Moon Transit 2022 Predictions


Moon Transit 2022 Dates, Time and Predictions

Planet Moon in astrology illustrates the emotions and intellect level of an individual. It also represents how you show affection and love to others or demand the same from them in return. Depicting our inner world planet Moon transit gives different results in different houses of your Kundali. Its impact depends on its position with respect to the other houses and planets in your horoscope.

Planet Moon transit provides favorable results in the first, third, sixth, tenth, and eleventh house from the place where your natal Moon is in your horoscope. As for the remaining ones, you could probably get mixed results or face challenges in almost all aspects of your life.

Moon Transit 2022 Date and Time

Planet Moon is the fastest of all planets in Vedic astrology and takes 2 days and 6 hours (approximately 54 hours) to make its transit from one house or zodiac sign to another. In 2022, the Moon would start its transit from the Sagittarius zodiac sign on the very first day of the year. Let's have a look at all the dates and times of Moon Transit 2022:

Moon Transit in January 2022

Transiting From Transiting To Date Day Time
Scorpio Sagittarius January 1, 2022 Saturday 7:17 PM
Sagittarius Capricorn January 3, 2022 Monday 6:52 PM
Capricorn Aquarius January 5, 2022 Wednesday 7:53 PM
Aquarius Pisces January 8, 2022 Saturday 12:15 AM
Pisces Aries January 10, 2022 Monday 8:49 AM
Aries Taurus January 12, 2022 Wednesday 8:45 PM
Taurus Gemini January 15, 2022 Saturday 9:51 AM
Gemini Cancer January 17, 2022 Monday 10:02 PM
Cancer Leo January 20, 2022 Thursday 8:24 AM
Leo Virgo January 22, 2022 Saturday 4:48 PM
Virgo Libra January 24, 2022 Monday 11:08 PM
Libra Scorpio January 27, 2022 Thursday 3:12 AM
Scorpio Sagittarius January 29, 2022 Saturday 5:07 AM
Sagittarius Capricorn January 31, 2022 Monday 5:45 AM

Moon Transit in February 2022

Transiting From Transiting To Date Day Time
Capricorn Aquarius February 2, 2022 Wednesday 6:45 AM
Aquarius Pisces February 4, 2022 Friday 10:02 AM
Pisces Aries February 6, 2022 Sunday 5:09 PM
Aries Taurus February 9, 2022 Wednesday 4:09 AM
Taurus Gemini February 11, 2022 Friday 5:05 PM
Gemini Cancer February 14, 2022 Monday 5:19 AM
Cancer Leo February 16, 2022 Wednesday 3:13 PM
Leo Virgo February 18, 2022 Friday 10:46 PM
Virgo Libra February 21, 2022 Monday 4:31 AM
Libra Scorpio February 23, 2022 Wednesday 8:55 AM
Scorpio Sagittarius February 25, 2022 Friday 12:07 PM
Sagittarius Capricorn February 27, 2022 Sunday 2:22 PM

Moon Transit in March 2022

Transiting From Transiting To Date Day Time
Capricorn Aquarius March 1, 2022 Tuesday 4:31 PM
Aquarius Pisces March 3, 2022 Thursday 8:03 PM
Pisces Aries March 6, 2022 Sunday 2:29 AM
Aries Taurus March 8, 2022 Tuesday 12:30 PM
Taurus Gemini March 11, 2022 Friday 1:03 AM
Gemini Cancer March 13, 2022 Sunday 1:30 PM
Cancer Leo March 15, 2022 Tuesday 11:33 PM
Leo Virgo March 18, 2022 Friday 6:32 AM
Virgo Libra March 20, 2022 Sunday 11:10 AM
Libra Scorpio March 22, 2022 Tuesday 2:33 PM
Scorpio Sagittarius March 24, 2022 Thursday 5:29 PM
Sagittarius Capricorn March 26, 2022 Saturday 8:28 PM
Capricorn Aquarius March 28, 2022 Monday 11:54 PM
Aquarius Pisces March 31, 2022 Thursday 4:32 AM

