Sun Transit 2022 Predictions


Sun Transit 2022 Dates, Time and Predictions

Sun in astrology represents vitality and wellbeing. With it, you possess leadership qualities and the hunger to prove yourself worthy in front of the world. Having a deep influence on the life of the native planet Sun also gives us the strength to manifest the things and marks one wants to grab in his/her life.

The ascendant of the natal chart via which the transit is studied is the house where the Moon sits. The Sun's transit in the Lagna of the 3rd, 6th, 10th, and 11th houses are anticipated to provide positive outcomes. It's worth noting that the influence of the Sun transit in a Moon sign is apt to bring negative results for the inhabitants. Thus, it is significant to note that each zodiac sign of the astrology chart is influenced differently by the Sun's transit.

Sun Transit 2022 Date and Time

Planet Sun takes one whole month to complete its transit in a zodiac sign. And Sun Transit in 2022 would begin with the advent of the planet in the Capricorn sign in the very first month and would end with the Sun transiting the Sagittarius sign in mid-December. Let's have a look at the dates and times of Sun Transit 2022:

Planet of Transit Transiting From Transiting To Date Time
Sun Sagittarius Capricorn January 14, 2022 02:43 PM
Capricorn Aquarius February 13, 2022 03:41 AM
Aquarius Pisces March 15, 2022 12:30 AM
Pisces Aries April 14, 2022 08:56 AM
Aries Taurus May 15, 2022 05:44 AM
Taurus Gemini June 15, 2022 12:18 PM
Gemini Cancer July 16, 2022 11:11 PM
Cancer Leo August 17, 2022 07:37 AM
Leo Virgo September 17, 2022 07:35 AM
Virgo Libra October 17, 2022 07:36 PM
Libra Scorpio November 16, 2022 07:28 PM
Scorpio Sagittarius December 16, 2022 10:11 AM

Let us now read in detail the effects of Sun transit in 2022 on all 12 zodiac signs.

Sun Transit 2022 for Aries

For Aries natives, Sun rules the fifth house of romance, creativity, and children in your natal chart. The Sun's entry into Aries is a particularly fortunate transit for Aries people. During the favorable Sun transit 2022, you are expected to be blessed with better job prospects, as well as promotions or wage raises. You will also have the opportunity to earn from official authorities and negotiate some significant business arrangements. Financially, the transit of the Sun in 2022 will also be favorable for the folks with the Aries zodiac sign. You may anticipate a steady input of funds, resulting in a boost in your cash flow. In terms of professional progression, this transit period of planets will be quite favorable; as a result, your fiscal situation will improve.

It is recommendable that you engage in the power industry since you stand a good possibility of making a profit. In terms of health, you will probably be in good shape and hopeful about all sects of your life during the Surya Gochar 2022. Full of passion and excitement, even the confidence in you will be at its peak, and any ailments you have would most certainly disappear. However, in a romance, your relationship life will appear to be mediocre because you can be a little controlling in your approach due to the trait of the house. It could cause problems in your love life in general. As a result, it's best to be responsible and avoid situations that lead to fights or quarrels.

Remedy: Repeating the Ram Raksha Stotra every morning would bring you good fortune.

Sun Transit 2022 for Taurus

Sun controls the 4th house of mother, luxuries, and comfort for Taurus natives. One of the Surya Gochar 2022 impacts might be an intense fall in the health of your mother. As a result, you could encounter some unexpected challenges, so stick with her and assist her in any way you can. Career-wise, Sun transit 2022 would be beneficial for people experiencing difficulties at work because you shall finish all of your chores without difficulty during the Sun planetary transit 2022 in Vedic astrology. Financially, your expenditures may rise as a result of your current lifestyle. However, if you try harder and calmly, matters will work out in your direction, and you will advance in your job and earnings. In fact, you shall also obtain a reputable image in your workplace and around your known ones.

Your prospects for future prosperity would improve with the transit of the Sun in 2022. Here, business people with the Taurus sign can strike a solidly profitable bargain. Because, your anger may overshadow your actions, it would be best to keep your distance from someone with whom you possess disagreement and opinionated issues. There's a chance you'll be swamped with work, so plan your day carefully. Your mother would perform an essential part in shaping your crucial decisions, especially at work, because your 4th house also enters into the spotlight at this time. Thus, keenly listen to her and follow what she says.

