Ketu Transit 2022 Predictions


Ketu Transit 2022 Dates, Time and Predictions

Being an imaginary planet, Ketu or the South Node of Moon is a powerful planet and directly influences the soul of the native. Known as the Dragon's tail, it could give both positive and negative results during its transit in a zodiac sign. If positive, you shall attain divine wisdom and salvation. However, if malefic, you might go through a tendency of separation from almost everything in your life.

And, among all the transit periods of planets, Ketu transit is one of the most majestic and enigmatic ones and shall impact your life during Ketu’s Major and Minor periods. Whatever illness Rahu gives, Ketu planet takes it all. Thus, its effects are not just intense but also felt wide and far.

Ketu Transit 2022 Date and Time

Just like Rahu, the transit of Ketu is of 18 months (one and a half years) and holds immense astrological importance. With the year beginning, Ketu will be in the Scorpio sign and later would transit to the Libra zodiac sign. Let's have a look at the dates and times of Ketu Transit 2022:

Planet of Transit Transiting From Transiting To Date Time
Ketu Scorpio Libra April 12, 2022 10:36 AM

Let us now read in detail the effects of Ketu transit in 2022 on all 12 zodiac signs.

Ketu Transit 2022 for Aries

Ketu will transit in the eight house for Aries natives at the start of 2022, which signifies an increase in mental tension as well as physical anguish and misery. In your line of employment, you may see numerous ups and downs. However, financially, everything would run fine. Ketu will later transit in the 7th house of partnerships and marriage and Libra zodiac sign in April 2022. It would bring the Aries natives a time of joyfulness accompanied by the capability of maintaining a harmonious connection with your partner at work, business, or life. However, some of you might unwittingly engage in a pointless dispute with your spouse in the hopes of proving your virtues, but you would only resent it afterward.

Your partner might experience health problems. There are even chances that he/she could turn more religiously inclined and inflexible as well. Ahead of the Ketu transit 2022 predictions say that excessive spending will irritate you, and you might be agitated as a result of traveling frequently and unexpectedly, or any such worries that are primarily irrational or hold constant pressure. For Aries people in business, you must remain vigilant in all of the transactions that you and your company partners engage in. The stronger your bond would become, the better you shall benefit from your business. But, if you have projects or plans in other countries, you would not be very successful in managing them. Thus, Ketu Gochar 2022 recommends you be solid in your judgments and command over what is proper and wrong throughout this period.


  • On Saturdays and Tuesdays, offer the Banyan tree fresh milk, sugar, as well as sesame seeds.
  • Pray to Lord Ganesha in a shrine or at your home.

Ketu Transit 2022 for Taurus

For Taurus folks, Ketu will transit in the 7th house of partnerships and marriage when the New Year 2022 begins. It implies that there could be slight troubles in your marriage. You might run into some misunderstanding and disagreement with your partner. So, you should try to eliminate any such debate. During this time, children with the Taurus sign will achieve success. Following this, Ketu will transit in the 6th house of debt, daily wages, and enemies in April. This time frame may cause you to become inadvertently entangled in some plot or controversy. Still, the finest aspect of the Ketu transit 2022 is that your opponents will vanquish.

There will be unexpected benefits, and efforts made by you or others in services or vocation, any work, etc., that may yield profitable results by the latter half of the year. Plus, it is a high possibility that your thoughts will get clearer. Some of you may deal with minor health issues that you don't want to discuss with others. As a result, you would attempt to resolve these challenges without the assistance of others. Some people may possess fitness issues that even medical professionals may not be able to accurately diagnose. There are even chances that you might experience issues with your belly and intestine. Thus, during this transit of planets in 2022, some of the Taurus natives may get more skeptical about things in your life, which would only make the scenarios bad. However, on the other hand, during this transit, you would find yourself drawn to spirituality rather than material stress.


  • Put a bit of silver inside your wallet as it would help you flourish financially.
  • Daily recite the Ganesha Stotram, Ketu Stotra, as well as Ganesh Chalisa.

Ketu Transit 2022 for Gemini

For Gemini natives, the year starts with the Ketu transit in the 6th house. It suggests that you will win every discussion you participate in during this time frame. There may be some spending, but every individual effort you put in to improve your economic state will pay off, and you will be able to spare money. Students who are studying for competitive tests will do well. Later in April 2022, Ketu will transit in the 5th house of romance, love, and education. And with this planetary transit 2022 in Vedic astrology, your social circle would expand, but gains from them will be moderate.