Moon Transit in April 2022

Transiting From Transiting To Date Day Time
Pisces Aries April 2, 2022 Saturday 11:21 AM
Aries Taurus April 4, 2022 Monday 9:01 PM
Taurus Gemini April 7, 2022 Thursday 9:09 AM
Gemini Cancer April 9, 2022 Saturday 9:51 PM
Cancer Leo April 12, 2022 Tuesday 8:34 AM
Leo Virgo April 14, 2022 Thursday 3:54 PM
Virgo Libra April 16, 2022 Saturday 8:01 PM
Libra Scorpio April 18, 2022 Monday 10:08 PM
Scorpio Sagittarius April 20, 2022 Wednesday 11:41 PM
Sagittarius Capricorn April 23, 2022 Saturday 1:52 AM
Capricorn Aquarius April 25, 2022 Monday 5:29 AM
Aquarius Pisces April 27, 2022 Wednesday 11:00 AM
Pisces Aries April 29, 2022 Friday 6:42 PM

Moon Transit in May 2022

Transiting From Transiting To Date Day Time
Aries Taurus May 2, 2022 Monday 4:44 AM
Taurus Gemini May 4, 2022 Wednesday 4:46 PM
Gemini Cancer May 7, 2022 Saturday 5:34 AM
Cancer Leo May 9, 2022 Monday 5:07 PM
Leo Virgo May 12, 2022 Thursday 1:32 AM
Virgo Libra May 14, 2022 Saturday 6:12 AM
Libra Scorpio May 16, 2022 Monday 7:53 AM
Scorpio Sagittarius May 18, 2022 Wednesday 8:09 AM
Sagittarius Capricorn May 20, 2022 Friday 8:45 AM
Capricorn Aquarius May 22, 2022 Sunday 11:12 AM
Aquarius Pisces May 24, 2022 Tuesday 4:27 PM
Pisces Aries May 27, 2022 Friday 12:38 AM
Aries Taurus May 29, 2022 Sunday 11:15 AM
Taurus Gemini May 31, 2022 Tuesday 11:30 PM

Moon Transit in June 2022

Transiting From Transiting To Date Day Time
Gemini Cancer June 3, 2022 Friday 12:20 PM
Cancer Leo June 6, 2022 Monday 12:25 AM
Leo Virgo June 8, 2022 Wednesday 10:04 AM
Virgo Libra June 10, 2022 Friday 4:06 PM
Libra Scorpio June 12, 2022 Sunday 6:33 PM
Scorpio Sagittarius June 14, 2022 Tuesday 6:32 PM
Sagittarius Capricorn June 16, 2022 Thursday 5:55 PM
Capricorn Aquarius June 18, 2022 Saturday 6:42 PM
Aquarius Pisces June 20, 2022 Monday 10:35 PM
Pisces Aries June 23, 2022 Thursday 6:14 AM
Aries Taurus June 25, 2022 Saturday 5:02 PM
Taurus Gemini June 28, 2022 Tuesday 5:33 AM
Gemini Cancer June 30, 2022 Thursday 6:23 PM

Moon Transit in July 2022

Transiting From Transiting To Date Day Time
Cancer Leo July 3, 2022 Sunday 6:30 AM
Leo Virgo July 5, 2022 Tuesday 4:52 PM
Virgo Libra July 8, 2022 Friday 12:21 AM
Libra Scorpio July 10, 2022 Sunday 4:21 AM
Scorpio Sagittarius July 12, 2022 Tuesday 5:15 AM
Sagittarius Capricorn July 14, 2022 Thursday 4:32 AM
Capricorn Aquarius July 16, 2022 Saturday 4:17 AM
Aquarius Pisces July 18, 2022 Monday 6:34 AM
Pisces Aries July 20, 2022 Wednesday 12:50 PM
Aries Taurus July 22, 2022 Friday 11:01 PM
Taurus Gemini July 25, 2022 Monday 11:32 AM
Gemini Cancer July 28, 2022 Thursday 12:22 AM
Cancer Leo July 30, 2022 Saturday 12:12 PM