Remedy: Daily in the morning, in a copper vessel, give water to Lord Sun.

Sun Transit 2022 for Gemini

Planet Sun is the lord of the 3rd house of the Kundali, which governs siblings, communication, and courage for Gemini inhabitants. During the Sun transit 2022, you would be tempted to make some calculated actions in order to further your prospects. This decision will provide positive consequences for you. Plus, you may find yourself spending money socializing to brag about your monetary achievements. However, don't go crazy with your purchasing and search for methods to prepare for the adverse season. There might be plenty of tasks on your plate, and you might feel overwhelmed with most of them. Delaying or keeping them late would bulk things for you, making everything difficult in the long run. Thus, pick each task and complete it in the given time.

Businesspeople may become unhappy as a result of their inability to operate the business adequately. Thus, until the transit of planets in 2022 stays, Gemini natives must avoid partnerships or deals of any sort. Your romantic life would continue to be fantastic, and you will probably invest extra time with your partner, siblings, and friends throughout the Sun Gochar 2022. Those who have been married shall notice positive benefits in their marriage. However, your wellness might get harmed. Your knees and lower abdomen could be in a troublesome situation during transit. Therefore, a balanced diet would be necessary for your health, as you may potentially have mild vision or neck issues.

Remedy: Meditation upon the Surya Yantra regularly in the mornings is one of the Sun transit 2022 remedies.


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Sun Transit 2022 for Cancer

The Sun rules the second house, which governs speech, family, and money for Cancer natives. As per the Sun transit 2022, people with the Cancer zodiac sign might have to deal with health issues. It is recommendable that you avoid eating anything to which you are allergic. Your vanity may grow stronger, and your language may become sour. Because of your individual attitude, there may be a conflict inside your family. Also, your partner may be the one who suffers the most; as a result, you should value your partner's advice and not dismiss their sentiments. Couples must maintain their compatibility with their partners in all means and manners.

It is also the perfect time to put money aside for future requirements. During this transit period of planet Sun in 2022, you won't have any substantial financial obligations. In social circles, your degree of acceptance would rise. Make the most of this favorable situation to advance your overall prospect. Throughout this period, you shall have excellent health. For the Cancer natives, there won't be any serious health problems, and you'll be in a generally upbeat mindset. However, that doesn’t mean that you can go easy on your eating habits or strict schedule. So, maintain that in all ways.

Remedy: Always obey your dad or other family men, as well as the government.

Sun Transit 2022 for Leo

The Sun would linger in the ascendant or 1st house of your Kundali for Leo people. Sun transit 2022 here will be advantageous to Leo residents in particular. The social arena of your life would run excellently, and your professional esteem would get better. You would also become the center of interest because of your captivating nature. During the Sun transit 2022, you shall be stable in most areas of your life. Plus, you would be quite efficient and productive as well. Also with that, you shall notice a significant change in your attitude, as well as a surge of energy and enthusiasm within you.

Ahead as per the Sun transit 2022 predictions, you must try to keep your comments and actions under order as any fresh or bitter comments you may make can cause harm to those close to you. Thus, try to refrain from conversations with people who can provoke you to become angry or quarrelsome. Ahead of Surya Gochar 2022, married couples might go on a romantic outing with their partner and experience a beautiful time together. Personality-wise, you will behave bravely, and with this transit, you shall also be involved in some daring activities. However, you must also remember to be careful around things or scenarios that can harm you physically. In terms of ailments, you would not have any serious health issues, and your wellness would hardly be affected negatively during the transit of the Sun in 2022.

Remedy: Daily perform Surya Namaskar.

Sun Transit 2022 for Virgo

For Virgos, Sun is the lord of the 12th house, which is responsible for isolation, liberation, and decline. The influence of the Sun's transit in Virgo's moon sign is regarded as inauspicious for the natives. You are likely to experience downturns in your financial situation, social standing, and health during this transit period of 2022. There is a probability you will have to deal with difficult conditions at work. You might have to move jobs or obtain a relocation order during the Sun planetary transit 2022 in Vedic astrology. Therefore, you should strive to remain cool and collected; else, your mental state may suffer. Financially, you might suffer inevitable expenditures but must not be concerned; the phase is likely to pass quickly.

