The Kind Of Girlfriend You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

zodiac signs as girlfriends

Women are complicated and hard to understand or so men say. There may be some truth to the sentence but it is actually not that hard to figure out what a woman wants from a relationship. They want love, respect, and someone who will put in the effort. Even so, many men may find it tough to decipher all the different signs and signals their girlfriend is throwing their way. In this regard, you can use astrology to your advantage. Our horoscopes are a near-accurate way of predicting how we behave in relationships. With the help of this article not only will you be to learn of zodiac signs as girlfriends but you will also gain a clearer idea of what to expect from your girlfriend.

Here are how the zodiac signs are as girlfriends according to astrology.


Being with an Aries woman is fun and productive in equal parts. They don’t do boring so they will keep you on your toes throughout the relationship. But they also know when to dial down and focus on work. Aries may be a little dominant or bossy but following their advice will always help you flourish in life. It might take some time to adjust with a woman who is sure of everything in life but she is sure to rub off on you.

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Taurus women make the nicest and sweetest girlfriends. They have dreamt of being in a loving and committed relationship forever so you can rest assured that they will give it their all when they find someone worthwhile. The zodiac sign will care for you and love you like no other. They will teach you how falling deeply in love actually feels. Taurus women do tend to have a stubborn streak so that is something you simply have to accept.

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Geminis have such vibrant personalities that it is impossible not to be attracted to them. The zodiac sign is frankly quite engrossing and you will feel like you are in love with her from the moment you meet her. But you better hold your horses, because Gemini women do not like to be coerced or forced into a relationship. Let her be her own person and give her the respect she deserves, that is all you need to do to woo her.

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Cancer women are big softies. They are very much in touch with their feelings and usually think with their heart. Even so, they will always choose to understand your side in any argument. That is just how big her heart is. If you are dating a Cancerian make sure you never hurt in a way that she can’t recover from again. Because a betrayal coming from a lover is something she will remember for life.


This fire sign is fierce and bold. They will never settle for anything less than what they think they deserve. So you better bring your A-game when you’re trying to impress a Leo woman. As girlfriends, they make the perfect partner. They support you on all your ventures, lend you a shoulder to cry on, and sticks by your side through thick and thin.  


Virgos are perfectionists by nature. They are organized and they like people to follow their commands. Go into a relationship with Virgo only if you are sure that you don’t mind living by rules. As girlfriends, they are extremely supportive and will go all-in for you every time. Even if everyone you know and love turns against you, you can count on Virgo to be by your side. They will be your very own cheerleader.  

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Libras are very friendly and they love socializing. They attract attention wherever they go and they simply love being the topic of discussion. This zodiac sign as a girlfriend will also drag you into the spotlight with them. If that is something you don’t like, maybe Libra women aren’t for you. The star sign also believes in forging a strong friendship before jumping into a relationship.

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Scorpio women are very confident lovers. They live under the impression that you will never get anybody as good as them. And they are certainly not afraid to let you know that. Scorpio is one of those zodiac signs as girlfriends who are very sensual. They believe that physical attraction is very important in a relationship. So, get ready for some wild times in between the sheets with this star sign.


Sag women are actually very complicated as girlfriends. The zodiac sign is independent and adventurous and doesn’t like anybody holding them back. It is not unnatural for them to feel claustrophobic in a relationship. But they also crave good company and a person to go on these adventures with. Try to keep the relationship fun and exciting with your Sagittarius girlfriend if you don’t want to lose her.

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Capricorns have sort of made a reputation for themselves as workaholics and while that is true, they are more than ready to chill and unwind. They just need to find a person who is going to be worth missing work. The star sign is also quite responsible and mature. They will make sure you are always on the right track. A girlfriend who loves you and also makes sure you achieve all your goals? Can it get any better than that?


Aquarius women take a lot of time to open up. They are very hesitant to include new people in their life because they think everything is fleeting. If you truly want to court an Aquarius woman, establish a strong connection with her and convince her that will be there for the long haul. As girlfriends, the zodiac sign is thoughtful and caring. They will always put your needs above their own.

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Pisces women are romantics. They love the concept of love. As girlfriends, they will never settle for anything less than a fairytale romance. They want flowers, candlelight dinners, strolls in the park, and all that jazz. The zodiac sign makes for a lovely girlfriend. They don’t like arguments and will usually tell you what they want exactly. They only demand you to love them endlessly.

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