Moon Transit in August 2022

Transiting From Transiting To Date Day Time
Leo Virgo August 1, 2022 Monday 10:29 PM
Virgo Libra August 4, 2022 Thursday 6:39 AM
Libra Scorpio August 6, 2022 Saturday 12:06 PM
Scorpio Sagittarius August 8, 2022 Monday 2:37 PM
Sagittarius Capricorn August 10, 2022 Wednesday 2:58 PM
Capricorn Aquarius August 12, 2022 Friday 2:49 PM
Aquarius Pisces August 14, 2022 Sunday 4:15 PM
Pisces Aries August 16, 2022 Tuesday 9:06 PM
Aries Taurus August 19, 2022 Friday 6:06 AM
Taurus Gemini August 21, 2022 Sunday 6:09 PM
Gemini Cancer August 24, 2022 Wednesday 6:56 AM
Cancer Leo August 26, 2022 Friday 6:32 PM
Leo Virgo August 29, 2022 Monday 4:15 AM
Virgo Libra August 31, 2022 Wednesday 12:03 PM

Moon Transit in September 2022

Transiting From Transiting To Date Day Time
Libra Scorpio September 2, 2022 Friday 5:55 PM
Scorpio Sagittarius September 4, 2022 Sunday 9:42 PM
Sagittarius Capricorn September 6, 2022 Tuesday 11:38 PM
Capricorn Aquarius September 9, 2022 Friday 12:39 AM
Aquarius Pisces September 11, 2022 Sunday 2:23 AM
Pisces Aries September 13, 2022 Tuesday 6:35 AM
Aries Taurus September 15, 2022 Thursday 2:28 PM
Taurus Gemini September 18, 2022 Sunday 1:43 AM
Gemini Cancer September 20, 2022 Tuesday 2:23 PM
Cancer Leo September 23, 2022 Friday 2:03 AM
Leo Virgo September 25, 2022 Sunday 11:22 AM
Virgo Libra September 27, 2022 Tuesday 6:18 PM
Libra Scorpio September 29, 2022 Thursday 11:24 PM

Moon Transit in October 2022

Transiting From Transiting To Date Day Time
Scorpio Sagittarius October 2, 2022 Sunday 3:11 AM
Sagittarius Capricorn October 4, 2022 Tuesday 6:01 AM
Capricorn Aquarius October 6, 2022 Thursday 8:27 AM
Aquarius Pisces October 8, 2022 Saturday 11:23 AM
Pisces Aries October 10, 2022 Monday 4:01 PM
Aries Taurus October 12, 2022 Wednesday 11:29 PM
Taurus Gemini October 15, 2022 Saturday 10:01 AM
Gemini Cancer October 17, 2022 Monday 10:28 PM
Cancer Leo October 20, 2022 Thursday 10:30 AM
Leo Virgo October 22, 2022 Saturday 8:04 PM
Virgo Libra October 25, 2022 Tuesday 2:33 AM
Libra Scorpio October 27, 2022 Thursday 6:30 AM
Scorpio Sagittarius October 29, 2022 Saturday 9:05 AM
Sagittarius Capricorn October 31, 2022 Monday 11:23 AM

Moon Transit in November 2022

Transiting From Transiting To Date Day Time
Capricorn Aquarius November 2, 2022 Wednesday 2:16 PM
Aquarius Pisces November 4, 2022 Friday 6:19 PM
Pisces Aries November 7, 2022 Monday 12:04 AM
Aries Taurus November 9, 2022 Wednesday 7:58 AM
Taurus Gemini November 11, 2022 Friday 6:17 PM
Gemini Cancer November 14, 2022 Monday 6:30 AM
Cancer Leo November 16, 2022 Wednesday 6:58 PM
Leo Virgo November 19, 2022 Saturday 5:28 AM
Virgo Libra November 21, 2022 Monday 12:30 PM
Libra Scorpio November 23, 2022 Wednesday 4:03 PM
Scorpio Sagittarius November 25, 2022 Friday 5:21 PM
Sagittarius Capricorn November 27, 2022 Sunday 6:04 PM
Capricorn Aquarius November 29, 2022 Tuesday 7:51 PM

