Mercury Transit in Taurus On April 25: Impact On Each Zodiac Sign

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Mercury transit in the Taurus zodiac sign will occur on April 25, 2022. It would shed light on natives’ lives intensely and lead to multiple transformations. Discover how these prophecies reveal what lies ahead for these natives. Also, what remedies natives would need to overcome the malevolent effects of planet Mercury and gain its blessings.

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Astronomically, Mercury is the planet that is closest to the Sun. However, astrologically, Mercury is known as Buddha. Natives with strong Mercury have sharp thinking abilities. However, they may also experience anxiety and indecision. 

Mercury transit in Taurus 2022: Date and Time

Mercury transit in Taurus zodiac sign will occur on Monday, April 25, 2022, at 12:05 AM. The planet of communication will move in the Bull sign and it would show its impact on the zodiac signs.

2022 Mercury transit in Taurus: Impacts on zodiac signs

Mercury in Taurus transit shall make the person good at calculations. Also, the native would effortlessly make quick decisions. 

Moreover, it would make the natives very polite and provide them with a luxurious lifestyle. Mercury transit 2022 will produce positive results. Also, the person’s creativity will attain upliftment. 

The native’s memory will be sharp as well. Also, it will act as a favorable time to accumulate wealth through creativity and art. Natives into writing, creativity, and design shall enjoy their maximum benefits.

Let us see how specifically it would affect all the zodiac signs. Please note that the predictions depend on the Moon Sign of the person:


Aries zodiac sign

Mercury is the lord of the third and sixth houses for natives with the Aries Moon sign. During Mercury transit, it would move into the 2nd house of wealth, speech, and family. 

  • As per the predictions, the natives would possess a sweet tone in their speech.
  • Moreover, the folks shall spend their time wisely, making some tough decisions in their lives with immense care.
  • Natives who possess a connection with music and counseling shall do well during this time.
  • Not many negative impacts would be there during this planetary transit in 2022. However, natives must mind their tone in general.

Remedy: Grow and nurture the basil plant to witness Mercury’s auspiciousness. 


taurus zodiac sign

Mercury rules the second and fifth houses for the Taurus moon sign. For Taurus men and women, it will be in the 1st house, which depicts character, self, and personality. 

  • During this time, the natives shall enjoy and live a blissful life with their spouse. Moreover, they would have a harmonious time with their family. 
  • Ahead, with Mercury transit in Taurus sign, the person’s spouse will completely support them. It is so as planet Mercury would make a favorable aspect with the 7th house. 

Remedy: Offering sweets to Lord Ganesha on Wednesday will bring you good luck.

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gemini zodiac sign

Mercury is the lord of the third and fourth houses for the Gemini Moon Sign. On April 25, Mercury will move into the 12th house of expenditure, losses, foreign gains, and spirituality. 

  • This period will be a rollercoaster ride for the natives, as you may experience many ups and downs in your professional life.
  • Specifically, natives in the business line must keep a check on their ventures. Our astrologers suggest that Gemini men and women— work very carefully.
  • Moreover, you will be worried at this time. Therefore, it is highly suggestible that the folks must not start any new work.

Remedy: Wear a green emerald on your index finger to get good results.


Cancer zodiac sign

Mercury is the lord of the 12th and third houses in Cancer. During Mercury transit in Taurus 2022, it shall transit in the 11th house of income, desire, and gain. 

  • This period will bring more positive outcomes than negative outcomes. Moreover, it will be a period of fulfillment of wishes and desires.
  • The native will see a significant increase in their income. Also, there shall be a chance that they will be promoted or given a raise if they are working during this time.
  • However, if Mercury is already malefic in the chart of the native, they may confront some ups and downs in their finances and income, along with troubles in their personal life.

Remedy: 108 times a day, chant “Om Budhaya Namaha.”

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leo zodiac sign

Mercury is the lord of the 11th and second houses for the Leo Moon Sign. In April 2022, it would transit through the 10th house of profession and career. 

  • This shall enhance and influence the creativity and other skills of Leo natives. 
  • Moreover, you will be able to complete your task more efficiently and effectively.
  • As for the ill impacts, Leo native would be free from most of them. But, our astrologers still advise you to take care of how you speak to your elders and people around you.

