Dream Astrology: Know What The Characters In Your Dreams Mean

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Our dreams or nightmares show us an array of characters. Like figures from a movie or show or someone from your real life, closely connected to you. Some of it reflects your personality, while others indicate an incident or message pertaining to a connection or relative. As per dream astrology, The characters in your dreams could be anything and could demonstrate anything.

Parts of your nature might come out. It could be a child, an adult, a wise or cowardly version, an invisible self, or someone going through a rough or blissful time. Every character in your dreams is as vital as reality, according to the astrology of dreams. But what do characters in dreams interpret or reflect? Let us find out.

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Seeing mother in dreams

Seeing mother as some character of your dreams, as per the dream astrology, depicts the nurturing side of your trait. Also, it illustrates that some folks might encounter some problems liberating themselves from their mothers. Thus, confronting their development and uniqueness.

While, if you see having a chit-chat with your mother in your dreams, it interprets that your mind is pretty preoccupied. Plus, you are having a pretty tough time dealing with your life in your current reality. Also, it might mean that you have some unresolved issues with your mother that you need to work on.

While if you see that you are conversing with your mother in your dreams, it interprets that you must try to be a motherly figure for yourself. You should nurture your life and be compassionate about yourself.

Seeing friends in dreams

Seeing friends as characters in your dreams, as per the astrology of dreams does mean something important. They make up for the traits you lack in your life. Also, in addition to this, they appear in our dreams to teach us something. It could be some lesson pertaining to your current reality or something you might be encountering for a long time.

If you see them conversing with you in your dreams, it could mean that you are having some rough time bonding with them and must resolve your issues as soon as possible.

If it is an argumentative conversation, then it shall mean that your need to be free with them and share your opinion clearly with them. However, if you see having a happy talk with them, consider it a sign of you would spend a good time with your friends in a near about time.

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Seeing someone as a ghostly figure

Amongst all characters in your dreams, as per the dream astrology, not seeing someone is something strange. It feels like there is someone around you, but is not actually there. Thus, seeing some invisible or ghostly figure in your nightmares and dreams could be both good and bad. 

If you presume someone is around you in a dark environment and feels cold or fearful, it depicts your intuitive side. You might be going through some trouble dealing with your intellect and personality. It acts as a guide telling you that you must look into self-appreciation more. Also, you must practice self-love and look out for yourself in an optimistic manner. 

On the other hand, if you feel someone around and the background is bright, it is a clear indication that something better is to come. It will be great for your personality according to dream astrology. It indicates that your future and whatever you are feeling about the same, you must go on with it.

Seeing a family member

If you see a family member in your dreams, as per astrology of dreams it usually expresses your interaction with that person. Also, it illustrates your emotional connections with them. Plus, it depicts how you feel about them. Moreover, how you are with them currently and their worth in your life is also illustrated when you see a family member in the dreams.

If you see your siblings, then you shall be spending a blissful time with them. However, if you see them fighting with you, it might mean some old mess connected with your siblings might reappear. If you see your parents, the dream astrology interprets patriarchal and nurturing values with them. 

Seeing your grandparents may mean two things, according to dream astrology. If they are alive and you are around them happy, then a good time would come in your family. However, if they have passed away and you see them as one of the characters in your dreams, it might mean some bad news is to cross your path shortly.

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Seeing your partner

If you are a female and see some guy (maybe your crush, spouse, or boyfriend), then be ready as a romantic time is on your way. Your partner shall surprise you with a beautiful romantic time or offer a lifetime commitment very soon. Guys who see their female partner in dreams can expect turmoil of emotions in their relationships. 

If you see fighting with your partner in your dreams, then take it as an indication of reevaluation of your attitude and negative possibilities in your relationships. However, if you see getting married to them, take that as a clear sign of approaching the same. 

However, if you see some third person or shadow around you or your partner, beware! As there might be some involvement or manipulation of a figure as such. It could be your family person, someone interested in your partner, or an old flame coming your way.

Seeing self in dreams

Out of all the characters in your dream, seeing yourself could mean multiple things.

You die in your dreams

It usually means the arrival of an illness or emotional breakdown in life in dream astrology. Also, it might mean some upcoming danger that could come in the near future in your life.

You falling in your dreams

This interprets the loss of control in your life in the astrology of dreams. Also, it might indicate your life is suffering from anxiety or a pessimistic phase.

Someone chasing you in your dreams

If you feel being chased in your dreams, it indicates that you need to figure out the issues of your life. Plus, if you are running away from any pending problems, you must solve them as well.

You are moving in slow motion

It indicates your inability to escape from dangers in your life, as per dream astrology. Also, it depicts that you might not make progress in your life or are held back in life for some reason.

You are mourning in your dream

If you see yourself mourning, it means you are unable to leave your past. You might be trying hard in your reality, but it might not be enough, and thus indications are seen in your dreams.

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