Moon Transit in December 2022

Transiting From Transiting To Date Day Time
Aquarius Pisces December 1, 2022 Thursday 11:47 PM
Pisces Aries December 4, 2022 Sunday 6:16 AM
Aries Taurus December 6, 2022 Tuesday 3:03 PM
Taurus Gemini December 9, 2022 Friday 1:44 AM
Gemini Cancer December 11, 2022 Sunday 1:51 PM
Cancer Leo December 14, 2022 Wednesday 2:32 AM
Leo Virgo December 16, 2022 Friday 2:04 PM
Virgo Libra December 18, 2022 Sunday 10:30 PM
Libra Scorpio December 21, 2022 Wednesday 2:57 AM
Scorpio Sagittarius December 23, 2022 Friday 4:02 AM
Sagittarius Capricorn December 25, 2022 Sunday 3:31 AM
Capricorn Aquarius December 27, 2022 Tuesday 3:30 AM
Aquarius Pisces December 29, 2022 Thursday 5:55 AM
Pisces Aries December 31, 2022 Saturday 11:46 AM

Let us now read in detail the effects of Moon transit 2022 on all 12 houses.

Moon Transit in 1st House from Natal Moon

When the Moon transits in the 1st house from the natal Moon, you shall seek positive results. Work shall run smoothly and satisfactorily in your company, and you would make good development in your undertakings. Your efforts will be acknowledged and rewarded. Moon transit 2022 would also be a monetarily opportune time, and you shall simply repay your debts and achieve your investment objectives. Your marital life would be enjoyable, and your bond with your partner will flourish. There shall be a lot of love and passion in the air. Your relatives and friends would also show their admiration and admiration for you.

During the Chandra Gochar 2022, physical luxuries such as nice clothes, jewelry, and perfumes will keep you pleased. You shall be calm and joyful. Also, it would be a terrific moment for you and your family to be well and free of physical illnesses and enjoy some nice traveling time in terms of health and wellness.

Moon Transit in 2nd House from Natal Moon

At your company, you could face challenges. Supervisors might be dissatisfied, and colleagues may be unfriendly. Avoid unnecessary disputes and arguments by being cautious in your dealings. Overwork should be avoided during the transit of planets in 2022 because it is a time of mental and physical exhaustion. From a financial standpoint, expenditures will be higher, earnings will be lower, and funds will not arrive on schedule. Thus, all dangerous investments should be avoided. Don't go on a spending spree.

There could be conflicts and misunderstandings with your spouse and pals. There will be a lack of social interaction, which might make you frustrated and dissatisfied, leading to a low supply of joy in overall terms. In terms of health, the 2022 Moon transit prediction says that during this time, you might be more susceptible to eye disorders. Therefore, traveling should be avoided at all costs.

Moon Transit in 3rd House from Natal Moon

In terms of career, you would be successful in your profession and would be capable of achieving your goals. Your supervisors will appreciate, acknowledge, and praise you for your efforts. It certainly will become a financially beneficial period for you, and you would be successful in all of your monetary endeavors and ready to reclaim previous dues. Ahead with the 2022 Moon transit, you would be satisfied and happy in your private affairs and enjoy a pleasant home time.

Relationships with your spouse, neighborhood, and relatives shall be good, particularly with your younger brothers and sisters. Relationships with people of the opposite gender will be enjoyable and gratifying. If you get married during Moon planetary transit in 2022, it shall be a joyful marriage. You could eat the nicest stuff that you desire and would be quite happy and content with life. You shall appreciate anything that catches your eye, and in terms of wellbeing, your wellness will be excellent, and you shall feel energized and fit.

Moon Transit in 4th House from Natal Moon

Things will move at a lethargic and troubling pace. However, your expenses will surge, making you extremely cautious with your investments during this phase of decline. So, the Moon transit predictions 2022 say that you should keep an eye on your expenditures. Personally, there could be a loss of empathy and unstable relations, and you may have a conflict with family, particularly those on your mother's side. Not just this, there are even chances that some of your family may lose their fortune too, leading to a sad phase of life.

