Will Saturn transit in Aquarius on 29 April fuel 4th COVID wave?

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After 30 years, Saturn is all set to transit in the Aquarius sign on 29th April 2022. Saturn (Shani) will move out of its own sign, Capricorn, and will move into the next zodiac sign, which is Aquarius after a period of two years and three months. When in Aquarius, Saturn is believed to be at home; as it is a comfortable position for the planet.

Saturn represents karma and is a teacher of what you sow, so you reap. The planet can do so much good for the native, but also can bring a lot of disappointments, delays and obstructions. 

Having said that, now let us check the impact of Saturn transit in Aquarius♒ on the world

As per the upcoming Saturn transit, I personally feel it is not a good sign, because Saturn is the planet of justice and whenever it’s in its own sign, 

we witness drastic changes in overall the world. 

With Saturn transit ahead, I feel another variant of covid again is going to hit India and cases are going to rise once again. The 4th wave of covid or another virus is again going to take a lot of lives and you will be able to observe this around 29th April.

Also, things are going to be more unstable all over the world, especially in Pakistan, America and European countries. Food prices will shift and People will feel the heat of inflation. 

In India, chances of spreading communal hate and civil war-like situation is also possible though not on a major level, but public will not feel satisfied with the government, which might lead to some kind of protest and instability. In fact, why only India, the possibility of such protest exists in many countries all over the world.

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Apart from this, Saturn transit also affects us in a way that we will hear about massive fire- breaks out from different states of India or from different areas of the world.

Although we must once again be ready to face a tough time, but the Saturn transit could be good or bad for you depending on your personal chart. 

So this was my (Moonlight) analysis on the upcoming Saturn transit in Aquarius 

Let’s look at some remedies that anyone can perform during the Saturn transit. 

  • Chant Hanuman Chalisa,
  • Visit Lord Shani temple on Saturdays.
  • Make small offerings of Mustard oil and black sesame seeds looking at the feet of Lord Shani. Do not make any eye contact with this mighty planet.

Blog by – Tarot Moonlight

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