8 Mysterious Zodiac Signs Who Hide Their Feelings All Too Well

mysterious zodiac signs

Do people often call you cryptic and hard to read? If so, there’s a good chance you belong in the list of mysterious zodiac signs. None of us are strangers to broken hearts. Break-ups, arguments, anxiety have all become a part and parcel of our life. Therefore to protect ourselves from being hurt every time something goes wrong many of us have built a wall around ourselves. This metaphorical wall protects us from people who have nothing but bad intentions. We only grant access inside these walls to a select few people and only these people get to see the real us. Did you know that astrology has a hand in this too?

Our zodiac signs govern how emotionally available we choose to make ourselves. However, in constructing this wall these zodiac signs have created a huge divide among them and the people who choose to lead more vulnerable lives. For such people, we come across as mysterious. It may add to our charm on the very first encounters but when we regularly shun people from getting close to us, it doesn’t exactly help with our reputation. Astrology can help identify these mysterious zodiac signs who are always so hard to predict.  

Here are the 8 mysterious zodiac signs as per astrology.

1. Aquarius

Aquarius is one of the coldest and most aloof signs you will encounter. They live in their own carefully little curated bubble where visitors are strictly prohibited. They do not show any emotions and have a permanent poker face so it’s impossible to understand what they are thinking or feeling at any given moment. The air sign can also be unceremoniously cruel which makes people steer clear of them anyway. Honestly, good luck to you if you are crushing over Aquarius. You will need it to figure out one of the most mysterious zodiac signs of all time.   

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2. Cancer

Cancer is so mysterious that they almost seem shady. They will never say what’s truly on their mind even though they will make it evident that there is more to the truth. The water sign is also dangerously negative and pessimistic even though they like to pretend that everything is always sunny with them. They have so many negative thoughts that they feel like it’s a necessity to keep them hidden from the world lest people begin to consider them a symbol of hopelessness. We wish Cancer would realize that sooner or later the curtain will fall. It is best to be honest from the very onset of relationships.

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3. Libra

We are sure you are familiar with the popular proverb “A friend to all is a friend to none”. Libra is a living breathing example of the same. They ride high on the reputation that they are social butterflies. But no one really knows what a Libra is all about. They rarely give out any personal information and they avoid confrontations like the plague. Want to get rid of Libra? Tell them you want to get to know them better. That should do the trick.

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4. Capricorn

Capricorns are more strange than mysterious. They have such a stoic personality that sometimes it is hard to believe they are even human. They do not believe in disclosing their feelings as it makes them feel awkward, weak and vulnerable. For them emotions are outdated and the star sign wishes that they could stop feeling altogether. Do you find yourself wondering who hurt a Capricorn and helped created this monster? The answer is no one! They were simply born to be one of the mysterious zodiac signs.  

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5. Taurus

As stubborn as the bull, Taurus will not show their feelings known in any argument. They will simply shout and scream and then proceed to sulk. Even though they can simply talk about what is making them upset, they will choose to let the wound fester. The bull is incredibly hard to understand. They will refuse to divulge any personal information about themselves simply because they believe they don’t owe it to you. Thus although they are ruled by Venus – the planet of love they do not make very good romantic partners.

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6. Leo

The fire sign is one of the most extroverted signs you will ever meet. They love being under the spotlight and adore any attention that comes their way. This is why it is so strange to see Leos push people away without any reason. The fire sign has two distinct personalities and you never know when or why they oscillate between the two. And it can get tiresome to keep up with their constant mood signs.

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7. Scorpio

Scorpios are tired of hearing that they are too intense, too deep, and basically just too much for people to handle. So, they try to keep their feelings locked up. They try to hold their tongue and keep their thoughts and emotions to themselves. Scorpios are also notoriously untrustworthy. They are wary of even their closest friends. Expecting betrayal from everyone around them has turned them into one of the zodiac signs who are hard to read. If you really want to know what a Scorpio is thinking you will have to gain their trust.

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8. Sagittarius

No one believes that this extrovert fire sign can be a zodiac sign who is mysterious. But only a Sag knows how much they keep bottled inside. They believe that they are self-sufficient and don’t need anybody’s help to get through life. To prove that they choose to bury their feelings deep down. Sags can convince you that they are very happy even if their world is actually falling apart. We wish someone would tell them that a sign of maturity is actually letting people help you in times of need.

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