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Neha has been helping people for the last 6 years with her tarot reading skills and counseling them. She does an in-depth analysis of the individual's situation and delivers an empowering and positive solution to them. According to her, the tarot cards guide us regarding the past deeds which you may be holding till now and this results being an obstacle in your future. She assures that with the help of her simple remedies one can brighten up their future. She has given a lot of consultations to people who need help in the field of love, marriage, career, money, business, travel, health, studies. Besides that Tarot, Neha has done certification in the field of many healing modalities like reiki, crystal healing, angels therapy, love spells, etc. She beliefs with the help of healing powers anyone can change his/her's life. It doesn't matter how big the problem is. She can resolve any issues with the help of healing. 



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