Remedy: On Wednesday, donate green lentils to the temple.


virgo zodiac sign

Mercury is the lord of the first and tenth houses for the Virgo Moon Sign. During the transit of 2022, it will move into the ninth house of religion, luck, and international travel for Virgo people.

  • During this transit, Virgo men and women shall enjoy a favorable time in professional life. Freshers with Virgo sign would seek opportunities and job offers that would suit their desires.
  • Also, Virgo folks who work in the entertainment industry as actors will have a good year during this time. 
  • Moreover, they shall maintain a good relationship with higher officials at this time, which will help your work progress. 
  • Not just this, Virgo students would experience an excellent time who want to study abroad. Thus, make the best use of it.

Remedy: Worshipping Lord Vishnu every day.


libra zodiac sign

Mercury is the lord of the 12th and 9th houses for the Libra Moon Sign. The planet would transit in the eighth house of the occult, sudden loss/gain, and inheritance. 

  • The impacts of Mercury transit in Taurus sign won’t be much favorable for Libra natives.
  • Thus, according to our astrologers, it would be best if Libra men and women avoid getting into arguments with elders. 
  • There is also the possibility of a disagreement over ancestral property. Therefore, people with the Libra zodiac sign must take care of themselves in transit.

Remedy: Chant Mercury beej mantra 108 times daily

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scorpio zodiac sign

Mercury is the lord of the 8th and 11th houses for the Scorpio Moon Sign. Currently, it would transit in the seventh house of relationship, spouse, and partnership. 

  • People with the Scorpio sign who work in partnership will have a favorable time during this transit. They shall gain respect and enjoy successful deals.
  • Moreover, Scorpio natives shall also attract fame during this period. Profits and gains are likely for these natives.
  • However, natives must mind their condition in their personal life, as it may sway a bit.

Remedy: Observe fast on Wednesdays.


sagittarius zodiac sign

Mercury is the lord of the 7th and 10th houses for the Sagittarius Moon Sign. With this Mercury transit in Taurus 2022, the planet will move into the sixth house of daily wages, competition, enemies, and diseases. 

  • As a favorable impact, Sagittarius natives shall enjoy a great time in business or at work.
  • Also, people would perform exceptionally well in their ongoing projects.
  • Furthermore, people with the Sagittarius sign would gain benefits and receive support.
  • There shall also arise some promotion or hike-related possibility on the horizon for Sagittarius men and women.

Remedy: Feeding parrots is one of the best ways to worship planet Mercury.

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capricorn zodiac sign

Mercury is the lord of the sixth and ninth houses for the Capricorn Moon Sign. With this planetary transit of 2022, the planet will move to the 5th house of love, romance, and children.

  • Professionally, Capricorn natives would have a successful period. They will be more creative in completing their project. 
  • Ahead, for students, the predictions say they would possess more focus on their studies and shall solve their problems with fewer efforts. 
  • However, as negative impacts, Capricorn people might see some troubles in their financial world. 

Remedy: Feeding cows green vegetables and grass reduces the impact of low Mercury in the chart.


Interesting Facts About Aquarius

Mercury is the lord of the fifth and eighth houses for the Aquarius Moon sign. During the transit on April 25, Mercury will move into the fourth house of comfort, luxury, home, and mother. 

  • During this Mercury transit in Taurus 2022, natives with the Aquarius sign may experience some ups and downs in their lives. 
  • As an ill impact, it might become difficult for them to focus on their professional lives. 
  • Pisces men and women in business would have to work extra hard to see their work towards accomplishment.

Remedy: Maintain good oral hygiene to reduce the negative effects of Mercury.


pisces zodiac sign

Mercury is the lord of the fourth house for the Pisces Moon Sign. Natives with the Pisces sign will experience the Mercury transit in the third house of courage, travel, and siblings. 

  • During this transit in 2022, the natives shall feel very courageous. Also, their calculations would turn out excellent. 
  • Moreover, during this time, Pisces men and women will experience improvisation in their communication skills.
  • However, as a negative impact, Pisces people might go through some ups and downs when trying to make things work in their personal life.

Remedy: To make Mercury work in your favor, avoid meat, eggs, and alcohol.

Note: Make sure you follow the remedies under the guidance of an astrologer.

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