Sun Transit in Taurus 2022: Predictions For All Zodiac Signs

Sun Transit in Taurus 2022

As per astrology, the planet Sun is the ruler of all the other planets. Also, it is the supreme force, and Sun transit in astrology leads to results that may or may not help the natives attain positive results. The planet will soon make its move from one zodiac sign to another. Sun transit in Taurus 2022 would occur around mid-May. Let us understand better how 2022 Surya Gochar would affect the lives of the people of the zodiac signs.

Sun Transit in Taurus 2022: Date and Time

Sun transit in the Taurus zodiac sign will be on May 15, 2022. The planetary transit will be on Sunday at 05:45 AM and shall stay in this sign until June 14, 2022. After that, it shall transit in the Gemini zodiac sign.

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Sun transit in Taurus 2022: Impact on each zodiac sign

Sun illustrates command and authority and denotes the personality of an individual, along with their intentions. A benefic Sun depicts the dominance of the Bhava it is in. Also, it is known as the Karak planet of the father. Thus, it represents the fatherly figure in Vedic astrology. In terms of profession and career, it plays an important role in getting a job and sustainability.

The Taurus zodiac sign possesses a fixed nature, and the planet Venus rules this sign. They own the element Earth. Thus, it makes the native approach life with passion and a never-giving-up attitude. Let us see the impacts of Sun transit in Taurus 2022 for each sign.

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Note- predictions depend on the Moon Sign of the natives.

1. Aries

For the Aries Moon sign, the planet Sun will transit in the 2nd house of wealth, family, and speech. It shall make the natives enjoy favorable results with some ups and downs. 

  • This transit in 2022 would bring some changes to Aries natives. They shall become crisp and straightforward pertaining to communication and conversations. However, there are some possibilities that they shall use some hard words. 
  • On the other hand, for the students with the Aries zodiac sign, the transit will be favorable. They shall possess swift learning and perform well in their academics. 
  • Moreover, as an impact of Sun transit in Taurus 2022, financially, the phase will be overwhelming. They would possess more than one way of earning.
  • In career, Aries men and women shall possess strong command and authority to pursue their goals. Plus, they shall perform great at their workplace, which strengthens their career in the long run.

2. Taurus

For the Taurus Moon sign, Sun would be in the first or ascendant house. This house illustrates personal life, personality, physique, and mind. In this house, the phase shall give fruitful results to the natives. 

  • Natives would become a little possessive about their family and their security. However, there would be nothing to worry about. 
  • On the other hand, there may be some issues with the spouse. Thus, you shall find trouble dealing with the differences between them. 
  • The period would be optimistic for the students with the Taurus sign. They shall perform well in their exams and possess a great focus on their studies, and face challenges confidently. 
  • Professionally, natives shall aim higher and give their best in their respective domains. Moreover, Taurus men and women planning for government exams shall see a favorable period if they have their exams during the Surya Gochar in Taurus 2022.

3. Gemini

Speaking of the Gemini Moon sign, transit of Sun 2022 will occur in the 12th house of loss, foreign land, and expenditure. As an impact, they shall see a not-so-favorable phase in their lives.

  • Gemini natives shall seek low stamina and strength throughout the Sun transit in Taurus 2022. Moreover, putting their best foot forward in any work would be hard. 
  • In personal life, these folks shall seek a tough time and possess issues with close people and friends. In fact, troubles in the family might chase the natives too.
  • Moreover, those Gemini men and women who possess travel plans during this phase shall not get the desired results. Thus, it is advisable by our astrologers at Astrotalk that natives must avoid traveling plans as much as possible. 
  • There are some possibilities that Gemini zodiac sign people shall face some delays in their professional life. Time-lapse could occur when expecting a promotion or hike in salary.

4. Cancer

Speaking of the Cancer Moon sign, Sun would transit in the 11th house of gains, expansion, friends, and earnings. As a result, Cancer men and women shall enjoy favorable results, especially financially. 

  • Natives would seek an upliftment and socialize more than usual. There are possibilities that some the Cancer people might throw parties for close family and friends. 
  • Married men and women with the Cancer zodiac sign shall spend more time with each other. Also, their family life shall experience a serene environment. 
  • Financial gains would be utter good. Wealth-wise, natives would truly uplift their status. Moreover, people in business shall experience the best time during this Sun transit in Taurus 2022. 
  • Professionals would also benefit from this transit of the Sun. Seniors at the workplace would support the Cancer men and women. This would help the people make cordial relations with their fellow workers.

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5. Leo

For the natives with the Leo Moon sign, Surya Gochar would occur in the 10th house. It shall impact the profession and career arena of the natives. As a result of this planetary movement, natives would see mixed results.

  • Leo men and women shall possess a good reputation in society. Also, their connections with their family members would improve. However, situations might go otherwise, especially between the natives and their elders. 
  • Moreover, there are slight possibilities that Leo natives might see their mother going through health issues. 
  • On the other hand, the natives would possess a good reputation and name in their esteemed organization professionally. Also, some of them might get an authoritative position at work, which would help them accomplish their dreams in the long run.
  • Time would also be great to switch jobs. However, people have to make sure that their decision is properly thought through. 

