Saturn Transit In Aquarius 2022: Predictions For All Zodiac Signs

Saturn Transit In Aquarius 2022

Planet Saturn as per Vedic astrology is known as the God of justice. Moreover, it represents Karma and gives results to the person depending on the deeds. And after a long time, natives of all zodiac signs will experience Saturn transit in Aquarius 2022. What signs will enjoy its favorable results and which signs would bear its ill impacts, read in detail.

Saturn transit in Aquarius 2022: Date and Time

As per the Panchang calendar, the last Saturn transit occurred in January 2020 in the Capricorn zodiac sign. In general, Shani moves from one sign to another after 2.5 years. This is why there was no Shani Gochar in 2021.

But this year, Saturn transit will take place in the Aquarius zodiac sign on April 29, 2022. The time of the transit will be 12:17 PM.

As soon as Saturn would move from Capricorn to Aquarius, natives would experience freedom from Saturn’s watch. Read in detail the impacts of Saturn transit in Aquarius 2022 on all zodiac signs.

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  • For Aries ascendants, Saturn transit in Aquarius 2022 will make a favorable aspect on the 1st, 5th, and 8th house.
  • As per the predictions, Aries men and women shall succeed in their plans for the future. Moreover, they shall make appropriate decisions, which will increase their pride in society.
  • Our astrologers suggest the natives to make the best use of this Shani Gochar and work on the expansion and growth of their business and ongoing works.
  • Financially, the natives shall open new doors for profit and income. However, the same will depend on the number of efforts folks will invest. With the same dedication, Aries natives shall also see their pending works complete.
  • Ahead, as the impacts of Saturn transit, people will experience happiness in social and personal life. Some would see their dreams turn into reality. However, some might face a bit of sway. Thus, natives should maintain focus on track and a strict attitude towards work.


  • For Taurus ascendants, Shani Gochar would occur in the Karmic house. It will move to the 10th house of your horoscope.
  • The impacts of this movement will be auspicious for Taurus men and women, especially if natives have plans pertaining to their future.
  • Professionally, the results shall show the natives some ups and downs. They would enjoy it but with a tinge of sorrow. Taurus men and women will enjoy success after some delay or struggle. Business natives will enjoy benefits.
  • Moreover, professionals who wish to change their jobs must remember to leave this thought for a while as a hurry might lead you to downfalls. Obstacles might chase the students with the Taurus sign. Therefore, they must take care of themselves, and concentration matters.
  • In terms of finance, expenses will be there. However, on the other hand, profits will accompany the people too. Our astrologers suggest the natives to plan and then move with anything regarding money.
  • Moreover, as an auspicious impact of Shani Gochar, natives would enjoy the happiness of a new vehicle or house. But, in personal life, natives might face some otherwise results.
  • Married couples shall seek some troubles in their marital life. Also, they may face issues in their family environment. Ideologies with parents might differ, which may lead to quarrelsome issues.


  • For Gemini, Saturn will move in the place of luck. Thus, the natives might experience inauspicious results of this planetary transit in 2022.
  • As an impact, ego and anger will increase in Geminis. It would affect your personal life. Moreover, it might make people suffer from mental stress. It may lead the natives to unusual behavior with friends and family.
  • Natives expecting any judgment or delays shall experience results that may not be in their favor.
  • During this transit, Saturn will make an aspect on the 3rd house. It might make the natives go through loss in business, and loss of pride might occur too.
  • Ahead, with Saturn transit in Aquarius 2022, natives might suffer some consequences in the health sector too. Thus, our astrologers advise Gemini natives to look after their wellbeing properly.

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  • For Cancerians, Saturn would make the transit in the 8th house. It shall lead to multiple changes in the lives of Cancer men and women professionally.
  • Shani will keep an eye on the wealth, intelligence, and work for this sign people. Thus, they would go through sudden changes in these fields. Along with it, there shall be some instability in the economic, political, and social life.
  • There are even chances that people may confront problems in their marital life. Unhappiness and egoistic fights shall occur between the couple. Also, disputes regarding ancestral property in the family could have an impact too.
  • Finance-wise, too, natives would confront little struggle. However, if Cancer people put their efforts appropriately, they shall be through this tough part soon.


  • For Leo men and women, Saturn transit in Aquarius 2022 will occur in the 7th house of their chart. Mostly, the natives will see its impact on their partnerships and marital life.
  • As a result, natives would experience troubles in their personal life. There may occur issues with the spouse. Chances are high that the two might seek separation from each other for some time.
  • Professionally, the transit of Saturn in the Aquarius zodiac sign won’t be favorable. Success will approach Leo people. However, obstacles would come along with it. But, remember, the hurdles would be temporary. Therefore, natives must avoid the worries and stay positive about life.
  • Health-wise, Leo natives would enjoy a satisfactory time. However, the spouse and his/her father’s health might sway, especially around the start of the transit.