Ahead 2022 Moon transit predictions foretell, due to health issues, you might feel miserable and unable to appreciate nice cuisine. Restlessness, grief, dread, and doubt will reign supreme, making it an awful time for your wellbeing. During the 2022 Chandra Gochar, you will experience stomach and digestion issues, as well as chest issues. Family members' health could also be a source of concern. Drive cautiously because it could be the disaster time of the year and an inconvenient one for traveling.

Moon Transit in 5th House from Natal Moon

Your intelligence would be at an all-time drop, and the integrity of your employees might deteriorate. As a result, your professional respect and image would decline. The transit period of planets 2022 could be an obstacle-filled time, heading with slow advancement. From a monetary standpoint, you might go through an utterly tough phase. You might not be able to find any successful deals and lose wealth as a result of poor investments. Even your spouse and pals might be unable to lift your spirits. Thus, peep your rage in check, or situations will get a lot worse.

Ahead, the Chandra Gochar predictions 2022 say that even nice meals might be difficult to relish in the general feeling of doom and misery. You may also become moody and restless as a result of your depression and self-pity. And, you should be on the lookout for indigestion and mental sadness as well. However, traveling would be on the cards, but you might have to overcome difficulties to achieve your satisfaction and peace in doing the same.

Moon Transit in 6th House from Natal Moon

You shall feel energized and passionate and be able to work at a rapid pace with ease. With the transit of the Moon in 2022, you will defeat your adversaries and rivals, and be effective in completing the unfinished tasks you have been holding on to for a long time. The superiors will acknowledge you and praise you well, and you might even get some hike in your salary. Thus, financially, Chandra Gochar in 2022 shall be a really strong time for profits, and investments will pay off handsomely.

On the personal front, relationships with your spouse and family will be pleasant and pleasurable. Children will be warm and friendly. You would have a good social life and meet new friends, particularly with those of the opposite gender. Overall, it will be a very enjoyable and enjoyable time. You will be pleased and joyful, and there shall be a lot of affection and love in your life. And, it would be a terrific time to be healthy and worry-free.

Moon Transit in 7th House from Natal Moon

As per the 2022 Moon transit predictions, the time will bring you success in all of your endeavors. Any business relationships with foreigners or international firms will be fruitful. Your efforts will be noticed, and your colleagues will praise you. You shall have an advantage over your colleagues and competitors, and financial gains will be substantial and will come from a variety of sources in the most unexpected manner. There will be a lot of love and passion in the air. You and your partner will enjoy a very happy marriage. Your children will bring you joy as well.

Ahead with the Moon planetary transit 2022, you would have a satisfactory socializing life and meet new people of the opposite gender. It shall be a fantastic time for all kinds of pleasures. You will be pampered with an excellent bed, wardrobe, food, and drink. Also, during this transit in 2022, general satisfaction and a sense of happiness and delight will dominate. Everything will be okay in terms of health. Just remember, not to overindulge in alcoholic beverages.

Moon Transit in 8th House from Natal Moon

There will be numerous roadblocks in your way at work. Avoid disputes and clashes with your boss. Do not engage in any plotting or secretive deals. Your opponents will grow in number and cause you problems. Funds will not come to you in time. Avoid any investments since this is a very bad time, and the risk of losing money is very high. At residence, there would be squabbles and arguments. The marriage will suffer as a result. There will be little social interaction, and passion and love will indeed be scarce. You would not be able to eat well and might go hungry on occasions.

There will be little in the way of facilities and amenities. Unnecessary worry and anxiety, as well as a feeling of failure and despair, will reign supreme. It's a particularly horrible period for health. During this time, you may experience digestive issues, diarrhea, and piles-related disorders. Keep an eye on your foot on the staircase, be cautious crossing the street, and avoid any games, sports, and hobbies that require physical exertion. Resist traveling at this time because it is a high-risk season for catastrophes and natural disasters.

