Your Zodiac Sign’s Lucky And Worst Month In 2022

Lucky month for each zodiac sign in 2022

2022 is knocking at our doors (and why not Santa? We wonder), and like always, you must be expecting a lot of surprises from the upcoming year. Talking about surprises, the yearly horoscope 2022 for all zodiac signs has a lot of them for you, including your lucky number, the luckiest zodiac sign of 2022 and more.

However, what it doesn’t have is the list of the worst and lucky month for each zodiac sign in 2022. And when we heard about the missing piece, the detective in us got active and found an astrologer who can tell us what will be the luckiest month for each zodiac sign in 2022. And here is what we found from our ‘so-called’ investigation. 

Predictions are based on Sun sign

Lucky month for Aries in 2022 

On taking a peek into Aries horoscope 2022, astrologers at AstroTalk found a strong Mars blessing these natives across different aspects of life. As a matter of fact, this Mars influence would be the strongest for the Aries in the month of May means that May 2022 is the lucky month for Aries in 2022. As per our astrologers, in this month Aries can expect much success at work and business. In addition, your relationship will also get better with either your spouse or partner. Astrologers suggest taking a spiritual trip to celebrate the best month for Aries in 2022.

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Worst month for Aries in 2022 

If the month of September 2022 is coin-toss, then you are Virat Kohli. Though most of the year is brimming with opportunities for the Aries, September is one month that could add to your stress levels. Due to planetary transits, woes will mount up in this month with most of them coming from the workplace. There will be an ‘increment’ in tension, which would ultimately lead to conflict in your relationship too. Astrologers suggest that you think well before taking any major decision in this month.

Lucky month for Taurus in 2022 

When is the sex-lover Taurus is having the most of it? Well, that could be the month of April 2022 as per Taurus horoscope 2022. As per our astrologers, though April 2022 looks way too far right now, but trust us, it will be worth the wait. The gains and goods in this month will be majorly on the romance front. So brace up yourself for the experience. 

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Worst month for Taurus in 2022 

Everything can get misplaced in the month of June 2022 for the Taurus natives. The worst month for Taurus in 2022 is about heightened work pressure and some really bad decisions on the love front. Majorly, the fear of the future that you’re born with will pull you down. Thus astrologers suggest that you must try to live in the present and literally ignore people who feed you with negativity. 

Lucky month For Gemini in 2022 

The planet Mercury will become your saviour in 2022. In the lucky month for each zodiac sign in the 2022 list, Gemini has been assigned May 2022 as their lucky year. As per our astrologers, if you have been struggling with financial issues, such woes will plunge in this month. Moreover, property related matters will also get resolved.

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Worst month For Gemini in 2022 

You know how they tell you to complete the toughest task of the day in the morning itself? The same logic can help you find some motivation once we tell you that January 2022 itself is the worst month for Gemini in 2022. As transiting Mercury will take its time to have its positive influence on you, hence initially you may feel that stars are against you. Astrologers suggest you to hold on tight as nothing is permanent in this life (astrology mai to bilkul bhi nahi). 

Lucky month for Cancer in 2022 

The month of April 2022 would be very jolly for the single Cancer natives. Like someone? This is the best month for Cancer in 2022 to express their feelings. For those who are in a relationship, the Venus energy will further strengthen your relationship. Astrologers suggest that these couples must travel together amidst the mountains in April to further strengthen their bond.

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Worst month for Cancer in 2022 

This may sound bizarre but the fact that times change has us saying that the month of May will be the worst year for Cancer as per Cancer horoscope 2022. Your relationship would be most affected in this month as there might be a spell of misunderstanding between you and your lover. The best way to counter all of this would be to talk your heart out. 

Lucky month for Leo in 2022 

When talking about the lucky month for all zodiac signs in 2022, Leo has been assigned the month of August 2022 as their lucky year. In this month, the right energies would brace you. You will have the motivation to do the toughest tasks, and luckily any efforts in that direction will bring you positive results too. So assign yourself the toughest tasks in this month and help yourself manifolds.

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Worst month for Leo in 2022 

The Leos are suggested to have enough patience in 2022. You may even break down at moments in this month but when you do, know that all of it is temporary. As per our astrologers, the negatives that the month of July 2022 will bring for a Leo is not the worst thing, but you as a Leo not being able to handle it with maturity, would be. The best remedy for you in this month would be to connect with someone who knows you better than your know yourself.

