Mercury retrograde in Taurus 2022: Effects on the zodiac signs

Mercury retrograde in Taurus 2022

Mercury in astrology is known as the planet of communication. And, soon, Mercury retrograde in the Taurus zodiac sign will occur. This planet rules trade and communication. And, being nearest to the Sun, it completes its revolution a little early. As per astrology, Mercury retrograde occurs approximately 3-4 times a year. And this Mercury retrograde in Taurus 2022 will be highly influential and shall impact the natives of all zodiac signs in the following manner.

Mercury retrograde in Taurus 2022: Date and Time

The retrograde of Mercury in Taurus sign would take place on May 10, 2022. This astrological event will occur at 05:16 and shall turn straight on June 3, 2022.

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Mercury retrograde in Taurus: Impacts on zodiac signs

Mercury retrograde, in general, majorly affects the communication of the natives. Possessing conflicts in explaining things could be an outcome for the natives too. Also, some zodiac sign natives might suffer from issues like betrayal and cheating. Not just this, there could be insecurities and mood swings as well.

However, on the other hand, some zodiac signs shall enjoy their benefits as well. There could be possibilities that natives enjoy a favorable time in finances. Also, people with speculative markets shall seek its benefits too.

Let us see in detail what is there for each zodiac sign with Mercury retrograde in Taurus 2022.

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For Aries men and women, Mercury retrograde will take place in the 2nd house of family, speech, and wealth. Mostly, for the natives, the impact would be favorable.

  • During this retrograde period, Aries natives shall see their speech arena enhanced. They would become soft-spoken. Also, it would become easier for them to explain themselves.
  • Moreover, with the retrograde of Mercury in Taurus 2022, Aries people shall possess outstanding thinking. However, they might seek some miscommunication issues when dealing with family matters.
  • Financially, issues might arise. There are slight chances that natives may face uncertainties and losses if they plan to invest their money.
  • Also, as an impact of Mercury retrograde 2022, students will benefit the most. To them, grasping the topics would become easy. Plus, their focus on studies would be outstanding to watch.


For Taurus natives, the retrograde of Mercury will occur in the rising of the 1st sign. Here the Taurus sign possesses a directional strength with the retrograde of the planet. Natives would seek benefit results in all.

  • The analytical skills of the Taurus natives would improve. Also, they would become better at making decisions and calculations. In fact, financially, the time would be auspicious for investments and other matters.
  • Furthermore, this phase would be good for Taurus men and women pertaining to health. They shall be away from all sorts of ailments and diseases. Moreover, troubles like sleeplessness and stress would be away as well.
  • Students with the Taurus zodiac sign would seek happy times. They shall have an active nature and would show versatility most outstandingly.


For Gemini people, 2022 Mercury retrograde will take place in the 12th house of losses, travels, and expenditure. It will act as an unfavorable period for the natives pertaining to health.

  • Natives might confront issues related to head and nerves. Moreover, issues like insomnia and stress could be there too.
  • Furthermore, with Mercury retrograde in the Taurus sign, natives shall face expenditure problems. This shall lead to a financial crisis during this period.
  • Professionally, if Gemini natives have some projects in line, they shall benefit from it. There are even chances that natives shall travel because of the same.


For Cancer natives, this Mercury retrograde would occur in the 11th house and shall influence the profits, gains, and income sector of the people. Financially, natives would enjoy its benefits.

  • Thus, people with the Cancer zodiac sign can expect money coming from unexpected sources. Also, natives shall enjoy profits from their past projects and investments.
  • Moreover, Cancer men and women shall enjoy earning money with the help of their old folks and friends and other business partnerships.
  • Not just this, it would be a favorable time for the natives to invest in foreign partnerships and connections. Also, connections with old people would improve and grow better.

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For Leo natives, Mercury retrograde will be in the 10th house of the natal chart and shall impact the career and profession of the people. In some sectors, natives would seek the benefit of this event. However, in some places, troubles might chase you.

  • It will be a favorable period for Leo men and women in terms of investments. However, professionally, business natives would enjoy its maximum benefits. However, with great success, natives shall have to deal with some ups and downs in business.
  • In personal life, Leo people shall have a peaceful environment. Also, they shall get time to enjoy with their family and spouse.
  • Moreover, natives can sell their old items during this Mercury retrograde in Taurus. It will be beneficial for the Leo people. Also, buying any household items would be productive too.


