How Each Zodiac Sign Shows Their Love According To Astrology


No two people in the world can be the same. Even though we might sometimes feel like we have become a replica of our best friend or partner. Each of us is unique in our own quirky ways. We have different personalities and we think, feel, love, and hate very differently. That being said, each zodiac sign has a few patent characteristics when it comes to relationships. If you want to know just how interested your crush or partner is in you, you need only look into their horoscope.

Judging your partner’s behavioural patterns will help you understand them better which in turn will strengthen your bond. You may be expecting sonnets and flowers from your beau but their love language may be all about being your confidante. So, let’s dive into how our zodiac signs show their love and affection. 

Aries – Admires you

Aries only fall for people who motivate them to be better in their personal and professional lives. If Aries is falling for you, they will compliment you. They will want to express that they are in awe of you and that they know you are going to change their life. And when it’s coming for someone as proud as Aries, you best believe that you have them hooked.

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Taurus – Fiercely loyal

Taurus has dreamt of finding love ever since they learned the meaning of the word. So, they usually settle down very early on in life. They are not much for experimentation. When Taurus falls in love they are loyal to the core. They shun everybody else in their life and spend every moment of their day with their partners. If Taurus is possessive and jealous when it comes to you, they love you.

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Gemini – Most Caring

There could be no one more caring than a Gemini in love. They will lend you a shoulder when you have to cry, listen to your rants, cook you your favourite meals, and wish you a great every day. If Gemini loves you they will consider it their solemn duty to protect you from everything bad in this world.

Cancer – Very Affectionate

Cancer is extremely sensitive and emotional so they are always on the edge when it comes to love. If they realize they are falling in love with you, they will become awkward and walk on eggshells around you. The next indicator that they have fallen for you would be the affection they bestow upon you. They will cheer for you and support you through thick and thin.

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Leo – Bold and Vocal about their love

Leos are very expressive. If they are in love with you, they will tell you so. There is no pretension when it comes to this fire sign. A Leo in love will never shy away from declaring their love for you to everyone. Expect the star sign to showcase their love by posting lovey-dovey stuff about you on their socials and introducing you as their partner in front of their friends and family.

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Virgo – Smooth lover

Virgo will win you over with their smoothness. The star sign will sweep you off your feet before you have even had time to realize that they are courting you. They will show up at your house at 2 am with ice cream. They will make mixtapes for you, order food to your place, and get a reservation for you at a restaurant you have been dying to eat at. Virgos tend to be a little extra when it comes to love.

Libra – Woos you

Libra wears their heart on their sleeve. They are emotionally vulnerable and they hate it. So, they try their very best to keep their feelings for the longest time. So how do you know when a Libra is crushing over you? They turn on the charm meter of course. Libra will flirt with you shamelessly and incessantly till you get the hint and make the first move.

Scorpio – Grand gestures

Scorpio will take their own sweet time to open up to you because they are very guarded individuals. They do not trust easily and can be very cryptic about their true feelings. But when a Scorpio is in love, they will want to do extraordinary things for you. They will arrange the most romantic dinner dates, buy you flowers every day, and get you that outfit you’ve been eyeing. The star sign is also not one to shy away from a little (or a lot) PDA.

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Sagittarius – Adventurous

Sagittarians don’t really believe in commitments. So, if you have got them to settle down that is quite proof in itself. This independent zodiac sign often feels claustrophobic and trapped in relationships, so don’t feel bad if they want a little space. If a Sag truly loves you, they will be the ones to take the initiative. They will ask you out on dates and hold your hand throughout. And if they ask you to do something crazy and adventurous, that’s when you will know for sure that you’ve got them.

Capricorn – Wants to spend time with you

A Capricorn in love will want to spend every waking moment in their lover’s company. They cannot get enough of their partners. And will never be able to find a flaw in them. Caps enjoy talking to their partners for hours on an end. Even if they have spent 6-7 hours on a stretch with their beau, Capricorn will miss them the moment they are gone. If they truly love you, you will take up the number one spot on their priority list without fail.

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Aquarius – Considers you their equal

Aquarius is proud and haughty. They believe they are the most intellectual and superior beings. But if Aquarius falls in love with you, they will consider you their partner in every sense of the word. They will come to for your advice and genuinely apply them in life. The star sign will care for your opinion in every matter and will want to include you in their little bubble. That’s when you know that you’ve got them smitten.

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Pisces – All about you

Pisces is a hopeless romantic. If they are in love with you, there is no way they will be to hide it from you. The star sign will dream of forevers with you and convey their love for you through various gestures. But it goes without saying that their favourite gesture is touch. Pisceans will hug you, cuddle you and constantly nudge you to hold their hand. They will also want to spoon you to sleep every night.

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