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Anjana is a professional astrologer from New Delhi. Astrologer Anjana has 28 years experience in her field of Vedic astrology and vasthu, she started her journey from the age of 15. Astrologer Anjana Nayyar believes that she was blessed by God and her guru's who taught her astrology, first 10 years she didn't earn any money from anyone and she also helped needed persons for free. After that, she joined Iskcon temple and she also believes in Lord Krishna and also got so many achievements in her life like- Jyotish Kesari award, Jyotish Martand award, Maharishi award, Jyotish Gaurav award and many more. Astrological Advice Help By Astrologer Anjana Nayyar For Any Problems on Life Stages, Carrier, Marriage & Relationship Problems, Stress, Money Problems, Traumatic Situations in Love and Give you Accurate Predictions & Quick Remedies. Consultation.

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