For Virgos, the Mercury retrograde 2022 will occur in the 9th house of fortune, luck, and fame. This period for the natives shall be a little unpredictable.

  • Students with the Virgo zodiac sign would enjoy a keen focus in their studies. However, they shall have to work hard to achieve anything big.
  • Professionally, natives have to look after their work-life a little intensely. They may confront some issues with their seniors. Therefore, they must look through everything.
  • Ahead of Mercury retrograde in the Taurus sign, the natives might possess frequent arguments in the family, especially the father. It might lead to unpleasantness in the family.
  • Natives shall go for traveling because of business and professional life. The same shall benefit the Virgo natives in the long run.


For Libra natives, the Mercury retrograde of 2022 will occur in the 8th house. It is the house of insecurities, uncertainties, and transformations and shall make the natives confront ill impacts.

  • As a result, during this period, Libra people shall confront loss in their professional life. Also, they shall face suffering in terms of investments in stock markets.
  • There could be chances that in terms of health natives might become fragile. They shall face skin-related issues along with stress, nervous breakdown, and anxiety. The same shall impact the financial sector, leading to long hospital bills.


The Mercury retrograde 2022 shall occur in the 7th house of Scorpio men and women. They shall see its effects on marriage, associations, and partnerships.

  • As a result, natives would seek ups and downs in the relationship arena. Moreover, there could be some misunderstandings between the natives and their spouses.
  • Moreover, there are some possibilities that people with the Scorpio sign shall face health troubles regarding their spouse. However, on the other hand, single Scorpio natives shall get good dating and marriage proposals.
  • In terms of partnerships, conspiracies shall occur. Thus, this Mercury retrograde in Taurus 2022 won’t be a favorable time for the natives regarding investments. Moreover, lending money won’t be a good idea either.

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For Sagittarius natives, this Mercury retrograde will occur in the 6th house of competition, services, fights, and diseases. This shall make the natives suffer from the negative impacts of the Mercury retrograde in the Taurus sign.

  • Sagittarius men and women shall see their spouse suffering from health issues. Also, they may seek nerve-related troubles and relapse of ailments.
  • Natives, who possess issues in their married life, may see their marital life as more troubles and problems. Also, singles with the Sagittarius zodiac sign might get into uncertainties with their love partners.
  • Moreover, the time would be unfavorable for partnerships of all kinds. However, professionally, natives will enjoy auspicious results and shall get appreciation from their seniors and co-workers.
  • Also, there are outstanding chances that Sagittarius natives enjoy good focus and improvised communication skills.


For Capricorn natives, this retrograde of Mercury will occur in the 5th house and shall impact the education, entertainment, progeny, and children. It would give mixed results to the natives.

  • Students with the Capricorn zodiac sign shall enjoy favourability. They would have a keen concentration, and their analytical and communication skills would improve. Also, they shall balance their studies outstandingly.
  • Capricorn natives shall stay worried because of their children’s health, and worries in the family might chase them too.
  • As for the other aspects of life, natives shall have a favorable time and trouble-free phase during Mercury retrograde in the Taurus sign.


For Aquarius men and women, Mercury retrograde would be in the 4th house of land, comfort, vehicles, and property. It shall make the natives go through mixed results.

  • There are chances that the natives with the Aquarius sign shall get their house repaired. Also, there are possibilities that they shall go for reorganizing the place.
  • Moreover, communication at the house might suffer otherwise results. There could be some misunderstanding between the family members.
  • However, on the other hand, the time will be favorable for the natives regarding land and property. They shall seek profits and favorable times.
  • Moreover, the results of Mercury retrograde in Taurus 2022 say that Aquarius natives may go through issues with their mother’s health. Also, the natives themselves might confront chronic diseases and other stress-related troubles.


For Pisces natives, retrograde of Mercury 2022 would occur in the 3rd house of strength, siblings, short trips, and courage. It will give the natives good results, but with some negativities.

  • Thus, as a result, Pisces men and women shall enjoy a great time with their old friends and family members. In fact, there are high possibilities that they shall enjoy a great trip with them.
  • However, on the other hand, with the Mercury retrograde in the Taurus 2022, natives shall confront problems in their love life. There are chances that people might have communication issues with their partners.
  • As a positive impact, natives will also enjoy benefits in their professional life. But, making hasty decisions might make the native suffer from issues and troubles. Thus, they have to be careful about their career in life during this phase.

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