At What Age You Will Find Your Soulmate As Per Your Zodiac Sign

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Your soulmate is your best friend, confidante, lover, and partner all tied together neatly with a bow. And finding one’s soulmate is nothing short of an incredible feat. It’s when we know why every other relationship we had in the past had to end. This is when we know we have found the person who was meant to be with us through all the bittersweet things life has in store for us. Yet, it is so sad when you think that so many of us go through life always searching but never catching up to our soulmates. So, we just wind up settling for some average joe. What hurts worse is when you find “the one” but everything else in your life is so messed up that you cannot commit to the person and you eventually lose them.

Love is twisted and it takes us through strange, unfamiliar routes. We give our hearts to people who do not deserve it and we safeguard it from people who deserve us. It’s a vicious circle and we fall prey to it almost every time. But wouldn’t it be great if you already knew at which age you will meet your soulmate? We bet that would solve quite a few problems. Well, astrology can actually help pinpoint which age you will meet your soulmate based on your zodiac sign. So if you want to know when you will meet your kindred soul, keep reading!

Here is the age you will meet your soulmate, as per your zodiac sign.

Aries – 25 years

Aries needs some time to find their place in the world and to even figure themselves out. And their early 20s is when they truly mature and become a better version of themselves. Aries will still be out partying and chasing after career goals but they will find someone who wants to hold their hand through all their adventures and misadventures. Even though the zodiac sign is often ridiculed for being players they still dream of finding the one before they drift off to sleep every night. So, don’t you worry Aries, you prince or princess is well on their way.

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Taurus – 18 years

Taurus has been dreaming of romance ever since they were kids. It’s the first thing they ever wanted. It has been their every birthday wish ever since they were 5 or 6. So, of course, our celestial bodies help fulfil their wish. Taurus meets their soulmate when they are just at the ripe old age of 18. Yes, they are still very young and impressionable but there is an instant connection and they know within a mere few days that they have met their match. And believe us when we say that this young couple will surprise everyone by staying together till eternity.

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Gemini – 19 years

Since Gemini has just so many friends and acquaintances it will take them a while to figure out that they have already found their soulmate at the young age of 19. And by a “while” we mean it will take a few short years. There will form an inexplicable and unbreakable bond with this person but they won’t jump to commit to them fearing that they might ruin the friendship. But don’t you worry Gemini your person will stick by you through thick and thin and will wait around till you decide to take that leap of faith.

Cancer – 21 years

Like Taurus, Cancer’s biggest question in life is at what age they will meet their soulmate zodiac. They want someone who can not only make peace with their hypersensitivity but also respect their feelings. Cancer will find someone who will make them thank their lucky stars for being so vulnerable and open to love. Their soulmate will not only keep them happy but also fit their idea of a perfect partner in every single way imaginable. And this zodiac sign will find all of this only at 21 years.

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Leo – 27 years

Leo really doesn’t really put much thought into what age they will meet their soulmate zodiac. They want someone who feels like home, sure but they want some other things so much more. Leo wants to make use of all the opportunities life throws their way and the fire sign wants to accomplish her goals independently without any help. The zodiac believes in themselves and knows that love can wait till they are well on their road to success. Leo finds their love at the perfect age of 27.

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Virgo – Could be never

We don’t want to be the ones to jinx it and we are certain Virgos don’t want to hear this, but it is what it is. Virgos may never meet their soulmate zodiac. Virgos find it incredibly hard to believe that there is an ideal person out there for everyone. They see it in movies and also watch their friends be get hitched but nothing really convinces them. The zodiac may not believe in kindred souls but they do believe that friendships can be sacred. And their best friend is as good as a life partner they are going to get or even want. 

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Libra – 20 years

Libra aspires to have a perfectly balanced life so it’s unfortunate that they meet their soulmate at the tumultuous age of 20 years. They have just crossed over from being a teen to the twenties but they are barely in the mindset to an adult let alone maintain a serious relationship. But the attraction is so undeniable that they often choose to give it a go. Sadly, Libra cannot make a relationship work at such an age so they have little option but to let go. But don’t you worry, the person will come back in your life when things are steady with you.

Scorpio – 17 years

Scorpio will meet their soulmate zodiac when they are only 17 years old. For many, that’s too young but for Scorpio, it’s a necessity. They need someone who they can fall back upon and who will love them despite their intensity and anger issues. Scorpions are also always in search of excitement and whatever could be more thrilling than finding the real deal at an age when their friends are just grasping at straws.

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Sagittarius – 28 years

Sagittarians are free-spirits who don’t really believe in long-term commitments. They want to travel the world, go to parties, explore the unexplored and meet new people. They don’t want to be tied down at a young age because that’s just how they see relationships as. So, the universe gives them the time to do all that their hearts desire before finally making the star sign cross paths with their soulmate. People might often sympathize with the fire sign for not having found their soulmate zodiac even in their late twenties, but Sagittarius believes 28 years is just the perfect age. 

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Capricorn – 32 years

Capricorns don’t believe in soulmates and when you don’t believe in something it takes forever to happen to you. Add to that their reservations about eternal romance and you will understand why it takes Cap so long to find the right partner. Capricorns are also very goal-oriented individuals so they don’t really have the time to search for their significant other. Their soulmates are usually the ones who do all the searching. Therefore it only makes sense that it takes considerable time for them to meet and for the sparks to fly. 

Aquarius – 22 years

Aquarius swears that they want nothing to do with love and feelings and emotions. But fortunately for them, their horoscopes have something else in store for them. They find their soulmate at 22 years when love is the last thing on their mind. Maybe it’s a chance encounter in the subway or an office colleague, love finds them. Aquarians take time to realize their feelings because they are too busy admiring just how well this person gets them. And before they even know it they find themselves lost in the maze of love and surprisingly quite happy to be there too.

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Pisces – 19 years

Pisces is a dreamer and we think even the universe would find it cruel to keep them waiting in finding the right love match. The zodiac rarely has to experience the terrible pain and heartbreak associated with losing their first love because they usually wind up marrying them. Oh, how lucky it is to be Pisces and have a fairytale romance all at the young age of 19.

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