As for the love birds, you may have splits or breakups at this time. There may be certain issues and problems in pregnancy for the Gemini natives planning to have babies during this time. This phase might act as an interruption for the students too, and you might feel like they are slipping from their focus. In particular, it would be your past work consequences that you shall be facing now in your academics. Also, with Ketu Transit 2022, married individuals shall have a strained relationship with their children. Try to express your partner and kids extra love and care since this may be a must-move for a peaceful household life at this time. You might not feel like you're performing wisely in your relationship right now, but it would be more in your head than in reality. So, avoid the thought as much as you can and go ahead with your life in the best way possible.


  • Give milk and bread to stray dogs or look after a pet dog.
  • On Thursdays, give black mustard seeds to someone in need.

Ketu Transit 2022 for Cancer

For Cancer natives, the year starts with the Ketu transit in the 5th house. It shows that your youngsters may have health issues. However, students will benefit from this transit period of the planet in 2022 as they would achieve some academic progress. With enormous effort and hard work, you would observe a rise in the level of wealth during this time. Following that, in April, Ketu will transit in the 4th house of comfort, luxury, and mother, causing some health concerns for you. In addition, your mother's health might fluctuate too, causing you to be agitated due to household and estate issues. Not just this, during this time, there may be various property-related difficulties that may arise. From a travel perspective, it will be a good time for the people with the Cancer zodiac sign.

If you can achieve peace with your relations on both the mother's and father's sides, situations around you shall make logical sense. Your mother may develop a spiritual bent and a greater enthusiasm for religious activities. However, when it comes to real estate deals, like purchasing and selling houses, apartments, buildings, and site plots, you will have to use extra caution. It's even more important not to launch any major real estate projects during the Ketu Gochar 2022. Some of you might even feel as though your level of contentment in life is diminishing. However, that shall not be true, and with time passing, you would aspire to feel satisfied or fulfilled, especially in your personal life.


  • On Thursdays, keep fast. Also, avoid eating any salt throughout the duration.
  • Each morning, put a saffron tilak onto your brow.

Ketu Transit 2022 for Leo

For people with the Leo zodiac sign, Ketu will transit in the fourth house. And the Ketu transit 2022 prediction says that you may have to deal with difficult family problems during this time. Family tension will aggravate your mental discomfort, being the leading reason for your health deterioration. On the other hand, you will make a lot of money and get revenue from it if you sell some of your holdings. Following this, Ketu will transit in the 3rd house of short travels, courage, and siblings in April 2022. You're likely to get a mixed bag of results. If you work in a metaphysical or aesthetic sector such as astrology, music, dancing, singing, or psychology, you would foresee performing with increased energy and excitement. However, if your existing energy levels drop, you may be forced to work more mindfully in all the areas of your life.

Furthermore, because there is a greater risk of misunderstanding throughout your interactions with others, you should think prior to speaking. Try to be as specific as possible in your conversation to reduce any unintended gaps. It might also be necessary to repair your relationship with your younger siblings, which may be strained at this time. Some of you would travel for a short period of time, particularly to religiously noteworthy locations. Your unwavering faith in God may bring you supernatural blessings, which may help you avoid many of the negative impacts of the Ketu transit 2022.


  • Put a silver chain in your neck. You could also wear one silver ring without any joint in your right hand.
  • Make Lord Ketu pleased and acquire his blessings.
  • You could also do a Ganesh Pooja at your home or temple.

Ketu Transit 2022 for Virgo

For Virgos, Ketu will transit in the third house when the New Year 2022 begins. As a result, you would have a stronger public persona, which would allow you to garner the respect of your co-workers and achieve accomplishment at work. Due to a boost in your interaction ability, you shall reap many advantages. During the transit of Ketu in 2022, your siblings may experience some difficulties. Ketu will transit in the 2nd house of money, wealth, and speech later in April. It suggests that you must foresee precaution in 2022 and that you must be very watchful when speaking since this can disrupt the serenity in your interactions with those around you. You may need to concentrate your efforts on the household sphere since discord is a possibility. If you commence devoting more private time with your loved ones, things will start to fall into place.

