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Astrotalk reviews

Looking for Astrotalk reviews? Then you have landed on the right place. Astrotalk, as currently India’s most popular astrology consultation platform, has always envisioned offering its users the best and the most authentic astrology consultation. And have we been successful in making that happen? Well, it is best that we ask our customers the same question and let them be our judge.

So having said that, we took some time to compile the reviews given to Astrotalk by various users across different platforms. These reviews don’t just give you an idea of what users think of us, but also throw light on our strengths, weaknesses, and how we have tried to overcome them with time.

Astrotalk reviews on Playstore 

The best way to experience astrology, or say simply chat or talk to astrologers on Astrotalk, is through our app. The app is the first point of interaction for any user, which allow them to experience all that we have to offer. And what does a user thinks of all those services Have a look:

My experience with Astrotalk has been very pleasant and truly insightful. My go to astrologer has been Baljeet who not only tells me my future but also guides me and motivates me if the times ahead are tough. On another note, I was so impressed with the App, that I know myself am a Tarot Card Reader here. This is a must have app for your guidance.

I really liked this application.astrologers are really calm and polite.they listen to every time of your problem and provide the right solution. The costumer support team is also very active and provides immediate response.

Learned astrologers. Very accurate current transit predictions compared to other apps. Real disciples and master astrologers interacting through the app makes it more useful.

Very helpful app , value for money , Best online Astrology , Astrological queries were Answered in details, inexpensive, Knowledgeable Astrologer, relationship problem , easy to create account and login through google… But free session is very less.

This is the best astrological application, i liked the interface, easy to use and it has some unique features.

I had no idea about this app unless my friend suggested. This app has tremendously changed my life in so many ways. I got to know about the predictions in the future which helped me to stay focused.

The app is fantastic , there was no glitiches while using the app. I consult to an astrologers over phone and get the satisfied result. really impressed from their services.

Well, after using all similar apps, I can say this with much confidence that Astrotalk is THE best astrology app! 😍One suggestion that I can tell you is that to increase number of English speaking astrologers😅 Update: I can see more English speaking astrologers now🤩

App is right.. i used to be caught into community problem at the same time as connecting with an astrologer however team helped me with a complementary session, so I loved it alot

Wonderful experience and among some very good astrologers… special mention to astrologer Vanitha ji for right advice and prediction which helped me in my personal life and career too. Helped me make the right career choice and the timing of her prediction came true at exactly the same time as she toldFull Review

I talked to different Astrologers. They all have bang on predictions as of yet of past. I deeply wish future predictions of all to come true. I have tried dozen apps. But it is only one I haven’t uninstalled .Yes sometimes it is expensive than most but they are great. For peace of mind. For hope. FoFull Review

Posted a complaint here a few days ago and immediate action was taken to fix the issue.. the customer support is really active and helpful. Faced some connectivity issue but overall the service was satisfactory

Amazing app. 5* are less can we have Superstar rating for this app. Even customer support is worth appreciating I requested for a feature which was not working after an update and my concern was handled with utmost sincerity and resolved the feature is back in the app now. If anyone is figuring outFull Review

Astrotalk Google reviews

Always open to answer all your queries in such great manner. The astrologers never let you down no matter what.

Highly useful during pandemic to conduct online healings and online consultation with an astrologer.

In my opinion, it is very helpful when you need guidance, clarity. It makes me feel very peaceful. Helped me through when I needed questions answered.

I used to ponder the accuracy and reality of this app thousand times before getting to use because from my experience, lots of them are useless and noon-sense. Luckily, this app is not the case I’m talking about. It’s good actually.

The only real astrologer portal I really RECOMMEND. 100% are Aaditya and Shipra 😍❤️💫👏🏽 Whenever I have readings with them I always get goosebumps 🙊 they both are the best. They will tell you things very specifics that you only know and will happen.. yes predictions take time but believe me when they both say it is because it will happen! Just like my life and situation.

I loved this app. There is no language barrier. Astrologer Anita ma’am are amazing. I am really satisfied. Highly recommend this application to all.

As one can see, when it comes to Astrotalk reviews, we have a mixed bag of them. And in some way or the other, all of them help us in improving Astrotalk and its services for you. As we grow, our motive is to offer the best services to our users and your reviews contribute in making that happen. So, keep using and reviewing the Astrotalk app and feel free to reach out to us with any query or suggestion of yours.



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