The Mythical Creature You are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

mythical creature

Some of our favourite shows, books, and movies are littered with mythical creatures. These creatures are unique, have bizarre characteristics, look otherworldly, and are extremely interesting. We are sure each of you has at least spent some time of your life researching some popular mythical creature be it the vampire, unicorn, or dragon. But did you also know these beasts we are so fascinated by are inextricably intertwined with our zodiac signs? Each zodiac sign has been assigned a mythical creature that perfectly symbolizes their virtues and shortcomings. There are some things that the real world cannot teach you. Some things are best learned and understood with a little touch of magic and mysticism. So, if you want to get to know yourself a little better why not find out which mythical creature you are based on your zodiac sign?

Aries – Dragon

Dragon is probably the most popular and widely loved mythical creature of all time. And if that doesn’t sound like we are defining an Aries, we don’t what is. Much like the dragon, Aries is not afraid of anything or anyone. They will fly towards their goal with fiery determination and will either triumph or perish in the process. There is no in between.

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Taurus – Dryad

Source: Global Village Space

Dryads are ethereal forest spirits who are tied to trees for all of eternity. But they are more than happy with their choice of habitat. It is the feeling of belonging somewhere that drives a Dryad. An emotion that is quite familiar to Taurus. Kind, just, and sensual, Dryads are mythical creatures that best define the zodiac sign Taurus.

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Gemini – Fairy

Source: IrishCentral

Mischievous, whimsical, and verbose, Geminis are the perfect embodiments of fairies. They do not take life very seriously and believe it should be more fun than anything else. Fairies believe in everything mystical and enchanting which is why magic happens to them. Geminis too are very much like that. They want to believe in a world that is extraordinary and inexplicable.

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Cancer – Werewolf

Source: Paranormal School

Although extremely powerful, Cancer too has a rather delicate and emotional side to them much like the werewolf. The sensitive and moody mythical creature is far from comfortable in its own skin and often finds every situation rather hopeless. It is their love and devotion towards their pack that keeps them going through life. It is not uncommon to see the same level of loyalty among Cancers for their loved ones.  

Leo – Sphinx

Source: Abstract Wallpapers

As regal and prominent as the Sphinx is Leo. Such is its beauty and allure that it is hard to look away from and too intimidating to stay close to. The half-human and half-lion beast is a natural leader who commands respect and has everyone following their heels no question asked.

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Virgo – Unicorn

Source: WallpaperSafari

Unicorns are one of the most sought-after and ethereal creatures of lore. The beast is intelligent and knows its true value so it rarely reveals itself to anyone. They only shower someone with love and care when they truly make an impression on them. Unicorns are also very hardworking by nature. They never tire and always do what is morally correct.

Libra – Sylph

Source: Laughing Socrates

Sylphs are beautiful spirits that inhabit the skies. With their power, they can control the weather, form clouds and purify the air. This mythical creature practices delicate magic and treats everyone they meet with kindness because that is all they know. They have no materialistic desires and go through life offering helping hands to everybody. Libra too is as transparent and virtuous as the Sylph.

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Scorpio – Vampire


Vampires are dark, mysterious, and filled with cynicism. Although people usually get very intense vibes from Vampires, they find themselves hopelessly attracted to the creature. Their powerful aura, an air of mystery, and the way they carry themselves make them tempting enough for people to ignore every red signal. Just like Vampires, Scorpios too have the ability to make puppets out of people.

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Sagittarius – Centaur

Source: Science News For Students

We know you saw this coming Sagittarius. But however, could you be anything else other than the very mythical creature that symbolizes your zodiac sign. Centaurs are adventurous, free-spirited beasts who are always in search of a new purpose or goal. They are full of energy and wisdom and are forever in the pursuit of more knowledge. Their deep connection and symbiotic relationship with an animal also make them very lustful.

Capricorn – Elf

Source: Fantasy Books and Stories

Just like an Elf, Caps too are extremely knowledgeable and have a taste for the finer things in life. Even when the going gets tough, an Elf will not falter. If they want something, they will make it happen for themselves. And usually, it is a piece of cake thanks to their big brain and wit. Despite having all these qualities, elves prefer to remain grounded and humble.

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Aquarius – Undine

Source: iStock

Undines are gorgeous but cursed sea nymphs. They can take the form of a human only when they truly find a life partner that will love them not just for their beauty but for themselves. Quite similar to the mythical creature Undine, Aquarius is emotionless, intelligent, and strong. They lead lonesome lives for the most part until they find their one true love. That is when Aquarius truly shines.  

Pisces – Mermaid

Source: University of San Diego

One of the most popular creatures of folklore and fairytales, Mermaids are known for their beauty and elegance. The enchantress is perfectly unattainable just like you Pisces. They show themselves only and spill their true colours only when they are truly comfortable with someone. This emotional and thoughtful creature lives her best life when she is swimming in the deep dark ocean while dreaming of anything and everything.

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