  • For Virgo ascendants, Saturn transit in Aquarius sign 2022 will impact the 6th house. It would affect the disputes, sorrows, and house of diseases.
  • As an impact of this phase, children with the Virgo sign shall experience some hard times regarding health and wellness. However, on the other hand, other natives would seek success in defeating their enemies. Moreover, there is a strong possibility that the natives also enjoy success in their respective work domains.
  • Financially, situations may sway a bit. Virgo people might run into unnecessary expenditures. Possibilities of opting for a loan could be there too. Moreover, some natives might sell or buy inherited land or property for personal usage.
  • Personal life might seek negative impacts of Saturn transit in Aquarius 2022. There could be disputes in the family, and natives might suffer from fights with younger siblings. Also, issues in a love relationship might occur as well.
  • Professionally, time will act favorably for Virgo people. They would enjoy support from their colleagues. Ideas and their implementation would be great. However, health-wise, natives would have to look after themselves a little more.

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  • For Libra ascendants, Shani Gochar will impact the fifth house, which represents love, children, education, etc. It shall make the native experience some ups and downs about their child.
  • Children’s attitudes would look arrogant. However, your terms with your partner will improve. Also, relations with brothers and other family members shall seek ups and downs.
  • Professionally, natives would benefit from partnerships. However, a blind trust might make situations turn otherwise for you. And in terms of wealth, Libra men and women shall stay worried regarding finances and monetary gains.
  • Students may feel down in energy and act lazy, and lack focus. Not just this, there are possibilities that they shall face health issues as well.


  • For Scorpio natives, transit will take place in the 4th house. Therefore, people would experience its impacts in the travel and home sector, along with mother, vehicles, immovable property, etc.
  • There shall occur some estrangement with family, and natives might travel far from their home. Also, Scorpio men and women might confront quarrels and fights with a brother about the property. There are even chances that the responsibilities of parents might look like a burden.
  • Scorpio men and women shall buy a new home or renovate their old ones. Moreover, if natives have any court cases regarding land, they shall seek success in it.
  • However, on the other hand, Saturn transit in Aquarius 2022 might lead Scorpio natives to accidents. Thus our astrologers advise people with the Scorpio zodiac sign to drive any vehicle carefully to avoid road mishappenings.
  • Furthermore, there may occur some ups and downs in finances. However, natives would enjoy success in their professional arena. Students with the Scorpio sign who have exams during the transit phase shall perform better.


  • For Sagittarius ascendants, transit will take place in the 3rd house and impact the skill, hard work, and luck of the natives.
  • Moreover, Saturn transit in Aquarius 2022 would make an aspect on the 5th and 9th house. Thus, natives shall see effects on the expenditure arena positively. Also, there shall be a drastic increase in property works for the natives.
  • However, on the other hand, natives with the Sagittarius sign shall experience some happiness from the children’s side. Thus, natives should deal with them with patience.
  • Moreover, travel yoga could be there for Sagittarius men and women. Some might see a transfer from their current residence, while some shall enjoy business-related travel.

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  • Planet Saturn was in the Capricorn zodiac sign. It will transit from this zodiac sign on April 29, 2022. Saturn transit in Aquarius 2022 will occur in the 2nd house for Capricorn ascendants.
  • It shall make the Capricorn men and women speech a little arrogant because of ideological issues. Moreover, there could be some problems with the mother specifically. Natives may possess issues with their mother and see respect and love decreasing for her.
  • Furthermore, natives with the Capricorn zodiac sign might confront family unhappiness, and romance with a partner could lack as well. However, if natives wish to buy a house or property, they shall seek success in that.
  • Professionally, natives shall enjoy success in their respective domains. However, they must mind their attitude and avoid too much hard work.


  • For Aquarius natives, Saturn is the lord of the house. Moreover, the transit will occur in the 1st house. It shall impact the physical appearance, prestige, fame, etc., of the native.
  • As an impact of Saturn transit in Aquarius 2022, people might confront troubles in respect and pride. Moreover, natives would experience Sade-Sati during this phase. Thus, there shall be an excessive expenditure, and money inflow might degrade too.
  • In personal life, Aquarius men and women might see unhappiness with their partners. Also, there could be issues with other family members.
  • Ahead, as an impact of Shani Gochar 2022, there could be an increase in weakness and laziness. It might make the natives sad and lethargic.
  • On the other hand, business would increase, and the job arena would enjoy success and profits. With great efforts, Aquarius people shall enjoy a hike in their salary. However, health might deteriorate. Thus, Aquarians must keep an eye on that.


  • For Pisces people, Saturn transit in Aquarius 2022 will impact the 12th house of the horoscope. It would affect Pisces people’s mental well-being and finances.
  • In 2022 Shani Gochar, the excessive expenditure would occur. Moreover, an inflow of money might see its negative impacts too. Thus, Pisces people must mind their budget while spending.
  • Professionally, if natives with the Pisces sign are into business, they need to stay alert when making partnerships. Also, when considering the expansion of the venture, they must remember not to make hasty decisions.
  • Troubles with students could be there too. They may lack concentration. Also, unpleasant times with family members could be there too. Therefore Pisces natives must keep an eye on all these areas as well.

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