5 Calm Zodiac Signs Who Are As Cool As A Cucumber Even In A Crisis

Very few people we meet in life truly have the ability to remain calm and composed in any given situation. These calm zodiac signs only respond and never react when the going gets tough. Even when there is a crisis they have this innate capability to remain level-headed and make sound decisions. We know it sounds easy and you might even find yourself wondering how this could be such a big deal. But do you really believe you can remain as cool as a cucumber even when the odds are stacked against you?

An approaching deadline, a surprise pop quiz, a confession to a crush are only some of the most common situations where all logic leaves our brain. When we are pushed against a wall, it is only human to feel flustered. But that is so not the case with our calm zodiac signs. These witty and cool-headed individuals thrive under pressure and probably do some of their best work when the air around them is rife with tension. If you are one of the 5 zodiac signs who are calm and collected even in adverse situations perhaps you should think of becoming a detective, journalist, CEO, politician, or maybe even the prime minister.

Here are the 5 calm zodiac signs of the horoscope.

1. Capricorn

You will never catch a Capricorn slip. One cannot help but be dazzled and envious in equal parts when they catch a Cap at work. Easily one of the calmest zodiac signs (if not the most), Capricorns are not impulsive by nature. They are also incredibly patient. When faced with a dilemma, they will separate themselves from the chaos and noise and simply think. And sure enough within minutes, they will have a great plan up their sleeve. When Capricorn reveals their plan it will sound so simple and perfect for the occasion that you will curse yourself for not coming up with it earlier. The star sign is also cautious by nature and will weigh in every possibility before committing to any strategy. This is precisely why their plans never fall short.

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2. Aquarius

We all may be a little annoyed with Aquarius from time to time thanks to their tendency to act all superior but one can’t help but admire them in times of crisis. Even when you drop massive bombs on them like “the deadline was yesterday” or “you submitted the wrong data to the client”, they will remain completely unfazed. This calm zodiac sign can handle anything that comes their way because they trust themselves immensely. It is this trust that makes them appear so confident in their approach. Aquarius also never lets their emotions get the best of them. So they never react in a way that will seem foolish or naïve. The air sign also possesses the ability to see the bigger picture and look into the matter from a third person’s point of view. Usually, that makes all the difference.

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3. Libra

Libras are very positive people. They don’t let themselves spiral or have meltdowns because they know that is their worst enemy in a dilemma. They never think about the negative because why waste their time panicking about what can go wrong when so many things can go right? It is this philosophy of theirs that has helped them get the best out of troublesome situations. The star sign is aware that the only thing that stands in their way to success is the idea that they are incapable or don’t have it in them. So they never let themselves think in a similar pattern. Even if they mess up, they will fix it, learn a lesson and apply it the next time they find themselves in a tricky situation.

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4. Virgo

Virgos are perfectionists by nature so how could they not maintain their decorum even when things are rough. In fact, Virgos are one of those calm zodiac signs that perform better under pressure. They need somewhat of a challenge to truly shine. When they find themselves in a muddle, Virgos become hyper-active but never in a bad way. They think on their feet and come up with solutions that will benefit everyone around them. If you are someone who has a hard time making decisions, seek advice from your Virgo friend. This earth sign is rarely ever wrong.

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5. Gemini

Geminis may have a penchant for the theatrics but they are only ever dramatic to make light of a situation. The star sign has everyone fooled with their flair for drama when in actuality they are very secure people. In an emergency, you will not find Geminis wasting time asking why this has happened to them or how they will overcome it. The witty zodiac is aware that such questions will do nothing but heighten panic and anxiety. They never hurry themselves. The zodiac pauses and takes time to think rationally before jumping into action. Geminis may not always have the answer but their ability to remain nonplussed has surely helped them improve upon a situation.

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