Astrologers find Ketu in Omicron chart, will covid go out of control?

Is omicron dangerous?

Omicron, the new coronavirus variant, has been spreading rapidly across the length and breadth of the world. The new variant spreading intensity is such that India, which was seeing less than 10,000 daily cases a week back, has recently crossed the 1-Lakh daily covid cases mark. The pace of spreading has prompted people to ask questions such as Is Omicron dangerous? Will vaccines work against the Omicron virus?

While the scientific explanation behind the Omicron spread or it being fatal or not can be best given by doctors and scientists, but here, in this blog, we will try to understand the astrological aspects behind the spread of Omicron. We shall also try to understand the planets responsible for Omicron spread as per astrology and what they hint about its future.

But before starting, here is a small gist about Omicron.

What is Omicron? Is Omicron dangerous?

Omicron is simply another version or variant of coronavirus that originated first in South Africa. Whether Omicron is more dangerous than the Delta variant or not is still a matter of study. However, experts suggest that Omicron “may be less severe in young and old,” however, it is not milder. Meaning, despite the fact that you have vaccinated yourself, doesn’t mean you can’t get Omicron. However, you would be much more protected than the person who hasn’t taken the vaccine yet. 

Janet Diaz, WHO lead on clinical management, said early studies showed there was a reduced risk of hospitalisation from the variant first identified in southern Africa and Hong Kong in November compared with Delta.

What does astrology predict about Omicron?

To study the astrology behind Omicron, we first need to consider the place of origin of Omicron. And that would be South Africa. We are taking November 24, 2021, as the date for the prediction as that’s when the government of South Africa shared their findings about the Omicron variant with WHO.

Based on this information, Omicron’s chart has planets Sun, Mercury and Ketu in the Scorpio zodiac. The date of collides with the Anuradha nakshatra as per astrology. This Anuradha nakshatra in astrology is ruled by the planet Saturn. And Saturn, for the unaware, is responsible for such havocs like pandemics or diseases, most of the time.

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Also, like many of you might be knowing that the planet Sun is responsible for the health and well being of the native. However, after the Omicron variant was found on November 24, on December 4, the Sun experienced a solar eclipse. This has, to some extent, weakened the Sun. In addition, the planets Mars and Ketu are still together creating the Angarak Dosh, thus adding on to our woes.

All of these combinations, as per astrologers, sign at a rise in cases for now. The new variant will affect the world largely, but does Omicron posses a danger to our life? Well, as per astrology, not much. But that shouldn’t inspire you to break covid rules. The signs do not look good with Omicron, and things are going to be like that till Jan 17. After that, the situation may get under control. But till then, you shouldn’t become the reason for the spread.

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