According to yearly Sun transit 2022 predictions, it might be challenging for you to achieve mental serenity during this time because health difficulties are expected to bother you mentally. During this planetary transit in 2022, you should avoid adopting hasty judgments, or you might have to deal with the repercussions of your decisions afterward. There will also be an increase in emotional stress. The reason for it could be your traveling to a foreign location. As a result, it indicates, this time is not very advantageous for you. But those who are living outside of India and living overseas are more likely to achieve positive outcomes.

Remedy: On Sundays do some charity work. Donate wheat, jaggery, and dark vermillion-colored clothing to strengthen the Sun.


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Sun Transit 2022 for Libra

For people with the Libra zodiac sign, Sun rules the eleventh house, which symbolizes friends. Because it is afflicted in your zodiac sign, it means that enjoying time with family and friends is indeed very essential, and the better you interact with them and enjoy spending moments with them, the more favorable the outcome would be for you. Libra is a masculine and airy zodiac sign. It illustrates balancing scales, which means justice, fair play, and harmony. The Sun planet, on the contrary, freely distributes light to everybody. Everybody gets the exact amount of planet Sun's grace when they come outside, whether they are poor or rich, a saint or crook. In the sign of Libra, the Sun is weakened. In addition, planet Sun is indeed not favorable to Venus in the Libra zodiac sign, making you feel confined. As a result of the Sun's transit into the Libra sign, some individuals may become diverted from their higher ambitions.

Some people might face difficulties in their relationships and become less ready to put forth the energy to politely negotiate with their partners for joint ventures. Some folks might be out of sync when it comes to visualizing their goals, and they may seem less at ease in their daily lives. In terms of wellness, because the Sun is a dry celestial body, it can trigger a variety of skin issues. It is vital that you stay refreshed by drinking lots of fluids throughout the Surya Gochar 2022.

Remedy: Limit your intake of salt as well as rice in any way.

Sun Transit 2022 for Scorpio

For folks with the Scorpio zodiac sign, Sun will rule the 10th house of your Kundali. With Sun transit 2022 in the Scorpio zodiac sign, natives will be able to reclaim their funds. Professionally, it would probably be a pretty good time for you. And, those who work far enough from their native place might receive an opportunity closer to the residence. There shall also be opportunities for government positions for the Scorpio natives. Sun Transit 2002 will be advantageous for you in terms of wealth and education as well. You would notice a variety of alterations in your life, including how you manage events in life, which might be one of the biggest Sun transit 2022 consequences. It's possible that you might become naturally aggressive, and during this time, your relationship may become a little more challenging as you and your partner may have minor disagreements.

Ahead the Sun Transit 2022 predictions foretell that your concepts are assured to make a difference, so be calm and consider everything through prior to actually reacting on any. Professionally, you would not notice a go-to environment at work, which could be concerning. Your communication will get affected as a result of inflating ego; therefore, it is advisable to remain calm and deal with the situation as it arises, rather than worrying about tomorrow or what is yet to happen. Your father or a fatherly figure in your life will be there for you. In terms of health, it is recommendable to be cautious in issues of wellbeing. To keep excellent sleeping as well as eating practices, you need to reduce stress and over-complication.

Remedy: To please Lord Sun, chant Gayatri Mantra or Aditya Hridaya Stotra or daily in the morning.

Sun Transit 2022 for Sagittarius

For all the Sagittarius buddies in the house, Sun rules the ninth house of fortune and luck. As a result, it is apparent that you would be an extremely fortunate person throughout the transit of planet Sun in 2022. Thus, you can resume any kind of unfinished chores. Ahead, during the Sun Transit 2022, you shall be drawn to religious pursuits and would be active in visiting shrines. A long trip would be appropriate for you, plus it would also provide benefits. On the other hand, it may cause you to become more irritable and aggressive.

