Russia Ukraine Conflict Astrology: Can Vladimir Putin Win The War?

Russia Ukraine Conflict Astrology

Tensions are there on the borders of both the nations—Russia and Ukraine. More than 100,000 Russian armed forces have stationed themselves in the plan of invasion. Where, Russian President Putin is all set to take over the country, Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy is constantly making moves to make things better for his people. To guide the way towards the same, we have got you the Russia Ukraine Conflict astrology, which shall help you know better the chances of Putin in this big crisis.

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Russia already invaded part of Ukraine under Putin’s rule?

Yes, it did. After 2014, Russian forces sapping unmarked uniforms captured Crimea (an important Peninsula on the Black Sea). Later, pro-Russian separatists supported by the Russian military and troops invaded the Eastern Ukraine area. It was set up into two mutinous Republics—in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

What does Russia want from Ukraine?

Russia Ukraine Conflict Astrology

According to sources, the Ukraine-Russia conflict is more about what the country of Russia doesn’t want.

The NATO Issue

Russian President Vladimir Putin mentioned that NATO’s expansion is menacing. The fact that the country of Ukraine might join the European Union and NATO is what Putin is worried about. Back in time, he even wanted Ukraine to give a guarantee that the nation would not join NATO. Also, he wished that NATO should order the troops in the other East European nations to back off.

The Kyiv Connection

The next reason for this Russia-Ukraine crisis is the city of Kyiv. It is the capital of Ukraine. However, according to Putin, it used to be a part of the Soviet Union. Also, he stated it as “The Mother of Russian Cities.” It is the reason Russia wants to have it included in its borders instead of Ukraine’s.

Proving Russia As Superpower

Lastly, the reason for this Russian urge is to prove itself as a superpower again. In one of the speeches, Putin even said—“You didn’t want us to be friends, but you didn’t have to make an enemy of us.”

He basically wants to repeat the history where great powers were in front of each other face to face. It could, however, make things worse for everybody around and in the world.

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Russia Ukraine Conflict Astrology: Strong Planets and Yogas In Putin’s Horoscope

When our astrologers analyzed the birth chart of Vladimir Putin, it was seen that he is a Libra ascendant.

  • His first house is with planet Venus in it. It forms the Malavya Yoga in his birth chart and explains the power and charisma he possesses. And, with the mutual aspect, Venus with the retrograde Jupiter in his birth chart, makes it stronger and more powerful.
  • His chances to win over the battles he takes in his hand become better with planet Jupiter being exactly opposite to Venus in the horoscope of Putin. Though this sambandha creates Viparita Raj Yoga yet, in his horoscope, the participating planets are quite strong. This combination turns his Viparita Raj Yoga into a fruitful and positive one.
  • Ahead, according to Putin’s horoscope, both the nodes of Moon—Rahu and Ketu show favorability in his life. Rahu planet dispositor—Saturn is in the twelfth house. And, for Ketu’s dispositor—Moon is in the eighth house. Both the houses being the “hidden houses” indicate his close involvement with subterfuge, stealth, and covert activities. And, as per Russia Ukraine Conflict astrology, this will better the possibilities of tilting the decision in his favor.
  • Planet Mars in the horoscope of Vladimir Putin is in the 3rd house. And, planet Ketu forms an aspect with it from the 10th house. This exaggerates his restless energy along with potential aggression. Also, the virtual aspect of Jupiter in the 3rd house invokes immense courage. But with the virtual Mars in the seventh house adds-on to the factor that he uses his aggression wisely with courage.
  • Moreover, in his horoscope, all the natural benefics are pretty strong—Mercury and Moon are in exalted position, Venus is in its self-sign, and Jupiter is retrograde. All this creates Saraswati yoga. But, according to the Sripati house system in the Russia Ukraine Conflict astrology Mercury-Jupiter situation isn’t that strong. On the other hand, Venus and Jupiter save his day. They make the Kundli of Vladimir Putin turntables in his favor.
  • Saturn in the Putin Kundli is in the 5th house and makes an association with the ninth house lord, Mercury. All this forms a Raj Yoga in his horoscope. And, when it comes to wealth, Sun, in his horoscope, is in the 11th house and is the lord of money.

Russia Ukraine Conflict Astrology: Other Yogas In Favor Of Vladimir Putin

Sunapha Yoga

This Yoga in the Kundli of Putin will help him make decisions like a King. He will act smartly, and hardly any decision of his would go wrong or against him. And, as a ruler, he would also gain respect as a reputed ruler (seen with his outbreak against Ukraine).

Adhi Yoga

According to the Russia Ukraine Conflict Astrology, this Yoga is highly responsible for not-so-working tactics against Putin. Adhi Yoga, in the horoscope of Vladimir Putin, makes him a person who would win over his enemies. And, the proof of the same is what we have been since the Ukraine-Russia crisis has started.

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Russia Ukraine Conflict Astrology: Final Conviction

Russia Ukraine Conflict Astrology

According to Russia Ukraine Conflict Astrology, Vladimir Putin will definitely make sure that its people in Ukraine are totally safe along with his military base. Also, the Russian fleet which is in Crimea is protected. It is so because the troops in Crimea would be his topmost hindrance in front of NATO.

Putin has his Jupiter in the Aries zodiac sign. It would clearly give him the opportunity to be successful when he will take any action against Ukraine or in favor of Russia. He would hardly wait for others to take any kind of action. Also, Vladimir Putin would definitely prove to the countries who are keeping an eye against him his best shots, in the conflict of Russia and Ukraine, according to astrology.

Moreover, currently, Putin is under the Mahadasha of Mercury with an Antardasha of Ketu. It will make him experience the mental consent he would want. And, with the support of benefics in the chart, it will make him immensely wise in his moves and tactics to capture Ukraine. With the Ketu Antardasha, he might get into some unrealistic expectations, as per Russia Ukraine Conflict astrology. However, with the right tactics and the support of planetary motions, Vladimir Putin has a high chance to win and accomplish all his plans for Ukraine.

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