Having the assistance of your family will become a reason for optimism and determination, especially during the Ketu Transit 2022. It is advisable to preserve money and accumulate riches for tomorrow because these are unpredictable times in terms of your possessions and cash equivalents. On the other hand, this will be the most difficult phase for many conservatives professionally, as Ketu Gochar 2022 would be a pack of stressful events and pessimism. For Virgo natives, failure and grief are possible outcomes in a variety of undertakings. Love life would be sad and full of dramatic upheaval, and many of you may face unwanted job moves or promotions. During this period, you may become estranged from your friends and contacts as well.


  • Each day, give the birds with seven grains.
  • Stay far away from gossip and make choices using your head.

Ketu Transit 2022 for Libra

For people with the Libra sign, Ketu will be in the 2nd house when the New Year 2022 will start. It foretells a difficult scenario in your family for you. So, if you put forth your best effort, you shall reap the benefits of foreign supplies. In terms of money, luck will be on your side, and you shall make a profit and achieve partial success. You would also be successful in a variety of property-related endeavors. After that, in April, Ketu will transit in the 1st house of personality and self, giving the Libra natives a liking to reading, astrology, meditation, healing, and other related activities. Every action and choice you make must hold a strategy. With each appraisal, you shall become bright and diplomatic and succeed in primary and intermediate education. However, your higher education may confront some challenges.

Those working in the domain of research will triumph after a great deal of perseverance and hard effort. Challenges and hardships in your route would be there while achieving your tasks. It is critical to maintaining a strong level of confidence and motivation throughout your life, as the Ketu Transit 2022 may not be fully favorable to you. Your wellness may require extra attention, and this would be your first priority right now. In this sense, the big advice is that you do take special care of yourself because there is a potential of a mild head injury during the planetary transit in 2022. You may appear less energetic and charming to others, and a few of you may experience a change in personality attributes too. But, overall, it would all be beneficial for your life in the long run.


  • Donate your old garments to those in need.
  • Wear an authentic, beautiful cat's eye gem with the help of a professional astrologer.

Ketu Transit 2022 for Scorpio

For Scorpions, Ketu would be in the first house at the beginning of 2022. It means that you might be unable to save money, and as a consequence, your spending will rise. Plenty of your aspirations would be pursued with vigor. To succeed in any of your transferring initiatives, it is essential that you work extremely hard and put in the extra effort. Following this, Ketu will transit in the 12th house of salvation, foreign gains, and expenditure in mid-April. And, as per the Ketu Gochar 2022 predictions, you may be spiritually oriented at this time, which will take you down the path of devotion. Also, with the Ketu planetary transit in 2022, you may be beneficial to spiritual practitioners and those who are sincere about achieving moksha or nirvana. However, it is not advisable to engage in excessive charitable giving because you would be intuitively tempted to do so.

It is because, monetarily, you would do too much for other people; the chances are probable that you might run out of money for yourself. So, it's best to be watchful and attentive. Scorpio natives, who have plans to travel overseas during the transit of Ketu in 2022, may find it advantageous. Additionally, some of you might have a sleep disturbance issue, which might slow your pace of everyday routine. So, take care of that. However, on the other hand, you shall perhaps figure out the true taste of life because of your ongoing situations. Opponents' issues will undoubtedly be resolved undoubtedly, and legal cases would be won. Comfort, delight, clandestine affairs, and the consumption of fancy foods will be enjoyed by the Scorpio natives.


  • Each day, put a turmeric tilak onto your neck and forehead.
  • Look after the dogs on the street.

Ketu Transit 2022 for Sagittarius

For Sags in the house, Ketu will transit in the 12th house at the beginning of 2022. And because of it, there may be a crisis in your marital connection, and your spouse's health might deteriorate. If you were contemplating starting a business, Ketu Gochar 2022 appears to be a good time to do it. During this planetary transit 2022, you would see yourself lavishing your money on your loved ones. Thus to prevent a financial crisis, it is necessary that you pay heed to your collected riches. Following this, in April, Ketu will transit in the 11th house of gains and ambition, ensuring success in all aspects of academics for students born with the Sagittarius sign. The health of kids and dear ones might be a topic of worry. Therefore, it is a vital factor that you take sufficient care of them.

There would be calm and relaxation at home, as well as good ties with relatives. Those in search of money and love will prosper. For many Sagittarius people, their newly set venture would function smoothly and profitably. Your ambitions and dreams may come true, resulting in overall satisfaction. However, if you flip the coin, you may see that it is not making as much money as from your job or enterprise. Ahead, Ketu transit 2022 predictions say that there might be some misunderstandings with your older siblings, and your basic approach may not be acceptable enough to maintain a cordial connection with your pals. Thus, during this transit, your involvement with many of your known buddies might be constrained, and you might only have a few.