According to the Sun transit predictions 2022, you may try to attract the limelight and rule people. It is advisable that you avoid hasty choices and refrain from dominating situations. It could prove to be a disadvantage in the near future. Students will concentrate on disciplines that would assist them in determining the best route to achievement. Property investments will pay off economically for you. Courage, self-assertion, and determination shall assist you in conquering your issues. Ahead with Surya Gochar 2022, luck will help you prosper from all worldly items and provide you optimism and great energy into your lifestyle. So put it to good use, else you might risk burning your personality and life by selecting poor choices.

Remedy: In the mornings, serve water to the Sun as well as to conduct Surya Namaskar.

Sun Transit 2022 for Capricorn

For Capricorn natives, Sun will be the lord of the 8th house, which depicts sudden loss/gain, transformations, and uncertainty. And with the Sun transit 2022, you might experience an unexpected increase or decline in your life. Events would be extra unpredictable for you, and you would notice abrupt shifts in yourself and your entire persona. This planetary transit in 2022 will help you develop your management skills along with addressing some wellbeing difficulties. You would want to demonstrate your capabilities to your father or a fatherly person, but there's a possibility you'll fall short. In order to prove to them that you are capable, there are high possibilities that your ego might get harmed as well. During the Sun's transit in 2022, you may have some disagreements with your parents or in-laws because of the same.

For individuals who are doing research or are interested in paranormal or metaphysical activities, Sun planetary transit 2022 in Vedic astrology would yield positive results. To keep stability in your lifestyle, it is recommendable that you eliminate wrath, violence, and domineering behavior during this time. Although you would improve in all areas, your connection with your partner might suffer significantly. You will strive to establish yourself almost everywhere throughout this transit, especially with your spouse. Being everywhere would certainly disrupt your connection between some places and people. So, avoid that. Plus, to attain the goal you desire in your working life, you need to invest a lot of effort. So, make sure you focus properly on that.

Remedy: Do remember to wash your hands after wearing the footwear.

Sun Transit 2022 for Aquarius

For Aquarians, Sun will rule the seventh house of partnerships and marriage. And with the Surya Gochar 2022 for Aquarius sign, you will generate the best results, and you would notice a significant transformation in your temperament and character. You will gain new energy and stamina to complete any work and be stimulated at all times in your daily life. You shall put what you've learned from previous experiences to good use and begin new career undertakings. Also, you will keep an extra watchfulness on your appearance and how others see you, but this may turn you extra self-centered, which might not be a good thing for your image and personality.

Ahead the Sun Transit 2022 predictions say that the phase would assist you in controlling your attitude in your workplace and personal life. In your marital life, you might experience some dispute with your business associate, that would resolve over time if you maintain your cool. It's a good idea to monitor your well-being because you can have skin or stomach problems. If you have plans to go on some business trips or any trips in general, chances are pretty high that you shall not generate the envisioned outcomes. Therefore, unless it is utterly important, it is best not to move during the Surya Gochar 2022. Make no rash choices; else, you may find yourself sinking in water.

Remedy: Try to serve your father as well as keep polite relationships with him. Also, assist him in his profession whenever possible to earn his blessings.

Sun Transit 2022 for Pisces

For the folks with Pisces zodiac sign, you will have Sun in the 6th house in your Kundali. As a result of the same, you need to take special responsibility for your wellness throughout the Sun transit 2022. There is a potential that you might possess mild sickness or cold. It will influence you on personal grounds, making you all lethargic and low on energy when completing family tasks. With that, you may also be a little sluggish at the workplace, which might harm your career standing and reputation in your esteemed organization. Rivals might be plotting anything to get an advantage, so you must be wary. However, if you flip the coin to the optimistic side, you may take a big break from your job and enjoy your time to its best.

Because the Sun rules your sixth house and will be in the Pisces zodiac sign in 2022, Pisces natives engaged in legal disputes might receive favorable news. As far as health is concerned, medical issues may worsen as a result of previous health concerns. Also, with Sun planetary transit 2022 in Vedic astrology, your wellness may constitute a source of concern. Therefore, it is essential that you exercise often and eat a healthy diet. If possible, switch to some protein-rich diet and food that is non-greasy or oily. Health factors might affect your finances too. So, make sure you plan well and keep some money away from any medical emergency, as per the Sun planetary transit predictions 2022.

Remedy: Avoid corrupting a kingly figure, government officials, or defrauding the government; otherwise, the Sun will become weaker in the horoscope.

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