Alia Bhatt & Ranbir Kapoor wedding bells in 2022? Astrologers predict

Ranbir-alia marriage

When will Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor get married is now a bigger question than when will Salman Khan get married. However, this delay in their much-awaited wedding doesn’t stop the couple from showing their love for each other, and these adorable pictures are the proof.

Clearly, Alia and Ranbir are head over heels for each other, and they would wish to get married soon. However, a lot – right from COVID to work commitments – has been postponing their wedding.

Nevertheless, 2022 could be the year when the couple might finally want to seal the deal. And will they? Well, we would let our astrologers do the talking.

Ranbir and Alia: Opposites attract

There are not many similarities in the horoscopes of Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor. In Ranbir Kapoor’s kundli, Venus, Mercury, Sun and Saturn sit in his first house with the Virgo sign allowing him that charming personality and natural talent. On the other hand, Alia has an exalted Venus and Saturn, both placed in their own signs, which gives her superwoman like skills when it comes to acting. 

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However, owing to Moon & Rahu’s debilitated conjunction, Alia also has to go through some embarrassing situations at times, like in the past.

Alia & Ranbir’s relationship compatibility   

Alia is 11 years younger than Ranbir, and Ranbir’s history with love doesn’t make one of the best stories. The hard time with love in Ranbir’s life is due to his first house aspecting the seventh house, the house of partners. On the other hand, the Moon & Rahu’s unfavourable conjunction for Alia makes her doubt things, including her relationships, at times.

Ranbir is a Capricorn and Alia a Scorpio. These two signs together make a decent couple. In this relationship, Alia is certainly the one who works as the balancer. Overall, the couple together will be able to make a good life for each other. 

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Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s marriage date

Talking about Alia and Ranbir’s wedding date, astrologers are of the opinion that the couple would get married this year only. And while many would think they might wait for a winter wedding but astrologers, however, predict that the couple will seal the deal in April 2022 only. 

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