Lucky month for Virgo in 2022 

The Virgo individuals will enjoy their maximum spell of confidence in the month of March 2022. The lucky month for Virgo in 2022, March, shall be about reaching out for things that you think you deserve. Leg piece in biryani? A trip to the Maldives? Whatever it is that has your heart, just stop yourself from stopping yourself to enjoy the present and go make some memories.

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Worst month for Virgo in 2022 

A feeling of frustration will occupy you in the month of March 2022. This will be due to a pending task, which you have not been able to get through for a while now. You will have a feeling of lack of progress in the workplace and might want to change things on the professional front too. Astrologers suggest you to be careful about your decisions. 

Lucky month for Libra in 2022 

Mars energy is brimming upon the Libra natives in 2022. Libra 2022 horoscope chart indicates that the hard work that you have been doing in recent months will finally pay off in the month of April 2022. Also, the additional determination that you need to pursue your goals will also be present. Moreover, astrologers suggest that you save up some good chunk of money in these months as you will have the opportunity to.

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Worst month for Libra in 2022

In the month of August, the unfavourable transitions of heavenly bodies may bring disruption in business and finances. Also, someone close to you might leave you in this period and that would be a disastrous situation for you to handle. In such a situation, astrologers suggest you allow yourself some time to reflect. You must realise everything that happens, happens for good. 

Lucky month for Scorpio in 2022 

If you are a Scorpio moon born in the month of May, then this month will be extra lucky for you as per horoscope 2022. The grace of Jupiter and Saturn will bring plenty of opportunities in the work field. If you are a student preparing for a government exam, you will have enough confidence leading you to success and prosperity. The lucky month for Scorpio in 2022 will be additionally beneficial if you are honest with yourself.

Worst month for Scorpio in 2022 

July 2022 is the month of sunshine and a lovely transition to the monsoon season. But all the Scorpio natives dreaming of romance in the rain might have to first think of the ways to please Venus. Tension in relationships, especially among married couples, will keep you on your toes in this month. Also, this is not the best month if planning to propose love to someone as per Scorpio horoscope 2022.

Lucky month for Sagittarius in 2022 

The year 2022 is very giving for the Sagittarius natives, especially when July 2022 rolls out. As per lucky month for each zodiac sign in 2022 predictions, the Sag can expect to feel much happier and satisfied with the achievements they would have in their kitty in the first half of the year. Also, with planets on your side, there would be a lot more excitement and extrovertedness in your life in 2022. In a nutshell, adventure is calling you in July 2022.

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Worst month for Sagittarius in 2022 

The month of October will be a complicated one for the Sagittarius as per horoscope 2022. However, we promise that it will be good-complicated. Pizza or French fries? This dress or that dress? Get ready to make such ‘tough’ decisions in 2022 with the assurance that you won’t be losing much, says Sagittarius horoscope 2022

Lucky month for Capricorn in 2022 

The strong presence of Saturn in your horoscope in 2022 will reward you for your good karma in the year 2022. The hard work you have been doing in recent months will finally pay off in the month of February 2022. Also, by the end of February, the planet Mars too will support you to have your gains in the love life. This would be one of the best months for Capricorn in 2022 to propose love to someone. 

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Worst month for Capricorn in 2022 

Being your materialistic self would not be a wise choice for the Capricorn in the month of November 2022. Though you will enjoy spending all the excess funds on your wants, but all of that would lead to your spendings getting out of control. And with financial hurdles ahead in 2023, this wouldn’t be the best thing for you. 

Lucky month for Aquarius in 2022 

The month of April 2022 is when Aquarius can make the most out of their relationship. This month will help you get answers to all kinds of doubts you have about your partner. For the ones already in love, your love bond will get stronger with time. Astrologers suggest that couples find things to do together like travelling to get to know each other well. 

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Worst month for Aquarius in 2022 

As per horoscope 2022, the month of October 2022 may bring some hiccups on the professional front for you. The worst part is that dodging such an unfortunate situation will be even more difficult. The best you can do is try and let the moment pass. 

Lucky month for Pisces in 2022 

The last sign on the lucky month for each zodiac sign in 2022 list is Pisces, whose lucky month is June 2022. In this month, you can expect much success on the professional front. Also, this is one of the best months to look out for new investment opportunities like the share market. However, don’t go blind on it. 

Worst month for Pisces in 2022 

Everything might go wrong for these natives in October 2022 and you could even lose count of all the slip-ups. You will have to struggle to stay positive. 

Here was your zodiac sign’s lucky and worst month in 2022. Also know about the 6 luckiest zodiac signs of 2022 as per astrology


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