6. Virgo

For Virgo Moon sign natives, Sun would move in the 9th house of travel and journeys. Thus, natives shall possess friendly results. However, as a safety measure, they need to be careful too.

  • Virgo men and women shall visit various spiritual places like shrines and temples. Also, traveling for professional reasons could be there too. 
  • In personal life, Sun transit in Taurus 2022 might create tensions between the natives and their father. Also, it might degrade the peace at the house of the Virgo people. 
  • Students with the Virgo zodiac sign who have plans to study further shall seek a good time. Their knowledge would improve. Plus, they shall effortlessly get admission to their desired college.

7. Libra

For folks with the Libra Moon sign, Sun would transit in the 8th house of occult sciences, uncertainties, and mysteries. In this house, the transit of Sun shall make the native seek a few downs, but nothing serious would be there. 

  • Libra men and women shall run into deep thoughts. Also, they would judge everything around them. Not just this, the natives would try to understand the truth of life and evaluate deep secrets. 
  • In personal life, the Sun transit in Taurus 2022 foretells that the people would enjoy a serene time. The natives will possess a different level of bond-sharing with their close ones in the family. 
  • The period would be favorable for the Libra natives who possess a career in philosophy and research works. They would seek great knowledge and get into new innovations and related works. 
  • Financially, this phase would show the natives’ uncertainties. Thus, it is advisable that Libra people don’t approach investments. Also, they must refrain from unnecessary expenses. 

8. Scorpio

For Scorpio Moon sign folks, Sun would move into the 7th house of partnerships, marriage, and associations. Here, the Surya Gochar 2022 shall give favorable results. However, with some ups and downs. 

  • Scorpio natives would possess a dominating and aggressive attitude. They shall see the difficulty of taking orders from anyone. Also, they would hardly listen to anybody. 
  • In marital life, natives would possess some disturbances. They may run into ego clashes with their partner. In return, their partner might distance themselves from the native. 
  • Ahead, as a result of Sun transit in Taurus 2022, businessmen and women with Scorpio zodiac signs shall enjoy favorable results and success. They would enjoy a good reputation in the market. Not just this, they shall enjoy traveling because of their business work. 
  • Health-wise, natives have to be very precautious as they might confront some diseases, with stress, anxiety, and other related troubles.

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9. Sagittarius

Those who possess the Sagittarius Moon sign would see the Sun transit in the 6th house. This house represents fights, diseases, and competition. As a result, the natives shall go through some ups and downs. However, positive results would be there too.

  • Natives with the Sagittarius zodiac sign shall possess a strong inclination towards fitness and wellbeing. In fact, some natives shall set goals for the same. 
  • Ahead, as an impact, Sagittarius zodiac sign folks might run into fights and ego clashes with people around them. Also, there are possibilities that they shall create a fuss about small topics.
  • On the other hand, Sagittarius men and women shall win over the enemies, and adversities shall stay away. 
  • In terms of health, natives would seek a favorable time. They shall possess a recovery period from all the ailments. Also, they shall become fit and well mentally too. Stress and anxiety issues would be at bay during this phase of Sun transit in Taurus 2022. 

10. Capricorn

For Capricorn men and women Moon sign, natives would have the 2022 Surya Gochar in May in the 5th house. It shall impact the education, children, and progeny of the natives. As an impact, people shall have positive results.

  • Natives with the Capricorn zodiac sign shall enjoy a favorable period, especially in the profession. They shall enjoy success and good command over their skills at the workplace. From fellow colleagues to seniors, everyone would support them. 
  • Students with the Capricorn zodiac sign shall also have a great time in their studies. Those who have exams during this time would see positive results and great marks. Even preparing for the exams would get easy for them. 
  • Moreover, natives who wish to have a career in politics shall possess a favorable period. Along with it, natives who wish to prepare for government jobs during this phase would also seek success.

11. Aquarius

For the Aquarius Moon sign, the planet Sun shall move into the 4th house of home, happiness, and mother. As an impact, Aquarius men and women would go through a favorable period. However, some ill impacts could be there too. 

  • Natives would face some differences from mothers. There are some possibilities that they shall face troubles in dealing with scenarios at home. 
  • Married people would have a peaceful and romantic tie with their spouse. Also, they shall serve best in household works. Some natives would seek gains when buying vehicles. 
  • On the other hand, there could be possibilities that natives shall feel issues pertaining to their health. Thus, it is advisable that natives keep a keen watch on their wellbeing. 
  • Moreover, academic students shall have positive energy to do work. They would learn their works by heart and perform outstandingly great in their studies.

12. Pisces

For the Pisces Moon sign, Sun would move in the 3rd house of culture, courage, art, siblings, and communication. As an impact, natives would have some mixed results. 

  • Pisces men and women would actively work on achieving their goals. They shall upskill themselves and perform well in their interviews and ongoing professions. 
  • Some natives can expect to travel during the Sun transit in Taurus 2022. The reason for the same could be business-related or education-related. However, some might go out for a relaxing time and enjoy some adventure. 
  • Moreover, some people would get more socialistic. They would make new friends and possess good connections during this time. It will benefit the natives in the long run. 
  • At the workplace, natives would enjoy a great time. In their respective domains, they would do well and invest their efforts in the rightful place. 

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