Moon Transit in 9th House from Natal Moon

Activities will be tough to complete, and you might experience pressure from your superiors. Even the most diligent efforts will not deliver outcomes, and you may suffer some reputational damage. With 2022 Chandra Gochar, your opponents and adversaries shall have the dominant position. The cash inflow would be poor, and the prospects of some liabilities shall be high, which shall result in some hurt or losses. Household life will be difficult as well. Disagreements or confrontations with your father and children should be avoided. There will be no conjugal pleasure. However, you may conduct some charitable or religious activities that would be profitable and help you build a good reputation.

With Moon planetary transit in Vedic astrology, you would not be able to eat well. There shall be little in the way of amenities and luxuries. Also, anxiety would be your continual company. You might be bothered by stomach problems, fatigue, and thigh, hip, and leg discomfort. With that, during the 2022 Moon transit, you could go on a religious pilgrimage, but it might be exhausting.

Moon Transit in 10th House from Natal Moon

Professionally, Moon transit in 2022 would be an excellent time. Your efforts will achieve the desired outcomes, and your superiors will commend you. It is also possible that you'll receive a raise or an award, making it an economically advantageous time. It would also be an excellent time to begin new endeavors. The money would be enough to satisfy you and help you when required, and your purchases will pay off well.

Ahead of the Moon transit 2022, it shall be a great time to start a happy and satisfied family. Marital bliss will be enjoyable, and you shall have frequent social interaction with some new people. It would help you obtain a good image and admiration in society. During the 2022 Chandra Gochar, you will have access to superb, tasty cuisine as well as material luxuries. Without any anxieties, a really cheerful, comfortable, and pleasant period would be in your bag. Along with it, touring shall be in the cards too, helping you explore and see the world from a different point of view.

Moon Transit in 11th House from Natal Moon

Work progression would be outstanding, earning you your supervisors' admiration and praise. With Moon transit in 2022, you would also be rewarded well in your esteemed organization. It would be a fine time to acquire profits. Your earnings shall increase, and you will be able to pay off past debts. All economic ventures shall be profitable and provide excellent returns. This transit period of planets 2022 would also provide you with contentment, happiness, and joyful marital life on a private level. You would meet new people and appreciate the companionship of people of the opposite gender.

Moreover, with Chandra Gochar in 2022, you shall enjoy a very sociable existence in family gatherings and get-togethers with friends. Eligible individuals may also have the opportunity to meet their prospective spouses. You would eat delicious meals and enjoy numerous worldly facilities and amenities during this period. With this planetary transit in 2022, you will be in a good mood, full of excitement and satisfaction.

Moon Transit in 12th House from Natal Moon

At work, you may make delayed and lethargic progress, as per the 2022 Moon transit predictions. Your superiors might not be pleased with your activeness or work process. Thus, it is advisable that you must refrain from doing all shady dealings and unlawful acts at all costs. It is not the time to be looking for development and wealth; instead, take precautions and hold on to whatever you have. With Moon transit in 2022, expenditure will rise, and earnings might be insufficient to cover them. So, avoid any financial transactions and interactions at this time since it is a particularly bad period for losses.

Ahead, the Chandra Gochar 2022 predictions say that you must avoid disagreements and arguments with your spouse and family on an individual basis. During this time, love and marital life might take a distant place. There could be a scarcity of good meals and simple pleasures. You must be wary of jealousy and sluggishness. Travels are available, but they would not make you pleased, and you should keep an eye on your wallet.

Vedic remedies for malefic Moon:

If you possess a malefic or weak Moon in your chart, adopt these remedies and curb the negative impacts of the planet:
  • Because the Moon signifies mother, persons with a weak Moon in their horoscope must not go off from their mother's desires. You must always obey her but never argue with her.
  • It is preferable for natives with a weak Moon in their horoscope to avoid the dairy industry. Young children, particularly girls, should be given sweets by such folks.
  • Placing white flowers at graves can also aid when planet Moon is in a bad mood.
  • You must keep pets as well as provide milk to them on a regular basis.
  • You should also resist being alone for long periods of time. One of the Moon's most favorite therapies is to practice meditation each day because it soothes the mind.
  • Any religious place created on your name should be avoided.
  • Moon is strengthened by delivering milk to Shivalingam.
  • Birds must not be kept as pets since enclosing them can worsen the problem.

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