with your spouse to someplace fun – ideally in a natural, beautiful landscape is what we would suggest. We all surely have time, Pisces but that’s an old excuse to pacify yourselves. You have a long list of checkboxes to tick, right? Will the time that you say you have would be enough for the purposes. Yes, if you start today.

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