  • Maintain positive contact with your nephew, son, and other little kids around you.
  • On Tuesdays, give a red flag in the temple.

Ketu Transit 2022 for Capricorn

For Capricorn natives, Ketu will transit in the eleventh house in 2022 beginning. It means that luck would be on your side. As a result, your earnings will certainly explode, and you shall be ready to overcome all of your foes, heading with a possibility of economic profits and gains. During this time, individuals will be able to obtain higher degrees. After that, in April, Ketu would transit the 10th house, causing major difficulties at the workplace. On the corporate front, your seniors or colleagues might keep high hopes from you, which you may not be able to meet each time. It might lead to a downfall in your career and image in your workspace. Even though steadiness will be lacking, there may be a minor increase in monthly wages. Business natives will suffer some losses for a while, but their overall situation will stay stable. There may be some unexpectedly beneficial surprising financial rewards as well.

Ketu Transit 2022 will bring you more benefits than drawbacks. You may experience more focus on your job and be able to carry out your responsibilities with vigor. However, you must remember to avoid picking on numerous duties at the same instance. For paid workers, professionals, and corporate executives, this would be a terrific time. Those in theology and spirituality-related professions, such as palmistry and astrology, shall perform well and see their careers flourishing. But, the big suggestion as per the Ketu transit 2022 predictions is that you avoid any immoral behavior of any kind, as this will undoubtedly make you see downfalls in the foreseeable future.


  • In your daily routine, pick grey, brown, or multicolor clothing.
  • Each day, take a teaspoon of honey in a glass of water.

Ketu Transit 2022 for Aquarius

For Aquarians, Ketu will be in the 10th house when the year 2022 begins. It means that your work life might have some highs and lows. You will initiate primarily on your knowledge and capabilities and shall successfully manage the circumstances in your life. On the personal front, your kids would help you in your marital relationship. However, students with the Aquarius sign might have a hampered and disrupted time in academics. After that, Ketu will transit in the ninth house of fortune, luck, and spirituality in mid-April 2022, making you act more piously and morally in both your professional and personal life and inclining towards spiritual enlightenment.

With Ketu Transit 2022, you would feel drawn to the divine path and holy endeavor almost from the start. It will help you become optimistic towards life and see everything from a noble point of view. In fact, you might not even harbor any negative feelings toward people, which would help you get respect in society. Ahead, there's a good probability that few of you shall meet spiritual sages or mentors. You can also seek the graces of your seniors, which would help you gain strength and inspire noble ideals. Those with a desire to practice meditation and yoga would find this timeframe to be ideal for their practice. You will achieve achievement in trips and gains in riches and overall income. For Aquarius natives who are single, Ketu transit 2022 would be a good moment for relationships and friendships. Only remember to take care of your health and not welcome any stress or tension in your life of any sort.


  • Wear gold earrings. 
  • Chant the Ketu mantra.

Ketu Transit 2022 for Pisces

For people with the Pisces zodiac sign, planet Ketu will transit in the ninth house at the start of 2022. As a result, you may need to relocate far away from your home for several reasons. You may feel lonesome throughout the transit of Ketu in 2022, but you will grow accustomed to it. In terms of money, this is likely to be an ordinary period for you, approaching neither too many gains nor losses. Following this, Ketu will transit in the 8th house of occult science, inheritance, and sudden loss/gain. This transit may be unfavorable to your companions' personal or professional success. During this transit, the increase in your partner's fortune may not be great. Some of you may experience unwanted challenges, but this will only help you grow morally.

You would also be more aware of your emotions since you may find yourself in a heated workplace quarrel. It may make you annoyed and damage your professional image and hard-earned reputation. There are high prospects that you might not expect the usual support from your colleagues as well. Ahead, Ketu Gochar 2022 shall bring you financial wealth and stability. Only keep in mind to avoid relying on unanticipated ways of income because they may be unhelpful. Natives with the Pisces sign during Ketu transit 2022 may be drawn to astrology, mystical science, the metaphysical world, meditation, and yoga, among other things. For research-oriented folks in any field or vocation, this would be a very fruitful moment. But on the downside, there is a possible chance that relations with siblings and relatives might become tense, leading to the deterioration of your healthy mind and emotional wellbeing.


  • Have milk with saffron mixed in it.
  • Donate bananas and black blankets to poor people.

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